The Leading And Bleeding Edge Of Ict Information Technology Essay

Technologies can loosely be classified into Leading and Bleeding border engineerings. Leading border engineerings are those that are latest, dependable and merely get downing to be adopted by mainstream users. In specifying taking border, we can state “ It is most advanced signifier of development normally achieved by utilizing extended modern methods and it could be in the signifier of a device, procedure, technique and process ” . ( Bartley Technologies Inc, 2009 ) . It is synonymous to cutting-edge and state-of-the-art engineering. Bullet trains, iPhone4, solar panels, Intel micro-processors are all illustrations of taking engineerings because they are backed by up-to-date engineerings and are widely accepted in mainstream society.

Shed blooding border engineering, on the other manus, is a engineering which is at its early phase and is non dependable. Shed blooding border engineering is defined as “ the most advanced phase of a engineering, art, etc. , normally experimental and hazardous ” (, 2010 ) . Eric Schaller ( 2010 ) defines it as “ the point where you are forcing the boundary of the possible so much that it does n’t work really good. It ‘s a grey country where you are non assured of the consequences. It is truly experimental ” . Use of shed blooding border engineerings is largely limited to company ‘s research and developments, and their users are normally known as beta-testers. That ‘s why such engineerings are characterized by deficiency of consensus, deficiency of cognition and industry ‘s opposition to alter. Most open-source packages are shed blooding border engineerings because of their unstable releases. “ Similarly latest military electronic, optical and silicon chemical science contraptions are based on shed blooding border engineering ” . ( Riegler B. , et Al. neodymium )

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Effectiveness of Technology Convergence:

“ Today, we are surrounded by a multi-level convergent media universe where all manners of communicating and information are continually reforming to accommodate to the digesting demands of engineerings, altering the manner we create, consume, learn and interact with each other ” ( Jenkins H. , 2006 ) . Technological convergence driven by invention consequences in making synergisms and brings convenience and low cost merchandises & A ; services for the consumers. It inspired some of the organisations to heighten the thought of engineering convergence by synchronism and integrating of engineerings either in the signifier of cyberspace, broadcast media, and multimedia bringing of information or through developing some more prima and shed blooding border engineerings for easing all the facets of life and worlds.

There are many illustrations of engineering convergence but the one most normally celebrated is the intensifying convergence of computing machine and nomadic engineering, ensuing in the outgrowth of new service of nomadic commercialism, besides known as M-commerce. “ Mobile Commerce is any dealing, affecting the transportation of ownership or rights to utilize goods and services, which is initiated and/or completed by utilizing nomadic entree to computer-mediated webs with the aid of an electronic device ( Tiwari, R. ; Buse, S. , 2007 ) . “ Mobile banking, smart grid, telemedicine are other illustrations of this Domino consequence.

Possibility for shed blooding border engineering to exceed into taking border engineering


Leading and Bleeding border engineerings and consumer behaviour

When an advanced merchandise or service enters the market, it follows a Product Life Cycle and each phase of a life rhythm is characterized by a set of different consumers, each holding distinguishable forms of doing good informed determinations. Advanced merchandise, at its initial phase, is foremost adopted by frontward looking Pioneers and Early Adoptive parents who are willing to pay premium monetary values even when the merchandise has lacks and requires important betterments. This is the phase for shed blooding border engineering which is normally unstable and largely at its beta phase. When the engineering further penetrates the market and all bugs and mistakes have been eliminated or minimized, so it is adopted by Early-Majority, a consumer section which is relatively more choice witting and value seeking. This section prefers leading-edge engineerings due to their stableness and hardiness. After sometime when consumer ‘s demand alteration and organisations introduce more advanced engineerings, so the leading-edge engineering transforms into a trailing-edge engineering which is merely adopted by later-majority and dawdlers who are immune to alter, monetary value sensitive and sceptics.

iPhone-4g can be analyzed utilizing this merchandise life rhythm attack. When it was foremost introduced was considered to be a hemorrhage border engineering, and even because of its aerial issues, a specific section of consumers rushed to purchase it. Other sections who were more choice witting waited for Apple to repair its aerial issues before they could purchase it. A section of late-majority and dawdlers still do non desire to purchase iPhone-4g and prefer to put in iPhone-3g which is a draging border engineering now.

Mobile engineering is considered to be the cardinal to most of the technological developments in about all Fieldss. In Davos Annual Meeting 2008 sing The Future of Mobile Technology, it was emphasized that in order for engineerings to meet, we need unfastened webs which can bring forth more content, bring forth higher grosss and give first-class growing chances. Recently a pilot undertaking in Chile has been launched that allows ministry of agribusiness to direct information to rural husbandmans via samariums. They have built nomadic applications that give husbandmans timely information about conditions studies and other agriculture procedures. Similarly, to turn to wellness attention issue in 3rd universe states, telemedicine engineering combine is being efficaciously utilized. In Sahara, where nil sustained or scaled except wirelesss, now all wellness workers are connected to cardinal wellness attention systems via samariums and nomadic phone applications.

We besides need to concentrate on bettering our bringing systems. We need political accomplishments and personal bravery to reinvent and transform our bringing systems. Technology is there and will be at that place, but we need to be prepared to reinvent our concern theoretical accounts and we should be prepared to dispute the old norms to raise our additions. We need to hold a right balance for hazard and return, because at the terminal of the twenty-four hours, all this engineering material has enormous potency but what we must acquire the concern theoretical account and people ‘s docket aligned in order to acquire the best out of it.