What Caused the Salem Witch Trials? Essay

Puritans believed that every word of the Bible was the true word of God and was to be followed to the really last missive. Since the Bible references the being of the Devil and enchantresss. the Puritans were cognizant and leery of misbehaviors and unexplained occurrences. Once the word of enchantresss tumbles from 1s lips. it spreads like a disease throughout the community. The Salem Witch Trials of 1692 was the result of multiple factors. These factors include jealousy over people. the feel of power/control. and the fright and/or anxiousness of their milieus and the menace of penalty. Jealousy provided fuel towards impeaching enchantresss by venting 1s emotions onto another. The accusers of the Salem Witch Trials were immature misss and one adult female. since the afflicted were so immature. their ain emotions clouded their judgement. For case. if one of the misss developed feelings for a married adult male. the miss would go covetous of the married woman. To be rid of the married woman. the miss would merely hold to impeach her of witchery.

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That could hold been the instance because as the bulk of the accused. 76 married adult females were accused of witchery out of 176 individual. married. and widowed ( Document 5 ) . The individual adult females accused could hold been associated with or have been friendly towards the individual of the accusers’ fondnesss. Additionally. because of the misss being immature and waxy. their parents could hold urged them to impeach people of the community or work forces of valuable goods/land. The few work forces indicated as enchantresss in the tests could hold been at the having terminal of a person’s green-eyed monster or greed ( Document 2 ) . The one adult female impeaching could hold condemned others from past grudges or past household differences. In the town of Salem. the immature misss were seen as unimportant. The older adult females of the community were in charge. and/or. had power over the misss. As ideas of enchantresss invaded the heads of Salem. they could hold been raising a manner to change by reversal the power between them and the older adult females.

Once the misss began impeaching those of witchery without penalty. they figured they could impeach the older adult females so they could be in charge. have power. “Thou shalt non endure a enchantress to populate. ” ( Document 1 ) . If the misss accused the older adult females of being enchantresss and bring downing injury unto them. the accused would be put to decease ; while the accuser would derive power. The girl’s Acts of the Apostless of torture could rock the community into believing the accused is a enchantress ( Document 7 ) . By the community believing them. and indulging their accusals. the misss hold the power of who shall populate or be put to decease ( Document 6 ) . This could hold made the misss feel important and gain attending from all. whereas before they were ignored. The accused may hold been the lone one supporting themselves against the accusals and spectral grounds. During the enchantress tests. there were really few who defended the enchantresss. therefore the misss words would be “on a pedestal” ( Document 9 ) .

Fear was an influential portion of the Salem Witch Trials. The words of New England’s prima curate. Cotton Mather. were revered and taken earnestly by the Puritans. “These evil liquors are all around…not merely the wigwams of Indians…but the houses of Christians… . ” ( Document 3 ) . this quotation mark stated by Cotton Mather struck fright into the Puritans ideas and made them cautious. By presenting the fright of immorality all about. the Puritans will go leery of neighbours and even household members. The anxiousness built within the grownups of Salem because of their fright of the Indian’s and the thought planted by Cotton Mather of being surrounded by evil liquors of Satans and enchantresss. Increasing anxiousness was besides constructing from within the misss. A West Indies slave. Tituba. would depict narratives of juju and learn the misss how to read their lucks. As the months wore on. the misss would execute unusual behaviours. It grew so sedate the misss would see “hysterical convulsive attacks” ( Document 8 ) .

Their anxiousness could hold built on the idea of juju and the image of charming endangering to overmaster them. During the tests. the fright of enchantresss escalated to the accused adult females being dreadfully mistreated. This intervention of the accused would include holding the adult females strip until they were naked to analyze them for devil markers ( Document 4 ) . Other mistreatments include being beaten until confession of being a enchantress and associating with the Satan. One attempt of a confession ended in decease for Giles Cory ; Giles was pressed to decease with rocks until he made a confession of being a enchantress.

James Davidson and Mark Lytle in After the Fact concluded that those afflicted were holding turns of craze or. their anxiousness reached high degrees due to the idea of a greater power harming them. While the afflicted were holding tantrums of craze. the informants would see them of being possessed. and their fright of enchantresss would do them demand for the name of the enchantress. The misss who would travel through these tantrums would state the name of whomever the informant references ; non desiring to be found out of discoursing juju and fortune-telling with Tituba. This fright of penalty could hold contributed to the start of the enchantress Hunt.