Censorship of Lord of the Flies Essay

Lord of the Flies. by William Golding. is a fresh about a group of school male childs. whose ages range from six to twelve old ages old. The boys’ plane clangs on a nameless. uninhabited island in the center of the ocean. At first the male childs struggle to acquire along. but after they choose a leader the male childs begin acquire along. The leader. Ralph. is chosen because he found a conch shell which he blew into and all of the male childs followed the sound of the conch and are reunited. Jack is another chief character in the book. He is the adversary to Ralph in the manner that Jack disagrees with Ralph a batch. Jack and Ralph fight throughout much of the book. nevertheless they do hold on the demand for nutrient and a fire. The fire was Ralph’s thought and he wants person to be given the fire all the times ; Jack volunteers himself and the remainder of his choir. But. Jack besides volunteers to be the runing group. Jack spends all of his clip hunting and the fire goes out. Ralph is ashen with Jack. Jack tells Ralph that he will catch a wild Sus scrofa. and so he won’t be so huffy. When Jack eventually does catch the Sus scrofa. everyone goes huffy with exhilaration. for all of the male childs are hungering.

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The book describes the male childs as going barbarians at the sight of the cookery hog. Besides. Jack spears the boar’s caput and puts it on a interest. This is what the Godhead of the flies is. This is a direct connexion to the rubric by which is means that the “monster” that had been frightening them was truly inside of them the whole clip. Jack subsequently mistakes Simon for the animal and he ( Jack ) and many of the other boys trail down Simon and kill him. Over. the following few yearss Ralph is opposed to Jack because Jack wants to be leader of the group. Jack orders hi¬¬¬¬¬¬¬-s “men” to kill Ralph. Ralph flees through the forests and lands on the beach and looks up into the face of a coastguardsman. Ralph is the supporter and a major character. However. Jack is a major character and the adversary in the book. The subject in this book is civilization vs. savageness. There are two viing dispositions that worlds are either of course good or of course bad. This book suggests that adult male is of course bad.

Symbols in the book include the conch shell and how it shows power. Golding’s novel: Godhead of the Flies has been challenged and banned in high schools because of derogative linguistic communication. profanity and the subject of the book. Although valid observations. these are non sufficient grounds to censor a book every bit good as this. To get down. Lord of the Flies has been banned in schools due to its hapless linguistic communication. Lord of the Flies was challenged at the Olney. Texas Independent School District. ( ALA ) One of the transitions that the school is mentioning to is. “Ralph waved the conch. ‘“Shut up! Delay! Listen! ”’ ( Golding 38 ) . Piggy tried to speak over Ralph. but Ralph would hold none of it. He waved the conch. which is a symbol of power throughout the book. in Piggy’s face. Shut up” is merely a forceful manner to state person to be quiet. It is frequently used in under duress state of affairss where there is deficiency of a better word. Ralph was kind of touting about how he had all the power and Piggy didn’t have any. Another case where bad linguistic communication is present is when the male childs kill the Sus scrofa. Roger helps to assail Simon. The boys notice that Roger has speared the Sus scrofa.

The male childs begin to chortle as Roger takes his spear out of the boar’s rear. Roger pulls the lance out and says. “Right up her buttocks! ” ( 135 ) . This gave a great tumult from the sea of looker-ons. Many kids may hold thought these phrases to be bad ; nevertheless to high school pupils. these are non bad. “Shut up” is merely a forceful manner to state person to be quiet. It is frequently used in under duress state of affairss where there is deficiency of a better word. While this is non so bad. “right up her ass” is a little more vulgar. There is ne’er a clip that a high school pupil should utilize this phrase ; nevertheless it must be understood that high school pupils can be really immature and they see things like this all the clip. If a school wants to dispute a book. they should confer with pupils and see what they think on the affair.

Bad linguistic communication isn’t the lone ground this book has been challenged. the subject of this book is in inquiry to some people. Another ground that the book is banned is because of the subject that it is calumniatory towards human nature. Lord of the Flies was banned at Owen. North Carolina. High School in 1981becasue it is “demoralizing inasmuch as it implies that adult male is little more than an animal” ( ALA ) .

Many people in North Carolina and other topographic points throughout the U. S. found this book really violative in the fact that it exploited man’s natural manner of thought. Some people believe that immorality is present in all worlds. while others can non get down to penetrate the thought. A philosopher by the name of Thomas Hobbes was celebrated for this thought that adult male is genuinely evil at bosom. As Hobbes said. “The life of adult male: lone. hapless. awful. brutish. and short” ( Lloyd ) . Hobbes’ doctrine on life and adult male. offends many people. particularly those in North Carolina. Many people believe that adult male is good at bosom.

Last. profanity in Lord of the Flies is seen by many as a large trade. While people stretch it. there is a transition at the terminal of the book where it is seen as raping of a adult female. when in world. the male childs are merely killing a hog. Peoples take it excessively far and perchance hold tried to acquire this fantastic book banned merely due to the fact that they do non like it. They try and stretch the truth and acquire people to non like the book either.

Lord of the Flies is banned in several topographic points throughout America. The first amendment of the Constitution of the United States says: no to censorship. Censorship is the act of censoring books or magazines based on their content. This is about illegal. The lessons that this book teaches us are far more of import than the few cases where bad linguistic communication or profanity is used. Some high schools find the bad linguistic communication. profanity and the subject of the book to be inappropriate for high school pupils to read while many others find the stuff inspiring and enlightening.

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