When a Car is More Than Just a Car Essay

The first clip I heard the vocal. “Fast Car” by Wyclef Jean. I truly liked it because it was catchy. After listening to it a few more times. I realized there was a batch of intending to it. To me. the chief end of this vocal is to learn the immature hearers a hard lesson to be careful before they do something that could potentially destroy their lives. Besides. Jean is demoing his hearers there is aid out at that place and tomorrow is non promised – everybody demands take advantage of their available resources so they do non harm themselves. Basically. Jean wants everyone to be careful with the life that they presently have instead than blowing clip here on Earth. Jean explains his narrative by utilizing a type of music that will acquire to immature people without doing them feel like they are being scolded. He besides relates his poetries to celebrated people such as Kanye West. Notorious B. I. G. . Tupac. Sean Bell. Left Eye Lopez. and an guiltless 16 twelvemonth old miss ; by utilizing this type of vocal composing manner. immature people will listen to the vocal and learn from it instead than avoiding the subject. The first poetry of the vocal is allduding to Kanye West holding a major auto accident.

He was driving place from a recording studio in Los Angelos at three in the forenoon when he fell asleep at the wheel. He totaled his auto and broke his jaw badly. After this accident. Kanye wrote a vocal called “Jesus Walks. ” It was portion of the album called “Through the Wire. ” which Kanye West really produced while he had wires keeping his jaw together ( “Kanye West” ) . The first poetry of Wyclef Jean’s vocal says “I heard a adult male say Jesus walks. me myself I heard Jesus talk. ” This line shows how Jesus is existent and how both West and Jean have personally had brushs with Him. The following lines say. “Cause when I heard his round I felt Jesus’ force. I heard it Through The Wire that he made it out the coma. from a fast auto. ” This line shows West’s lay waste toing accident and the wake of it. Kanye was in a coma and about died because he failed to be responsible with his auto. The intent of poetry one is to demo the hearers that driving at late hours of the dark or while tired is non safe. It is better to remain someplace instead than put on the lining a life by driving a auto. West was lucky to last his accident ; non all state of affairss have fortunate results nevertheless.

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West dealt with a batch of hurting personally. while other peoples’ jobs involve their enemies. The 2nd poetry of this vocal is about Tupac and Notorious B. I. G. . who is besides known as Biggie. Tupac and Biggie had a feud that went on for yearss before anything was done about it. Biggie was a bad male child. and Tupac was an criminal. This is explained in the vocal when Jean writes. “Some of us are Bad Boys. Some of us are outlaws. ” Biggie took the name “Bad Boys” when he and his manufacturer decided to partner off up to do music. Tupac was considered an criminal because he did non needfully hold any topographic point where he belonged. One twenty-four hours. during November of 1994. Biggie changeable Tupac multiple times in the anteroom of a recording studio in New York and stole a big sum of jewellery. Everyone suspected Biggie. but he denied it and ne’er got the full incrimination for it ( Huey ) .

During the vocal. Jean says. “Unsolved enigma. the slayer gets off. ” It is really clear he is speaking about the incident between Biggie and Tupac. Finally. their difference carries on into Vegas and LA. where Tupac is murdered in his Sport utility from a shooting by a adjacent auto. The vocal besides explains this because Jean negotiations about the play traveling on to Vegas and LA and driving a fast auto. This competition was out of control. particularly when Tupac was finally murdered. Everyone thought the universe would go a better topographic point because people would larn from the state of affairs. This was non the instance. nevertheless. because the competitions got bigger and America became more violent in the twentieth century. Jean is one time once more seeking to demo everyone the importance of our lives ; he does non desire anyone to acquire into problem so severely that their lives are finally ended by the force. The chorus speaks the loudest in footings of significance of the vocal.

The first half is. “you don’t got to be no billionaire. to acquire a ticket up to the Moon. We all know person up at that place. you need a assisting manus. expression. I’m right here. ” Basically. Jean means everybody goes to the Moon. or heaven. one twenty-four hours. However. a individual does non hold to be rich to take a trip up at that place. We all know people who have passed off and gone to heaven ; it is ne’er easy to state adieu to people who leave Earth. He wants everyone to cognize that there is plentifulness of aid on Earth. Jean does non desire anybody to mess up their life to the point that it isn’t worth it to repair it. This portion of the vocal has the most symbolic significance. Cars symbolize the journey of life – from birth to decease. merely as they help you travel from one topographic point to another. Jean uses the poetries to demo actual significances of why we need to be careful with autos ; he uses the chorus to demo the symbolic significance associated with fast autos and why they have the ability to be so unsafe. Besides. he prefers non to hold any adversities to command his listeners’ lives either.

The poetry goes on to state. “…to aid you see clearly now. ” Jean wants to be the assisting manus for everybody. Why dice. when you could repair your jobs and live as a happy person? The whole intent of the vocal is to be smart and non allow our autos or jobs control us. The span of the vocal emphasizes the dangers of autos. A individual might be imbibing or non in the right mental province to drive. nevertheless if they pick up their friends to drive. most of them will likely acquire in the auto. Paul Simon comes into the vocal at this point and says. “When that fast auto choices you up. you will hold no pick. You may hear the tyres shouting. but you will hold no voice. But as the fast auto choices you up. you will cry and smile. And see heaven in the headlamps. stat mi after. stat mi. ” This is a really good representation about what life is truly similar. Peoples don’t want to stand up to their friends because they will be the lone 1. However. doing the pick to non talk up might be a individual their life.

Even if it does non finally stop their life. they will experience regret as they “see heaven in the headlamps. stat mi after stat mi. ” Peoples know they are doing a error by acquiring in a auto with people who have been imbibing. Yet most people merely travel along with it in order to suit in. The danger with autos is they do non look like arms and people are non really careful with them because they see them as a plaything. They can be a arm though because they can easy hit person and wound them or the people in the auto. After this vocal. hopefully everybody begins to see the importance in safety and good determinations. Jean is non even near to done – he keeps conveying in more illustrations so he can truly acquire is message across. The 3rd poetry of this vocal references the Sean Bell hiting that occurred in November of 2006. Bell held his unmarried man party at a Queens Strip Club in New York City. He was imbibing and so got into his Nissan Altima with two of his friends.

He began to drive and he ran into a New York officer. The remainder of the officers thought Bell was a danger so they began to hit at his auto. They killed Bell while wounding two of his friends. All together. they shot 51 times. The officers involved in the incident were indicted. “charging the two who had fired the majority of the shootings. Detective Michael Oliver and Detective Gescard F. Isnora. with first-degree manslaughter. and the 3rd. Detective Marc Cooper. with foolhardy endangerment” ( “Sean Bell” ) . This is explained in the vocal when Wyclef Jean writes. “what would you make after your unmarried man party? In the saloon celebrating with all your homies. ” and “over fifty one shootings but you ain’t ready to decease. ” Jean shows how everybody has a unmarried mans party and makes bad determinations. but that does non intend he or she deserves to decease. or wants to decease. Bell made a bad determination by acquiring in his auto when he was under the influence of intoxicant. nevertheless he did non believe it would do him his life.

Jean is demoing his hearers a lesson through Bell’s narrative. He is demoing the importance of duty. particularly when people are under the influence of intoxicant. Cipher wants to decease. particularly right before their nuptials. Jean’s lesson is to be careful and mindful of our actions. The 4th poetry of the vocal is about a member of the hip-hop set. TLC. Her name was Lisa – left oculus – Lopez and she was on a religious trip to Honduras to acquire her life in order ( “TLC’s Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes dies in wreck. ” ) . Jean explains this by stating. “Everybody needs some TLC. so she headed to Honduras for some TLC ( Tender Loving Care ) . ” Lopez died an guiltless decease. She was a rider in a new wave ; she died immediately. while the other seven riders were uninjured. Jean provinces. “Well she was a rider. ne’er a driver. in that fast auto. ”

At this point in the vocal. Jean turns to people who are seeking to salvage their lives. yet they still suffer deceases. Lopez was on a journey seeking to calculate out her jobs. but she was killed by a unsafe fast auto. She was non ready for Eden. but she ended up taking her trip early. The fifth and concluding poetry of the vocal is about an inexperienced person 16 twelvemonth old miss who merely had her sweet 16th birthday party. She was traversing the street when she was hit by a auto and died. The poetry says. “Sweet 16. I see her go forthing the scene. Traversing the street. she won’t see 17. ” The individual that hit her was under the influence of intoxicant. Just as Jean says. “Blink of an oculus. DWI. Hit and run. the assailant flees. in that fast auto. ” This poetry goes along with the chorus really good because the miss was guiltless. non ready to decease. and she likely was non traveling through anything hard that caused her to desire to stop her life.

Alternatively. she was the victim of a fast auto and bad determinations that finally ended her life. This vocal is full of significance and lessons that meant to be passed on to the reader. Jean is looking out for his hearers while he sings this vocal. My favourite portion will ever be. “You don’t got to be no billionaire. to acquire a ticket up to the Moon. ” This line defines the vocal ; it is all about safety and utilizing street smarts so we do non decease prematurely. I like to be adventuresome and unrecorded my life to the fullest. but safety ever comes first. I would experience awful if I left my household behind by doing a bad determination – we have to believe about our ain safety. every bit good as the manner life would alter for our loved 1s if we took our trip to the “moon. ” This vocal made an impact on my life. and I hope it changes other peoples’ lives excessively.

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