What Is Success Theory of Knowledge Presentation Outline Essay

My subject was. what is success? And the chief cognition issue I focused on is. should success be measured in felicity or money?

The thought of success for allot of people is get educated. acquire a occupation. acquire married. acquire old. Once they have found that. they have succeeded in life and there is nil more that needs to be done. Or possibly even every bit simple as merely “get rich” . if that hasn’t happened so they haven’t reached their personal end. But are you successful if you are unhappy and rich? If you are plagued by any wrongs that you might hold committed on your manner up can you be happy? I would utilize grade zuckerberg as an illustration but we don’t cognize. to the populace he looks reasonably happy. but at the terminal of the societal web I thought he looked suffering. plagued by the things he posted about his ex-girlfriend. Although it was untrue. he’s married to his girlfriend that he has had since college.

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When I foremost read the inquiry I thought of Dexter shouting success every clip he finished fastening a bolt in one of his machines. His felicity came after his stuff success. where he is focused until he is finished. pretermiting everything else. stating anyone who wants to hold a societal interaction to travel off. And when he eventually does complete. his sister tortures him. taking away the felicity that he got from that little stuff addition. His lab is filled with appliances and computing machines and such. yet he still builds more. There is besides the thought that fiscal success is more likely to come after felicity. significance that money relies on your felicity. You are much more likely to do more money and do a better occupation with something that you love. But Nicole counter. who is the adoptive granddaughter of one of the richest work forces in the universe. was disowned by her gramps. now holding no fiscal ties to him. she makes 40. 000 a twelvemonth on her ain making what she loves. doing art.

Yet she is still unhappy to non hold a claim to that luck. Her gramps would non allow her fall into a complete economic crisis. even now he is directing her money every month and on vacations. but she has no claim to the money that the remainder of her household does. Some people may desire to be an gypsy. populating life with small material ownerships. like Daniel suello. This adult male left his life nest eggs in a phone booth and is now populating in the desert. wholly content with his status of life. or even being a vagrant. with no place or income. non being self-sufficing. trusting on charity and contributions of people who do work. A personal illustration. my great grandparents live in an drawn-out dawdler place sitting on a secret plan of land they have had since they got married.

They have been in an out of poorness with their lone beginning of income recently coming from their boy and my great gramps merchandising things at the flea market. Yet they are happy people. every clip I see them they have a smiling on their faces. They have no cyberspace. merely local Television channels. and two of the three sleeping rooms are out in the cold every dark. But they still direct me letters of love. and even sometimes set a confect in the envelope. Their felicity comes from the fact that they are still with household and have this secret plan of land that they worked difficult for and hold had for over 60 old ages. So. my personal sentiment. success is measured and made with felicity. some might travel into a occupation merely for the money. while others will make what makes them happy.