The Magician: the Immortal Nicholas Flamel Essay

The Magician is the 2nd book in the series The Immortal Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott. The prologue is that Elders arrived on this universe a millenary ago and created Danu Talis. a fantastic metropolis. Finally there was a split between the seniors and to salvage the universe two improbably powerful worlds ( humani ) . besides know as the “twins of fable. ” sank the metropolis. Now the dark seniors know about the new twins of fable with pure Ag and gold auras. Nicholas Flamel is a immortal homo who possess the Codex. a book that has spells in it that could do the universe a Eden. change by reversal planetary heating and terminal poorness.

The dark seniors will halt at nil to recover the Codex because it besides contains enchantments that would convey them back to power and enslave all humani. Sophie and Josh Newman are the new twins of fable. Their summer started of normal. they both got occupations at a local bookshop owned by Nicholas Flamel. An agent of the dark seniors is finds Nicholas Flamel and is able to capture Flamel. Sophie and Josh. Dr. John Dee brings them to Ojai to destruct Flamel and have the twins of legends’ powers awakened. However Flamel and the twins flight and take a leygate # to Paris. Flamel’s topographic point of birth in the thirteenth century.

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Flamel has many enemies in Paris. the most unsafe is Niccolo Machiavelli. another human in service to the dark seniors. Flamel finds one friend. his old pupil. Comte de Saint-Germain. the maestro of fire thaumaturgy. He must develop Sophie in Fire thaumaturgy and assist her control her aura. Joan of Arc is married to Saint-Germain and helps Sophie to command and determine her aura. Machiavelli is the caput of the Gallic Secret Service ( DSGE ) and rapidly has the house surrounded when Dee arrives in Paris. Dee Has called the Valkyries to dispose of Flamel nevertheless they lose control of their pet and it rampages through Paris.

Josh pursuits after the Valkyries pet. Niddhog with Clarent. the antediluvian blade used to kill King Arther. It is one of the lone things that can wound or kill that monster. Near the Seine he eventually strikes Niddhog. Clarent is the Sword of Fire and its twin. Excalibur is the Sword of Ice. Dee has Excalibur and in such close propinquity the blades reacted. When the blade hit Niddhog. the air got really cold really fast. However the interior of Niddhog got really hot. Niddhog was firing up from the interior without any topographic point for the hot air to travel. Its tegument was impenetrable unrecorded a hull of a deeply submerged pigboat.

While the Valkyries try to recover control of Niddhog. Flamel. Sophie and Josh flight to London on the the train to hold Josh’s powers Awakened by Gilgamesh the King. Michael Scott’s composing manner is alone. he has a really smooth a streamlined manner of stating a narrative. He takes fabulous people and existences and relates to them in a manner that makes them see really existent. As he writes he draws you into the narrative. so profoundly that you have to read the narrative to the terminal. Michael Scott is a really good author because he ends a book with a cliffhanger so you have to read the following book in the series.