Using Automated Accounting Systems in Technology

Due to the dynamism of the current engineering, manual systems are going disused with respects to the procedure of entering and hive awaying of information. Type usage of manual systems in the recording and processing of fiscal information can hold great negative inauspicious affects for illustration, human mistakes with relation to computation and recording of information. The records which are stored manually are besides really easy to lose since they are excessively many and are scattered therefore hapless organisation ( Department of Technology and direction, 2010 ) . The procedure of seeking for records in a manual file system is boring. Compared to computerise systems manual systems are non user friendly and they are boring to utilize, this is because they affecting composing down records utilizing a pen and besides seeking through the record manually. Poor file direction in manual accounting systems besides have inauspicious effects such as record duplicate ( Department of Technology and direction, 2010 ) .

The debut of computing machines engineering will greatly see to it that, the trips of the manual information system can be efficaciously corrected by the debut of a computerized information system.The debut of computerized direction information systems has had a great impact in the field of accounting and other Fieldss in the sector of concern disposal. This is because of their efficiency in informations entering processs and their informations storage capablenesss. With the big storage infinite in computing machines the computerized direction information systems provide a big file storage that is able to salvage informations overlong periods. The system can besides supply backup for the files which have already been processed and stored in the computing machine. Computerized information systems besides assist in salvaging the infinite used up by manual information systems ; the computerized system besides provides a good record seeking mechanisms. Computerized information systems besides offer comprehensive information protection since the usage of computing machines allow for informations to be backed up in other storage locations such as optical discs and other removable storage media ( Department of Technology and direction, 2010 ) . The systems besides offer protection by giving the user a watchword option which will guarantee that malicious and unauthorised users do non entree the system ( Department of Technology and direction, 2010 ) .

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System overview

The following computerized system is majorly designed to help in record maintaining and trailing of the householder ‘s payment of their revenue enhancements at the terminal of each one-fourth. The system will be responsible for the storage and authorship of the records. The system will besides supply a hunt mechanism that will see easy pilotage through the records to enable speedy entree. The system will besides be responsible for calculating the entire sum due by those place proprietors who would non hold paid their revenue enhancements by the terminal of the stipulated period. The system will besides bring forth grosss for clients and will bring forth studies on day-to-day footing to demo the sum of, money received in that twenty-four hours. The system will besides be responsible for bring forthing monthly studies to demo the month ‘s income.

The system will besides hold informations and cogency cheques that will see to it that the information entered is in conformity with the stipulated parametric quantities. For illustration, at the terminal of a one-fourth the sum of money expected is 150 dollars, if the system user enters 50 dollars the system will reject since it is non the right amount, this done to guarantee the unity of the informations entered in the system. The system shall besides hold a proviso for prepayments and accumulations i.e. the system will automatically calculate the addition in the sum due for those householders who would non hold paid the sum required at the terminal of the specified period. The study will incorporate the relevant Fieldss and informations labels such as householder ‘s name, the sum paid and the day of the month paid. The system will besides guarantee that merely the householder ‘s inside informations are stored in the computing machine. This is done by guaranting that each householder is presented with a primary key which is separate from the remainder of others i.e. the key will be alone from the remainder of others to avoid informations duplicate.

The system will besides be password protected. The watchword will besides assist in guaranting that he fiscal records are good protected from unauthorised users and any other individuals who would desire to entree the records for malicious intents. The watchword protection is besides of import because it helps n keeping the information unity of the already stored informations and information. To foster the protection of the system some manual operations will be put into consideration for illustration guaranting that installations such as offices where the computing machine hosting the system is found are good locked. This maximizes security of the information system fro intruders and computing machine hackers

System informations entries

In order to bring forth the expected end product i.e. householders ‘ studies, grosss and other end product expected from the system.there is need to do informations entries for processing intents. The informations entered should be of high quality in order to guarantee that type concluding processed information is besides of high quality. At the terminal of each one-fourth, a householder is expected to pay 150 dollars. The payment entry has to be made in order to demo that the householder has paid the sum owed. There should be informations entries which reflect the householder ‘s inside informations and the sum paid. Therefore each householder should hold a record in the system file. The record should incorporate inside informations such as the name, the sum paid, the day of the month paid and the sum due. The record should besides expose whether the householder has an accrual. This will assist in guaranting that any excess charges relevant are charged on the sum due.

In order to recognize the benefits of the system, the system will hold more that one map therefore the system will besides be responsible for processing and entering information about the payment inside informations of the employees. Therefore the assorted employees will hold records refering their personal inside informations and salary histories in the system. The assorted employee inside informations will include facets such as the employee ‘s name, reference, telephone and e mail contacts. The other portion of the record will be concerned with the employee ‘s wage for illustration, sum paid, any progress paid and arrears. The system will show a user friendly interface that will enable easy and smooth informations entry. The interface can be a signifier depending on the signifier of package development accomplishments and resources used. The user interface should incorporate all the relevant Fieldss and any operations such as computations shall be carried out automatically the minute the correct informations is entered. This is one of import facet of the computerized accounting system because it saves clip. See appendix 1 for a construction of a informations entry signifier

Data unity and control

To avoid entry of incorrect and irrelevant informations, the system shall hold controls which will see to it that the information is validated before processing. The system will automatically reject the incorrect informations entry and motivate the user to come in the correct informations. The chief informations unity saving characteristic will be that each householder and employee shall hold a alone primary key. Before any informations entry is made refering the individual the alone key must be input in order to bring forth the employees ‘ or householder ‘s record. The alone key is besides of import since it greatly assists in seeking for a peculiar record that is when an employee or place proprietor presents his/her alone informations codification his/her records will be automatically generated. This cardinal shall be alone to the employee or householder. This will assist in avoiding record duplicate and besides unauthorised entree to one ‘s history. Apart from helping in the designation and searching of records, the alone key will besides be used to avoid activities such as malicious informations entry and omission of records.

The system shall besides hold informations cheques that will see to it that incorrect informations is non entered in a given field this includes mistakes such as, the currency is recorded in a information field which requires a different signifier of informations. For illustration ; the system user mistakenly enters the name at the field which is supposed to incorporate the sum paid. This information entry will be rejected and the system will motivate the user to come in the needed information which is the sum paid alternatively of the name. The system shall besides be password protected to avoid unauthorised entree. Inside the system there shall be besides other controls which will guarantee that the assorted system users do non entree system countries which they are non supposed to entree. This is because some of the countries of the system may incorporate information which is relevant and restricted to the top management.. There is demand for this control since the company ‘s accounting section is made up of a figure of employees i.e. three Certified Public Accountants and the Chief accounting officer.

Data end product

Pay faux pass

At the terminal of each month the system will bring forth the employees pay faux pass which will reflect the wage position of the employee for that peculiar month. The system will reflect the information entered refering the employee whose wage faux pas needs to be generated. The faux pas will demo all the relevant informations refering the employee ‘s wage. The system will be coded in such a manner that the wage faux pas will be generated automatically both in difficult and soft transcript at the terminal of the stipulated period ( in this context we have months because it is more conventional ) ( Enterprise Records Management, 2010 ) . This characteristic is really of import and effectual since it computes the entire sum of money the employee has been paid, the sum he/she is supposed to be paid and all the other relevant payment inside informations ( Enterprise Records Management, 2010 ) . See appendix 2 for an illustration of a wage faux pas

Homeowners ‘ grosss

To demo turn out that they have paid the system will bring forth grosss after each entering minutess. Therefore after the aggregation of cheques from householders, the comptroller will hold to enter the information in the system ; the system will bring forth studies in signifier of grosss to demo that the entry was made. The system will besides be responsible for calculating the excess charge on householders who exceed the payment period i.e. an extra 1 % every month for those householders who would non hold paid the needed amount by the terminal of the stipulated clip. Therefore the system will measure the figure of householders who would non hold paid a amount of 150 dollars by the terminal of the undermentioned one-fourth. The reception should include all information that will enable the householder to understand his/her payment record ( Enterprise Records Management, 2010 ) . For an illustration see appendix 3

Monthly and day-to-day studies

The system will besides automatically generate day-to-day and monthly studies which will enable the directors keep path of how the house is making. The managerial studies will include the sum of all sums received in signifier of payments and income from other investings. The study shall besides include computed sums of the full sum received ( Enterprise Records Management, 2010 ) . The system shall besides bring forth a study incorporating information about the payments made in signifier of wages and other disbursals ( Enterprise Records Management, 2010 ) .

Manual system operation

The operations of the system will be supplemented with manual operations such as physical informations back up. The information back up shall be in signifier of studies and grosss which will be produced in the event of a system dislocation to demo the minutess that had been recorded at the event of the dislocation. The cheques will besides be collected manually by the Accountants from the station office for recording.

Long term jobs

Keeping in head the fact that the organisation is a traveling concern and will maintain turning as the clip goes by, there will be frequent demands to upgrade the system to suit the changing fortunes. There will be need to better informations cogency cheques and other unity control measures this is to suit the alterations experienced. Due to this dynamic engineering there will be the demand to better the hardware hosting the system in order to get the current province of the art engineering. Keeping in head the costs applied to see to it that the system adapts to such alterations may be really high hence doing the benefits of the system unachievable. In footings of the concern growing, there will be need to change the current system construction to suit alterations such as addition in clients and employees. Since the house has really few employees at the minute. Such alterations may include changing the system controls in order to suit the alterations. This facet of changing makes the system weak and disused overtime


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Appendix 1

User entry signifier

Code ____________

Homeowner ‘s Name___________________________



Quarterly Charge US $ _______________

Interest On accumulations US $ _______________

Amount Paid US $ _______________

Entire Amount Owing US $ _______________

Appendix 2

Employee ‘s wage faux pas

Code ____________

Pay Slip for the month ended__________________

Employee ‘s Name___________________________

Basic Salary US $ ____________________

Allowances US $ ____________________

Tax write-offs US $ ____________________

Net Pay US $ ___________________