The marketing environmental challenges of the airline industry

The air hose industry has to confront one of its biggest challenges yet, in a universe today of planetary recession, planetary heating and increasing deficits of natural stuffs. These factors every bit good as other challenges included in the analysis of the selling environment of Aer Arann will be explained, so that to analyze how it can win and last among its rivals.



The EU Emissions Trading Scheme ( EU ETS ) is a measure to confront clime alteration and it aims to command industrial nursery gas emanations. It was launched in 2005 and it imposes a bound on the entire sum of gas emanations that a mill or other systems are allowed to hold. So companies can have emanation allowances which they may sell or purchase when it is needed. The Airline industry will fall in the strategy in 2012 since it contributes progressively to climate alteration. Emissions in this industry were increased by 100 % from 1990 to 2006 (, 22/11/2010 ) . This state of affairs creates a long-run challenge for Aer Arann, because their costs will increase. Fortunately in 2006 Aer Arann made a purchase of a‚¬180 million for 10 new ATR 72-500 aircraft which are environmentally friendly since they have lower emanations of CO2, because of decreased fuel burn. They use up to 70 % less fuel than other jets going the same paths. However they will still hold to follow to the new emanations regulation so their costs will increase (, 22/11/2010 ) .

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Garry Cullen, Managing Director stated: “ Aer Arann is committed to the rules of energy efficiency. Whilst the part of the air power industry towards planetary heating is significantly less than other big defilers, our new ATR aircraft are recognised as the most fuel efficient aircraft in their class, breathing 20 % less CO2 per passenger-km than newer jets. The ATR operates more expeditiously than jet aircraft on short-haul paths ” (, 22/11/2010 ) .


During the economic crisis clients do non go so frequently whether it is for leisure or concern so the demand falls. Aer Arann ‘s rider Numberss went down by 20 % in 2008 and that is why they announced 20 % sale at that clip even though a few months before they had carried a record figure of riders (, 23/11/2010 ) .

The topic of the one-year general meeting of the International Air Transport Association ( IATA ) in Berlin 2010 was that Airlines expression to get the better of industry turbulency and header with an oil monetary value spike, a large bead in rider Numberss due to the planetary downswing and the volcanic ash cloud late in Europe. Despite all these negative factors, IATA ‘s latest figures show that planetary air traffic is back at the degrees it was before the recession started. However net income borders for air hoses are still tight (, 23/11/2010 ) .

Article newsman provinces: ”Northern Ireland has become one of the fiercest battlefields in the bargain-priced flight concern ” . Budget airlines argue that the recession could really be helpful for them in the long term for the ground that concern travelers would exchange to low-fares bearers ( 23/11/2010 ) .

Exchange rate fluctuations can impact demand for air conveyance because clients will prefer to buy a ticket when the rate will be better for them. Aer Arann operates a path from L’Orient to the UK so it is significantly affected as lb to euro currency can alter.

Much of the initial growing and success of the company is due to the fact that Aer Arann has a competitory advantage among its rivals. Much of this development is due to the company being awarded “ Public Service Obligation ” ( PSO ) paths by the authorities ( D.Jobber, 2007, p.66 ) . PSO paths are given by the authorities to the air hose to make entree to and from specific parts which were non supported by commercially operated services ( D.Jobber, 2007, p.66 ) . The PSO paths are taking to promote touristry and concern travelers to entree these parts by air and non merely with other agencies of conveyance. When an air hose is awarded with a PSO path it has exclusivity on it for three old ages, so it is a good beginning of net income. Aer Arann gained about a‚¬18.5 million from PSO paths in the yesteryear ( D.Jobber, 2007, p.66 ) . Aer Arann was awarded by the Irish Government to run in Ireland nationally, from Dublin to Galway, Sligo, Donegal and Kerry ( D.Jobber, 2007, p.66 ) . Some of these locations are airdromes with shorter tracks and this is an advantage for Aer Arann because of the little aircraft it operates. However PSO paths are awarded for three old ages merely so Aer Arann should non be based on them on the longer term. There is non so much competition in PSO paths from other air hoses when they do non hold permission from the authorities except Loganair which operates some of the PSO paths in Ireland.


The air hose industry as we know from the yesteryear can be affected negatively by planetary socio-cultural factors such as diseases and terrorist act onslaughts. Some of them are the SARS, swine grippe, terrorist act onslaughts in London and September 11th in New York ( D.Jobber, 2007, p.66 ) . For these grounds Airline companies and airdromes worldwide were challenged to germinate their policies and processs and spent farther costs and clip in the safety of the clients (, 24/11/2010 ) . The other facet of socio-cultural factors impacting the air hose industry has to make with tendencies, societal construction, income and the civilization in general of the clients. For illustration each person will move in conformity with his/her societal and geographical infinite and travel where friends will go or where it is the best option for that season. So as the society alterations, so must the air hose industry if it intends to win.


Technology had a immense impact on consumer ‘s lives and companies ‘ net incomes. Technological development can offer chances for new merchandise development and menaces to bing markets. So marketing now is conducted otherwise because cyberspace engineering has allowed companies to pass on with the clients and administer their merchandise otherwise and more expeditiously. This is called digital selling ( D.Jobber, 2007, p.67 ) . In the instance of Aer Arann the new merchandise development is the online booking system they had launched successfully in 2006 and the threatened bing market are the travel agents. Online engagements are presently 80 % of all Aer Arann gross revenues (, 24/11/2010 ) . Micheal O’Callarain, Marketing Manager, Aer Arann said: “ We are continually looking at ways to heighten our service and believe that this new online functionality will turn out priceless to many of our riders ” (, 24/11/2010 ) . On the other manus it is non ever a positive facet because now consumers are more informed and have more entree to information with a wider pick of air hoses to take from, so the air hoses should take down their monetary values in order to vie with each other.


One of the most of import environmental factors refering the universe nowadays is planetary heating and clime alteration caused by nursery gases and this is why EU ETS exists. As every signifier of industry in the universe has to see this and follow with the emanations ordinances so as the air hose industry has to make it, at excess costs because it contributes to the air pollution (, 24/11/2010 ) .

Other physical environmental factors have affected the UK, the world-wide economic system and particularly air hoses. The eruption of the Icelandic vent a few months ago with the biggest ash cloud over Europe caused break for 1000s of travelers in Europe and remainder of the universe (, 24/11/2010 ) . At that clip most of the EU states were non allowed to run any flights, so the consequence on costs of the air hoses was immense (, 24/11/2010 ) . Met Office issued terrible conditions warningsA for icy roads and snow for cardinal and eastern Scotland and eastern parts of Northern Ireland these yearss. Several flights have been cancelled in the North of England after more heavy snowfall and Durham Tees Valley Airport and Newcastle Airport were closed (, 29/11/2010 ) .

The increasing deficits of natural stuff, specifically oil is another environmental factor which is non in favor of Aer Arann. Oil is a non-renewable beginning and it is impossible for most industries to be without it. Fluctuations in oil monetary values go on all the clip depending on different factors, hence an addition in monetary value will intend that Aer Arann should be prepared for it in the long tally, unless a contract with its provider is signed which will province a standard monetary value for a long clip. However a positive facet to this factor is that Aer Arann is runing the 10 new ATR 72-500 aircraft which are much more economical and need less fuel than other jets. So an addition in monetary values will impact more other air hoses and less Aer Arann. It is deserving adverting here the economic state of affairs in Ireland since Aer Arann is an Irish Carrier and it is affected. Reuters states that oil increased to a two-week high after the European Union approved a deliverance program for Ireland. Oil lost its upward alteration after lifting for two hebdomads as the deliverance program for Ireland failed to quiet the concerns about the wellness of other EU members (, 29/11/2010 ) .


The authorities has increased revenue enhancement of the air hose industry. The Independent states that the addition in 2010 of Air Passenger Duty ( APD ) will do household vacations unaffordable for many (, 27/11/2010 ) . It surely has to be the last clip that the going public faces APD rises. Some besides suggest replacing APD with a per-plane revenue enhancement, so clients could take between air hoses but non all the travel industry will hold on this. From the 1st of November 2010 riders will hold to pay for APD a per centum addition from 9 % up to 55 % depending on how many stat mis they are going in contrast with last twelvemonth (, 27/11/2010 ) . This is why in such economic state of affairss people prefer to go by auto, coach or train to closer locations for vacations instead than by plane so air hose industries are concerned (, 29/11/2010 ) . Aer ArannA?s clients will hold to confront these new revenue enhancements but these shouldnA?t cause high monetary value rise because Aer Arann is a regional air hose which operates in the UK, Ireland and some paths from L’Orient. So its clients will non hold to worry for APD up to 55 % since they do non go so many stat mis.


Menace of Entry

Existing air hoses such as Aer Arann are non concerned so much about new entries in the air hose industry but are more concerned with the bing competition they have from similar types of air hoses runing the same paths and have similar monetary values. In the air hose industry there is non so much yarn of new air hoses since the costs for new entries are immense. The needed initial capital is monolithic, professional experience in this field is required, operation costs are immense and the assets and funding will be a batch as good. Furthermore air hose companies need to follow with EU and International ordinances and they need blessing for flight operations.

Menace of replacements

The more existent or possible replacements exist for the merchandise, the more unattractive the section is ( Kotler, 2009, p.305 ) . Aer Arann does non merely vie with other air hoses but besides with other manners of conveyance since it is a regional air hose. These replacements for air conveyance are route, rail, coach and ferry ( D.Jobber, 2007, p.69 ) . These replacements affect the monetary values that Aer Arann offers and its net incomes. The advantage of air traveling is that it is much faster, although increased holds at airdromes due to safety safeguards and air traffic control holds have lengthened the clip needed. These replacements may necessitate more clip to get to each finish but they cost much less and this is why Aer Arann has so low monetary values and makes offers and price reductions. Business travelers are more likely to take the air hose transit since they have to acquire to their finish rapidly and they do non ever worry about the excess cost because their companies may pay for it. Leisure travelers are more likely to take the other manners of conveyance since they are cheaper or they might desire to bask the journey.

Dickering power of purchasers

A merchandise or service becomes unattractive when purchasers have strong bargaining power. This power becomes stronger when purchasers are better informed so they are more selective, when exchanging costs are low, or when purchasers are monetary value sensitive because of the recession. The manner they become more organized is the cyberspace, so the best option for AerArann is to do superior offers ( Kotler, 2009, p.305 ) . Buyer power in PSO paths is non so strong because Aer Arann was awarded four out of six PSO paths in Ireland. However there is competition in commercial paths by Ryanair and Loganair. This is where purchaser power is high because exchanging costs are non much or even in some instances Rynair ‘s monetary values are lower. For illustration the ticket monetary value from Aer Arann for the 1st of December 2010 to go from Dublin to Edinburgh costs ?139.99 but from Ryanair costs merely ?44.99 same twenty-four hours, same path (,, 29/11/2010 ) .

Dickering power of providers

The menace from dickering power of providers is high for Aer Arann. Suppliers are going more powerful since there are few or no replacements at all and the merchandise is an of import input. The merchandise in the instance of Aer Arann if fuel which is an absolute necessity for air hoses. Aer Arann has to cover with unstable monetary values because of the limited sum of oil militias. The best manner to confront this job is to hold good relationships with the providers and subscribe a contract with them for a certain period of clip at a sensible monetary value so that Aer Arann will non be affected when oil monetary values are increased once more.

Airports are besides considered as a high power provider. Aer Arann has to confront increasing charges from the airdromes is operates. These charges include runwayA movementA charge, aircraft parking, air span usage and rider charge. Dublin Airport and Shannon Airport are sing additions in charges (,, 29/11/2010 ) . Aer Arann should make trusty relationships together with the airdromes and this is why a five-year trade was announced with Southend Airport (, 29/11/2010 )

Competitive Competition

Competitive competition is a challenge that Aer Arann has to see in order to win. There is non much competition on PSO paths except from Loganair which operates two PSO paths. On the commercially operated paths there is a batch of competition chiefly from Ryanair, Aer Lingus and British Airways. However Aer Arann and Aer Lingus have announced a franchise understanding between them for specific paths (, 28/11/2010 ) . Aer Arann is known as one of the fastest-growing regional air hoses in Europe because of the scheme it follows and the competitory advantage it has ( D.Jobber, 2007, p.66 ) . The scheme of the company includes no chech-in fees, lowest check-in clip in Ireland, allocated seating and direct flight to where clients want (, 28/11/2010 ) . A disadvantage emerging from the competition is that Ryanair is considered a taking low cost operator and this is justified by some lower cost offers than Aer Arann so it is a large challenge. However Ryanair operates larger types of aircraft so they are non able to utilize shorter tracks as Aer Arann and Ryanair will hold to pass much more for emanation allowances.

( 2 ) What selling recommendations would you do to Aer Arann in order for it to bask sustained and ongoing commercial success?

One of the most of import facets and cardinal factors for the success of Aer Arann is the leading and administration construction. Through the development of an first-class leading the company is guaranteed to travel the right manner in the hereafter. The experience and capablenesss of employees are ingredients to the successful running of the concern. Quality in the direction of the company is important in order to confront the challenges of the hereafter, to do the right determinations when required and most significantly to force the concern frontward instead than allow it fall down to the underside when rough state of affairss arise.

Another suggestion which besides has to make with the company ‘s histrions, concerns the right choice of employees. The company ‘s employees can be described as valuable ‘assets ‘ because they affect straight the good will and repute of the company. The relationship between clients and employees is really of import in order to accomplish long-run and insistent gross revenues and hence net income maximization. Therefore, careful choice of the staff is required and makings such as professionalism, willingness, friendliness and courteousness, should be cardinal standards.

The publicity of Aer Arann through the assorted traveling and concern magazines is another suggestion to hike the public presentation of the concern. A scope of marketing schemes such as particular offers, price reductions and awards can be promoted on the web site of the company, in order to pull the attending of the clients. For illustration, to do the company well-known through cyberspace advertizements, online societal webs and Google.

Aer Araan should seek for the best provider option and construct good relationships with them. If the company enters into a contract with its fuel provider for providing them with fuel for an in agreement monetary value over a certain period, so the company will be able to salvage costs from the lifting monetary values for fuel.

Besides, another of import thought for Aer Arann, will be to watch carefully the activities of their rivals in order to be prepared for their schemes. By maintaining an oculus on the patterned advance of other companies, will assist them non merely to foretell but besides to vie with their activities. For illustration, Rynair ‘s low-priced menus offers during selected yearss of the hebdomad will be a good starting point to be replicated.

Furthermore, the creative activity of a ‘loyal client award strategy ‘ is another strategic proposal for the company. It will work on the footing of roll uping points when purchasing a ticket and after a completion of a certain sum of points the client will be able to interchange those points with a free ticket or a price reduction on a ticket. By using this strategy, the company will pull more clients and besides will procure returning clients.

In the field of the corporate societal duty of the company, there is a proposal to tie in itself with ‘green activities ‘ . The consciousness of our society for the environment has increased significantly over the past decennaries and any sort of aid from the company would be appreciated by the clients and the society as a whole. For illustration, short-run runs that will donate a little sum from the monetary value of the ticket for environmental intents can be organised sporadically. This will significantly assist to better company ‘s repute.

Another thought that the company can follow, is the engagement with the athleticss squads of the state. Aer Arann can try a partnership with athleticss squads in Ireland or the UK and be the sole air hose for these squads. Besides they can be patrons of of import athleticss events and squads in order to advance the company and beef up their repute.

Finally, the company is suggested to measure which paths are more profitable and minimise the figure of flights which are less profitable and even suspend those which are non-profitable. Furthermore, the company in order to be able to develop and bring forth what clients demand, is suggested to transport out some customer-satisfaction and rating researches which will be concentrating on facets such as client satisfaction, services appraisal, sentiment about the monetary values. Then the company will be able to better any failings.