The Silver Sword Essay

The Silver Sword is a narrative about the Balickis’ . a Polish household. life in Warsaw. The narrative is about their separation due to the Nazi unfairness in 1940 and how they reunite themselves in Switzerland after the war. It took them 5 old ages to reunite. the kids have grown up. the grownups have aged but at least they are all together once more. along with a new member of the household. The first individual that was separated from the household was the male parent. Joseph Balicki. he was taken away from his household and sent to a Prison Camp in Zaknya.

During a Bible lesson. Joseph turned the image of Adolf Hitler’s face to the wall and the intelligence spread about and he is taken off. Finally Joseph flights prison after legion efforts. He goes back to Warsaw with the aid of an old twosome along the manner. The twosome shows great kindness and courage as Joseph was about caught concealment at the place. On geting in Warsaw. he was greeted with awful intelligence refering his household. His married woman was taken off to Germany to a concentration cantonment. and his kids are believed to be dead. He still searches Warsaw merely in instance he finds them as he does non believe that they are dead.

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He realizes that his kids are non in Warsaw and he decides to go to Switzerland as it was the program if they of all time got separated. Before he takes away. he meets a immature male child named Jan. Jan is an orphan who lives by himself with his cat. He is an carnal lover. Joseph asks Jan to look out for his kids Edek. Ruth and Bronia in the event they meet. and state them to happen him in Switzerland at their grandparents’ place. In return. Joseph lets Jan maintain the silver paper knife. Jan helps Joseph to catch a train to assist him go to Switzerland. Finally Jan meets Ruth and Bronia.

Edek was taken off after caught smuggling staff of life and eggs. They join together to go to Switzerland to do the journey easier and less painful. Ruth befriends a Russian lookout who helps them turn up Edek. Edek is discovered to be in Posen. so the three kids set off to travel and reunite with him. When the kids reach Posen. they discover that Edek fled the prison cantonment. They so have no other pick but to go on on with their journey. The kids so halt at a soup kitchen where a battle emerges and when Ruth is caught in the disturbance she grabs onto a manus. Ruth didn’t Lashkar-e-Taiba travel of this peculiar manus.

When the people scattered. Ruth realized that she was keeping Edek’s manus. Edek has a awful instance of Tuberculosis though. But they are all happy to be together. Now that the kids are reunited. they continue on with their journey to happen their parents’ . They following arrive in Berlin in 1945. shortly after the Second World War. The kids arrive at a refugee cantonment where Jan goes losing. later to be found doing friends with a Pan troglodytes which had escaped from the menagerie. He besides befriends a British ground forces officer called Mark. who wrote a missive to his married woman about the Pan troglodytes and its jokes.

Jan finally returns to the others and along with Ruth he gets a occupation. The kids so arrive in Germany. Edek’s Tuberculosis has worsened and he is really ill. His places had besides worn out so his walking has become slower and more painful. Ruth and Jan acquire occupations to seek and do some money to purchase Edek a new brace of places. Jan is conveying home many different types of meats which he has smuggled from the American trains in the country. He claims that the husbandman has been giving them to him for his difficult work. Edek doesn’t believe this so he goes to look into. When Edek is look intoing he finds out that the nutrient is stolen.

Edek was on the train incline speaking to Jan and stating him off. but Jan merely persists on Edek go forthing. but of class he doesn’t. When the dismay goes off Jan flees. go forthing Edek in forepart of the Officers gun. They are both prosecuted by the justice but Edek is cleared of any offenses whilst Jan leads a defence where he points out that there are certain American military personnels that are guilty in stealing from the conquered Germans every bit good. Jan is sentenced to a week’s detainment because they can non afford to pay the mulct. When he is released. the kids continue south and befriend a Bavarian husbandman called Kurt.

All of the kids are put to work on the farm. Except for Edek. who assists the farmer’s married woman with jobs inside the house. A Burgomaster’s auto clangs outside the place of the husbandman. Edek goes to assist the Burgomaster. Bronia follows him and asks a inquiry in Polish which gives away the children’s individuality. The burgomaster so tells Kurt to direct them back to Poland. or else he will. To avoid directing the kids back. Kurt helps the kids escape on canoes. Jan besides hides Kurt’s Canis familiaris. Ludwig. in his canoe. The kids row down the Falken River. seeking to dodge the soldiers.

After the canoe journey. Jan realizes that he does non hold the Ag blade. He believes that it is at Kurt’s house. This makes Edek’s TB worse as that was the children’s symbol of hope. Jan and Ludwig go losing. and an American lorry driver named Jo Wolski gives them a lift to happen Jan. On the thrust. Jo jokes that there are some animate beings in the dorsum of the lorry and when he goes to look into there are Ludwig and Jan lying at that place. The kids arrive at a Red Cross cantonment and run into a superintendant. who informs them that he has a message from their male parent. They besides received a missive and a bundle from Kurt.

He sent them to the Red Cross cantonment cognizing they had to make Switzerland. In the bundle at that place lay the Ag blade. Merely as the kids are so near to their finish. they have to traverse Lake Constance. which capsizes their boat. Edek is excessively weak to swim. and he about submerge. but Jan saves the Balicki kids. Finally the kids reach Switzerland and are reunited with their parents ; they so reintroduce Jan to them. The household so sends his records to the governments but his parents are non traced. the Balicki household so accepts his petition to fall in their household.

Subsequently. the Balickis’ are put in charge of a Polish House in the International Children’s Village in Switzerland. Bronia realizes her endowment for art and continues to pull and paint the memories of the war. Edek spends 2 old ages retrieving from Tuberculosis and so chases his dream to go an applied scientist. Jan so gets a Judaic cat and names him Arlo. Jan stops stealing and he is called on a regular basis to care for the ill animate beings in his small town. Ruth becomes a instructor. after get marrieding a Gallic adult male she is put in charge of the Gallic House in the small town. While Mrs. Balicki holds onto her prized ownership: the Ag blade.