The Kite Runner – Deep Thoughts Essay

Guilt is an emotional experience when a individual believes or realizes that they have done an unethical action. Many people regard guilt as an unneeded. even harmful. emotion. Contrary to popular sentiment. guilt can be a good emotion. Without guilt. persons might miss the motive to move morally. Guilt plays a major function in The Kite Runner. Amir attempts to deliver himself by his feelings of guilt.

One of the positive properties of guilt is that guilt Teachs us non to do the same error twice. Making errors is portion of being human. but it is the guilt we feel which prevents us from reiterating our errors. If a pupil plagiarizes. so they would experience guilty. Guilt tells the pupil that this behaviour is incorrect because we have broken the trust of the instructor. Regardless of whether or non the pupil gets caught. the guilt prevents him or her from plagiarising once more. In The Kite Runner. Amir frequently treats Hassan as if he was merely a retainer instead than a friend. Despite this mistreatment. Hassan remains loyal to Amir and his household throughout the novel. Finally. this combination makes Amir experience terribly guilty.

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Amir does non desire to reiterate his error with how he treats Hassan’s boy. Sohrab. He said to Soharb. “Assef ache your male parent in a truly bad manner. and I couldn’t salvage your male parent the manner your male parent saved me…… . I won’t hurt you. I promise ( pg. 344 ) . ” Amir has implies to Sohrab that he had done an action sinful to Hassan. Guilt has changed the features of Amir from a selfish individual to a more caring human being.

Another honest feature of guilt is that it motivates us human existences to finish a undertaking. Guilt is a incentive because we are motivated to move in order to do ourselves experience better about our evildoing. If a pupil does non finish their prep. they would experience guilty because it is our responsibility and duty to finish what we are intended to carry through. With a low guilt mark. we would non be driven to make anything because nil is really necessary or our responsiblity to be done.

Amir. in The Kite Runner. is motivated by guilt to salvage Sohrab. who is an orphan in the war-zone Kabul. Without the motive of guilt. Amir would non move on the deliverance because it is non his responsibility plus it is possible for others to finish the load for him. “There is a manner to be good once more. A manner to stop the rhythm. With a male child. An orphan. Hassan’s boy. Somewhere in Kabul. ( pg. 245 ) ” Clearly. Amir feels guilt of the action he has done to Hassan. Because of the guilt. Amir would desire to deliver himself after making a iniquitous title. Rescuing Sohrab was “the manner to be good once more. ” Although the feeling of guilt is a virtuous nature. excessively much of guilt would be paralysing to an person. Just like every other emotion. excessively much reaction leads to a psychological malady.

Excessively much of guilt creates distorted believing. the inability to execute undertakings and other physical diseases. General Taheri. from The Kite Runner. meets this description absolutely. General Taheri was a high-ranked general back in Afghanistan. After the Soviet War of Afghanistan started. he fled from place to America. This action has build up the guilt within him because he had turned down on his state when the state needed him the most. “The general believes that… Afghanistan would be freed. So every twenty-four hours. he donned his grey suit. injure his pocket ticker. and waited ( pg. 191 ) ” The believed extra guilt causes the general to get away world. General Taheri goes to the flee market every twenty-four hours merely so it seems like place. he does non hold a occupation so he merely receives public assistance from the authorities. and he has headaches monthly and locks himself in his room. These all largely symptoms of extra guilt.

Guilt is instead a good feature than a harmful 1. even though. there is a bound to positive guilt. The novel. The Kite Runner. has demonstrated to us assorted ways on how guilt could be a righteous nature. “A manner to be good again” . the most good known quotation mark from the novel is create by the guilt that has brought to all of us. The fresh lacks its significance without the kernel of guilt.

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