The New Nepal: Path to Development and Success Essay

Nepal was declared Federal Democratic Republic state on 15th Jestha. 2065 B. S. After the mass motion II. the bossy monarchy has been removed from Nepal. The new construct of new Nepal is to split the state into different independent provinces with their ain power and to be controlled by the cardinal authorities. Everyone believes that this system will take Nepal towards the way of development and success. This division of province will promote decentalisation of power and installation. The power will be every bit divided to the province authorities.

By this. a province authorities can carry on needed development activities by utilizing the local resources and the budget distributed by the cardinal authorities. In the federal system. the local development activities will be more efficient. There will be equal and proportionate development. there will be equal and proportionate development. there will be healthy competition between the provinces. decentalisation of power will be practiced. and people will be more occupied and enthusiastic to take part in development activities if the state is divided in to several provinces.

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Peoples believe that New Nepal will run harmonizing to authorization of the mass motion II. All the wants demanded in the revolution will be fulfilled in New Nepal. Free instruction. free primary wellness services and many other aids will be provided by the authorities. Right to security of life. right to freedom. right towards ain individuality will be guaranteed in New Nepal. In New Nepal. people expect that all societal immoralities will be abolished. There would be no favoritism on the footing of sex. caste. faith. category. etc.

All people would be rights and installations. But. it has been 4 old ages that Nepal has been declared federal democratic republic state. and. boulder clay now the chief aim of the mass motion II to do the fundamental law. has non been fulfilled. Recently. the constitutional council has been dismissed. Due to assorted grounds. Nepal has non been able to set up federal system. Nepal has been undergoing a really critical political crisis. Leaderships don’t seem to be devoted for the state.

They are led by party carders and they speak merely for their ain favour. Corruptnesss. unstable authorities. monopoly for power. different political orientations of different political parties are some of the causes for the failure to set up federal system. In order to work out these jobs. we the citizen should take stairss every bit shortly as possible. More organisations like CIAA ( Commission for Investigation for Abuse of Authority ) should be established to get rid of corruptness.

Election should be held and we should take the right leaders for the smooth running of authorities. This will work out the job of unstable authorities and monopoly for power. Development of New Nepal is merely possible if there is constitution of federal system and political stableness in the state. The authorities should run harmonizing to the authorization of the Jana Andolan II. We. the citizen. should supercharge the authorities to work decently. The jobs like corruptness. unstable authorities. etc. must be solved every bit shortly as possible.