Utilisation Of Social Media To Improve Customer Relations Marketing Essay

Today ‘s society is invariably germinating and it imperative that concerns embrace this alteration in order to be successful. Technology is going an progressively of import tool for people, and for any concern, it would be a utile instrument to pass on with its audience. The client service procedure chiefly, has peculiarly embraced the development in engineering, with the employment of electronic mail and telephone usage as a method of contact. However, new engineerings such as societal networking, allow concerns to stand for themselves in a new and advanced manner. Using Chef Hallam in Adsetts as a theoretical account, I will analyze and measure the integrating of a societal networking platform to better the client dealingss procedure. I will look at the public presentation of the current procedure, every bit good as analysing the possible procedure. This will give a balanced apprehension of how societal media can be utilised to its full advantage, and whether it is a feasible option for the concern. Additionally, the scrutiny of other administrations will assist derive an apprehension of how societal networking has been utilised as a procedure in other companies to better the client dealingss procedure, and how this can be applied to Chef Hallam in Adsetts.

In today ‘s engineering focused society, it is important to the success of any concern to accommodate its offerings in regard of the of all time altering demands of its clients. Chef Hallam in Adsetts is no exclusion to this. Presently, the installation relies on personal interactions between employees and clients in order to derive cognition of client ‘s positions. However, it may be considered a really out-of-date method of geting feedback, and may non present the expected consequences efficaciously.

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Therefore, I believe the debut of a societal networking platform would be used to make a higher degree of client service, and let the service to derive valuable feedback and higher client dealingss.

To accomplish this, a page would be created on Facebook and Twitter, which can be used by clients to portion their experiences and positions on the service. This will let the concern to derive an of import penetration into its client ‘s positions, every bit good as giving the concern the chance to advance the service, and derive a strong client base.

The debut of this procedure aims to advance leaner concern operations, add value to the concern, and finally, make a higher quality client dealingss procedure.

However, the possible procedure does non come without its disadvantages and restrictions ; all of which need to be analysed exhaustively in order to detect how to get the better of them efficaciously, and provoke smooth operations.

2 Current Procedure Analysis

Chef Hallam in Adsetts is presently situated in the nucleus location for Sheffield Hallam pupils, and it is an of import installation for pupils necessitating a interruption amidst their surveies. The current catering service offers a little choice of convenient nutrients, which are deemed ideal for pupils necessitating a speedy meal/snack during the twenty-four hours. This installation presently offers a high grade of client interaction, and the employees at the installation are the first port of call if the client has any differences associating to their purchase. The catering services at the University besides welcome feedback via electronic mail, and carry out client feedback studies in order to garner information on clients positions and sentiments.

Presently, there is small method of garnering direct and meaningful client feedback, which can assist the installation step its client ‘s positions of the service. Many clients giving feedback to the employee themselves will be acknowledged, but may non be recorded. Customers besides may non desire to trouble oneself with the fuss of make fulling in a feedback signifier, which may supply more important feedback. As the installation is chiefly used by pupils in Adsetts, the catering service relies on returning clients and client trueness, instead than pulling new clients, hence this meaningful information is critical for to the success of the service.

As the catering service is deemed a convenience pick for pupils, the cardinal influences in the purchase will be gustatory sensation and quality. Therefore, if either of these facets lack, the catering service will lose concern, as pupils will travel elsewhere.

Using the current method of client feedback aggregation, the catering service may non be cognizant of any issues with the nutrient, and can therefore non keep its high quality criterions.

Some clients may non describe any issues that they may hold with the merchandises, and may merely dispose of the merchandises if they feel they are non satisfactory. If a client does describe an issue, it is likely to be to the nearest employee, by which the issue may non be taken farther, or reported to a individual with authorization over the affair.

Presently, publicities and offers are merely advertised via postings within the installation, which may be portrayed as drilling and shows small creativeness. Besides, hese may non catch the client ‘s attending with easiness, doing the advertisement ineffective.

With the use of societal media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, administrations are more likely to pull clients. For illustration, Starbucks, a local rival of Chef Hallam in Adsetts, have Facebook and Twitter pages, leting them to market their merchandises and publicities to the mass market with easiness.

The current procedure at Chef Hallam in Adsetts may do a loss of clients to the competition who have already adopted these advanced societal media platforms.

2.1 Current Procedure Advantages

The current client dealingss procedure allows Chef Hallam in Adsetts to publicize straight to the mark market of pupils, utilizing the installations in and around Adsetts. The selling tools presently used include postings and cusps, which are cheap and easy to bring forth. The usage of these may let the concern to mensurate its success, by possibly offering a price reduction displayed on the posting, by which the client can ask approximately at the boulder clay.

It may besides be considered that as the catering service does non necessitate to pull new clients, but instead retain its current clients, it may non be of import to put unneeded capital into publicity would be a waste, defined by Womack and Jones ( 1996 ) as “ any human activity which absorbs resources but creates no value ” ( p. 15 ) . Value relates to the demands and wants of the client, in which an administration must undergo certain activities in order to understand these, and make value for the company.

2.2 Current Procedure Disadvantages

The current procedure is limited to its direct environment, and any single outside the installation may non be cognizant of any publicities presently on offer. The procedure as a whole may be viewed as ripening, and is non traveling with the modern civilization of today.

The installation ‘s method of feedback is really limited, and many clients may non even bother to pass on with them about any issues. In an age where alteration has changeless being, it is important that any administration is able to accommodate to these alterations, by transporting out kaizen activities and doing uninterrupted betterments to its operations ( Goldratt and Cox, 1992 ) .

In order for the current procedure to be effectual, the postings and advertizements demand an oculus catching design in order for possible clients to look at them. If these methods are non successful in pulling clients, it will be a waste, under muda ( Womack and Jones, 1996 ) .

3 Potential Procedure Analysis

The possible procedure will follow a societal media platform, which will let the catering service to supervise client feedback, and advertise publicities via online networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. By utilizing such resources, the administration and its clients can pass on easy and efficaciously.

Along with this, clients will be able to do questions about the catering service and its merchandises, and responses will be seeable on the page for all users to see. This will let clients to raise any issues or concerns they have to the installation straight, and in a more advanced and up to day of the month mode, which can so be dealt with suitably by the catering service. It will besides let the catering service to supervise client tendencies, and understand their wants and needs easy.

3.1 Potential Procedure Advantages

Social networking is going an of all time popular networking tool, with Facebook, the taking societal networking site, presently holding more than 500 million active users all over the universe ; 50 % of which log on to Facebook in any given twenty-four hours ( Facebook, 2011 ) . This suggests that platforms such as Facebook are potentially valuable agencies of aiming the correct market for Chef Hallam in Adsetts.

Using a dislocation of Facebook users by age, it is clear there is a solid base for Chef Hallam ‘s mark market of pupils and lectors, with 86 % of cyberspace users in the UK aged 16-24 being regular users of Facebook, and 45 % of cyberspace users in the UK aged 45-54 being regular users of Facebook. It has besides been found that 58 % of cyberspace users populating in the Yorkshire and Humberside part are regular users of Facebook ( Mintel, 2010 ) .

Therefore, the services target market of pupils ( aged 18-24 ) and lectors ( aged 45-54 ) has a definite base on societal networking sites. With this in head, it is clear that Facebook, and similar societal networking platforms are ideal mediums for developing the client dealingss procedure at Chef Hallam in Adsetts.

One of the most important advantages of the possible procedure is the ability to take into history enlightening client feedback, which can be acted on suitably, doing the concern procedure tilt. ‘Lean ‘ is the term used to stipulate value, and the best manner to make value, and provoke effectual operations. It is a manner of understanding how to outdo run the concern, in order to accomplish high quality consequences with the most effectual usage of resources.

By the feedback being present on a societal networking site, it will be viewed by the administration and those connected to the page. This in bend, may motivate feedback from other clients who may hold experienced similar issues, or have their ain concerns with the service. If a figure of clients have experienced similar issues, it will raise deeper concerns to the installation, and will most likely prompt probe over the affair. Peoples may besides be encouraged to portion their good experiences with the service, making a greater trade name image and repute.

Many local rivals have already adopted societal networking platforms in order to advance their company. Therefore, it would be wise for Chef Hallam in Adsetts to use a similar method, in order to decrease any advantages the rival may hold.

For illustration, Starbucks, a local rival to Chef Hallam in Adsetts, have utilised both a Facebook and Twitter page. Through analysis of their UK Facebook page, it can be seen that utilizing this medium is really popular among clients, and presently has over 400,000 ‘likes ‘ on Facebook. On this page, assorted clients have shared their ideas on Starbucks merchandises, and questions have been responded to by the Starbucks squad. For illustration, Starbucks have late changed their ‘Frappuccino ‘ formula, to which many clients have expressed their sentiments. Starbucks have responded to clients remarks by steering them to reach the client service squad, where they can discourse their issues ( Facebook 2011 ) .

By Chef Hallam in Adsetts utilizing such platforms to pass on with its clients, it will construct trueness and long term relationships, and better the client dealingss procedure. It is of import for the concern to concentrate on client keeping, as it is much less expensive to retain a client, than it is to get a new one.

The usage of a societal networking page may besides profit the concern, as it may drive traffic to other media platforms, such as a company web site, which can supply the clients with farther information.

The ability to roll up this qualitative information will besides guarantee that the topmost quality is delivered to the client, and any constrictions in the procedure are identified and eliminated. For illustration, if a figure of clients complain about the java trade name used for the java, the catering service may be able to look into offering a different type of java, or adding more java options to the choice. By reacting to the clients efficaciously, it may promote clients to return, every bit good as keeping quality.

Such information is critical for a concern to stay in competition, and enhances the entire quality direction of the catering service. Using tools such as societal networking makes obtaining this information easier, and possibly, even possible to get down with.

3.2 Potential Procedure Disadvantages

It must foremost be established whether adding this procedure will make value to the concern, or waste, in line with muda, to make a more thin concern. The new procedure will besides necessitate more resources, as the staff nowadays at the installation will still be present if the new procedure comes into action. Therefore, it will utilize more resources, and more staff will be required to suit the procedure.

It could be argued that adding the new procedure would be a waste of resources, and it does non straight concentrate on the chief aims of the service ; to supply high quality nutrient and drinks. Therefore, adding the new procedure may non make any value for the concern.

However, as Hines ( 2004 ) argues, “ it is the client that finally decides what constitutesA muda, and what does non ” . Therefore, it would be wise to carry on research into the mark market to derive an apprehension of their positions on the debut of the possible procedure.

It must besides be considered whether the procedure would be worthwhile. For a societal networking site to be successful, it must be executed efficaciously. Therefore, without sufficient preparation and cognition, the procedure will non supply the consequences anticipated.

Another point to do, is that although it would be good for Chef Hallam in Adsetts to use a societal networking platform, to decrease any rivals advantage, it would hold been much more effectual, had it been implemented a figure of old ages ago.

However, with this is mind, if Chef Hallam in Adsetts can derive a similar competitory place by geting the resources necessary, they are likely to decrease any possible competitory advantage. Pettigrew ( 2006 ) states that ‘the sustainability of a competitory advantage depends on how easy rival houses are able to construct a similar resource place ‘ . Therefore, if Chef Hallam in Adsetts were able to use a likewise strong societal media platform, they will be competent, and win in the market.

It may be believed that the add-on of this new procedure will ensue in a loss of client interaction, as a part of communications will be made via the societal networking site. However, there will ever be the demand for employees functioning at the boulder clay, and so there is still a certain degree of client interaction nowadays. It may be the instance that instead than decreasing client interaction, the debut of a societal networking platform will instead add to the sum of client interactions with the catering service in individual, and via societal networking.

It is of import to the success of the procedure that all employees are in support of the new procedure ( Jobber, 2007 ) . If employees are non trained adequately, and do non understand how the procedure works, the service will non be able to turn to its full potency. Therefore, it can be considered that in order to guarantee entire quality direction, all employees must be committed to the new procedure, and unfastened to alter.

With the new procedure, all interactions between the company and clients are broadcast online for all users to see. This may be debatable, for case, if a client makes a ailment, it will be seeable for all to see. This may damage the company ‘s repute and give a bad trade name image to the populace. Whereas with the current system, ailments are made in private, and the populace will be incognizant of any issues.

Overall, the disadvantages of the possible procedure are paramount. If the procedure is non carried out efficaciously, it would hold to be a waste of resources, and any errors made would endanger the success of the catering service. This being the instance, the concern would go far less thin opposed to the current procedure. If a error is made, the concern will be under examination to the public oculus, where as advertisement within the installation, as it is presently, will merely impact those within close locality to the installation.

4 Recommendations

I would foremost urge the execution and installing of the possible procedure, a societal networking platform. Through thorough analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the current procedure and the possible procedure, it is clear it is a popular communications tool for administrations, and I believe the platform would be good, in order to remain in front in the market, and diminish any rival advantage.

Piercy ( 1997 ) in his book ‘Market-led Strategic Change ‘ , suggests that a ‘robust selling scheme ‘ should run into a figure of specific features. One of these is ‘focus on supplying superior client value, but recognise that invention offers a sustainable advantage ‘ . Therefore, the integrating of the possible procedure provides an advanced platform by which the concern can execute amongst its rivals, whilst supplying a superior client value.

However, it would non be wise to travel in front with the procedure without taking anterior precautional steps. In line with Hines ( 2004 ) suggestion that “ it is the client that finally decides what constitutesA muda, and what does non ” , I would urge for a study to be conducted on a sample of current clients. It is of import to value current clients, and their positions, and non discourage them from utilizing the service if the new procedure comes into topographic point. If it is found that a big figure of current clients are non active users of societal networking sites, and do non believe that the procedure will be valuable to them, so it may non be a good activity, and would be a waste of resources.

Though the new procedure may be more dearly-won to run, if the procedure is found to be feasible, and it is carried out efficaciously, it may supply an abundant return on the investing, making a thin procedure.

In order to truly recognize its success, the procedure must be provisionally trialled, so that if within the first 6 months, no value is added to the concern, it would be recommended to discontinue operations on the procedure.

To take the best advantage of the societal networking page, it would be good to utilize the page for assorted undertakings. For illustration, non merely could it supply a client service platform, but it could besides offer a medium for advancing the service, and publicizing any offers. This could be achieved by offering promotional verifiers such as money off merchandises or free merchandises. This allows the concern to go thin, by maximizing productiveness, and using the resources available, by integrating a assortment of procedures, including client service and selling.

Finally, an of import recommendation, guaranting a thin concern attack, and the accomplishment of entire quality direction at Chef Hallam in Adsetts, is the sense of integrity that can be created within the concern. The acceptance of a societal networking medium will convey people together, as it allows people from assorted locations to come together to a individual point to show their positions. This sense of integrity may advance clients to portion their good experiences of the service with other clients on the site, instead than utilizing it as a topographic point to do ailments. This may besides use to the internal employees, whom with the application of the procedure internally, will make a ‘unified sense of intent among employees ‘ ( Dibb, Simkin, Pride and Ferrell, 2001, p731 ) .

5 Decision

In decision, it can be seen that the execution and installing of a societal networking platform as a method of supplying client service will let Chef Hallam in Adsetts to supply a higher quality service, and make a more thin concern attack.

By presenting this procedure, it will assist the concern addition an apprehension of the clients, and in bend, let them to supply a service which accommodates the demands and wants of the clients.

However, it may be argued that the new procedure will accomplish the same consequences as the current procedure. However, if the procedure is carried out efficaciously, I believe it will present valuable consequences for the service, making more value for the concern.

If the procedure is non executed efficaciously, it can take to a waste of resources. To guarantee full maximization of resources, staff must be trained suitably, and there must be a full apprehension of the procedure, and its purposes.

Overall, I believe it will be successful, and will let the concern to offer an up to day of the month concern medium, where users can happen information and interact with the concern with easiness. A societal networking page is easy to get, and is accessible for about everyone. As the chief mark market is immature pupils and lectors, it will be ideal to use such engineerings which are popular among such age groups. There is small hazard of following such a procedure, compared to the results that could be achieved. They are easy to keep, and if executed efficaciously, will present applaudable consequences, and let the concern to decrease any rival advantage.