The Marketing Concept Essay

When one thinks about marketing. many different things come into head ; nevertheless. the existent definition of Marketing Concept is: “identifying consumer demands and so bring forthing the goods or services that will fulfill them while doing a net income for the organisation. ” ( Gitman & A ; McDaniel. 2008 )

Basically. the selling construct comes down to being able to offer the consumers something that they find valuable. Value is the cardinal term that comes into drama. The selling construct consists of:

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1. “Focusing on client wants so the organisation can separate its production from competitor’s offerings. ” ( Gitman & A ; McDaniel. 2008 )

2. “Integrating all of the organization’s activities. including production. to fulfill these wants. ” ( Gitman & A ; McDaniel. 2008 )

3. “Achieving long-run ends for the organisation by fulfilling client wants and needs lawfully and responsibily. ” ( Gitman & A ; McDaniel. 2008 )

Many concerns from around the Earth have already started to take advantage of this construct. From Disney’s Fast Pass to Enterprise Rent-A-Car. companies are seting their old concern theoretical accounts and techniques in order to suit the demands and desires of their clients. This has enabled them to step above the competition and to put themselves apart from others in their industry.

The selling construct focuses on the above mentioned points for a ground. in order to increase the businesses’ underside line and to fulfill their current client bases. while pulling new clients because of their exceeding client service theoretical account.


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