What Can I Do To the Transformation Of The Philippines? Essay

What can I lend to the transmutation of the Philippines? ( I must get down from being nil ) For the past old ages. I have been believing about what are the things that would do Philippines radiance as one of the best states in the universe. Known from its cultural diverseness and beautiful milieus. our state has so proved to the universe that somehow we can catch up with the teething problems of being an archipelago. And as old ages passed. it seems like our state is going more and more competitory as compared to the sleepy and vulnerable state I have seen when I was merely a child. Indeed. the past old ages had given us the rightest chances to heighten the nucleus of what our state can give. The best of Filipino endowment and support has been really seeable and hearable in the FIBA World Cup 2014 as the Philippines has eventually ended the long clip drouth we are sing in the field of hoops. Peoples like Jimmy Alapag and Gabe Norwood showed to the universe that amidst the tallness of the other races. Filipinos can still win and catapult monolithic points over their stature to contend and win. But non merely that. our beloved countrymen besides proved that no 1 can of all time interrupt the bosom and strong belief we have had as we tried to howl out the ear-drum dropping voices of a proud and weather Filipinos. Furthermore. Philippines is besides at the limelight of beauty pageant.

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In the ulterior old ages. we were down ; but these old ages. our beautiful ladies have come to revenge and demo to the universe the existent flicker of Filipina thaumaturgy. The beauty of Philippine nature is besides set to decorate as the Underground River reigns as one of the Seven Wonders of the World and as the Tubattaha Reef continues to astonish the practical vision of the aliens. The natural and alien beauty of our state has so substantiated that we can lift over the wealths and power. other states may possess. And as a Filipino. I asked: What more can I make to assist my state in transforming into a much better and healthier state? That. I conjecture is what anyone of us needs to recognize and detect. I realized that in order to keep the pride of the Filipinos. I shall ever look above our leaders. jocks and other people reflecting as the most of import personalities in our state. I must hold the right trust and proudness so I can fall in them on their journey as they take the long way of success and triumph. Additionally. I must besides hold the exact forbearance and back up even at their times of failures.

In that manner. I know I can and I will be one of the squad who’ll change the perceptual experience and positions others may hold in our countrymen. To keep the ever-promising beauty of our nature. I must retain one thing and that is pleasance. Pleasure that we had been given the all-natural beauty and admirations our eyes might wish to see ; pleasure that I was born on a state that owns nil but freedom and autonomy ; and pleasance that I am populating on a topographic point that exudes alien glamors like a “sampaguita” that appears as a bantam flower but entreaties with undeniable aroma drawn from its petals. I must be a good conservationist. I shall non bury that anything that may assist salvage the nature. may it be on a small quality or measure. counts. I shall non bury that even a simple confect negligee must be trashed out decently ; that documents must be spent carefully and thriftily ; that animate beings must be loved and should be given attending ; that dirt must be cleared out from H2O countries ; and that trees must be planted from where it should be. For the beauty of the Philippines radiances unambiguously above others. I shall non overlook the manner of keeping and continuing it for the hereafter. Furthermore. we realized that the state we are populating at prevarications on the bedrock of labors and contentions.

The issue about the Pork Barrel Scam. the deathless job about hungriness and poorness. the turning tenseness between us and China and the unresolved instances of corruptness and political dynasty ; these are all but menaces to the advancement we wish we can hold. And that is something we need to work hard for. As a pupil. what I discovered is that I do need to complete my surveies in order to construct myself with virtuousness and righteousness. To get away from ignorance and oblivion and to transfuse within me the value of intelligence. are what Jose Rizal one time taught me in order to get the better of the present jobs we drastically suffer from.

To wake up early in the forenoon so I can fix to my category ; to have on the right uniform and ID that my school requires ; to be attentive during talk hours and be merely as active during activities ; to pass my darks and vacant times on reviewing and multitasking ; to demo some kind of regard to my darling professors and governments ; and to recognize my schoolmates with a simple “hello” and a beautiful smile—–these are what I need to make. To be a good pupil in general so I can turn to be a responsible citizen in the hereafter. But by all agencies. I merely need to remember I am nil so I can larn to repair and turn into something. Develop my accomplishments and learn from my errors are what I will make. because a “nobody” like me must cognize how to repress. And as such. anything comes from nil ; everything that exists starts from void.