Waste Management Sector In Austria Management Essay

Saubermacher Diensleitungs AG is an Austrian company that operates in the waste direction sector in Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania and the Czech Republic. With central offices in Feldkirchen bei Graz Saubermacher Diensleitungs AG serves to about 1.600 municipalities and 40.000 clients in trade, commercialism and in industry. In 2011 the company employed in Austria and Central Europe 4.200 employees and generated amalgamate grosss of about 294 manganeses EUR ( www.saubermacher.at ) . Saubermacher Diensleitungs AG provides its services chiefly under the commercial name “ Saubermacher “ .

Saubermacher is non merely a innovator in waste disposal and waste direction, but the company besides has an active function in the consolidation procedure of the waste direction sector in the part. Saubermacher operates in a extremely competitory concern environment. Its ain developed extremely advanced engineering brings non merely cost advantages but besides concern chances, such as in the field of alternate energies. ( http: //www.boerse-express.com ) This is reflected among others due the fact that the Saubermacher Group consists of 75 to the full amalgamate subordinates ( 2011 ) with about 92 locations at place and abroad and a fleet of about 680 particular vehicles. Therefore the company is one of the top participants in the sector non merely in Austria, but besides in Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovenia.

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Saubermacher is strongly client and market-oriented and it activities are geared towards long-run partnerships. Saubermacher stands for high environmental and choice criterions every bit good as dependable waste disposal. It has obtained different international certifications like ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and it is certified as a specialized waste disposal company and the Austrian national coat of weaponries. Saubermacher invests continuously in human resources development and was recently awarded the internationally recognised quality criterion “ Investors in Peoples ” ( IIP ) certification ( www.saubermacher.at 2012 )

Its service portfolio is today instead broad and includes about the whole concatenation of waste disposal. Saubermacher services include roll uping, weighing, dividing and recycling of municipal, industrial and risky waste, sewer services, oil centrifuge care, environmental analyses, disposal of waste electrical equipment, event waste disposal, sewerage sludge recycling, route sweeping, industrial cleansing and intervention of risky waste.

Figure 14: Development of the Number of Employees Saubermacher Diensleitungs AG

Beginning: Saubermacher Diensleitungs AG ( www.saubermacher.at 2012 )

Figure 15: Employee turnover development Saubermacher ( mn EUR )

Beginning: Saubermacher Diensleitungs AG ( www.saubermacher.at 2012 )

Short history of first times Saubermacher!

In 1979 Hans Roth and his married woman Margaret Roth, co-founded the Roth Environmental Protection ( Roth Umweltschutz GmbH ) . Late, the company was renamed “ Saubermacher ” , and the first waste disposal contracts with East Styrian municipalities were signed. In the early 1980s Saubermacher expanded its operations in the South and Upper Styria countries and Lower Austria. With the first gas station disposal in Austria in 1984 and the debut of separate aggregation of infective medical waste in 1985, the company profiled itself as a waste disposal company. In 1985 the company introduced the first nomadic sludge imperativeness and sludge intervention works. Followed in 1986 by Austria ‘s first cloaca sanitation suction trucks and the debut of 3-ton system – the separation of waste stuffs into glass, paper and other waste – and its extension to Mureck BioPaG system ( separation of organic waste, paper and glass ) . In the late 1980s followed the first fluorescent lamp recycling. The debut of first 24-hour oil-emergency services telephone figure besides offered a nonstop service for oil accidents and attention for exigencies. Furthermore, the first icebox disposal was introduced in Austria. Soon after the autumn of communism, in the old ages 1990 to 1993, the subordinates Saubermacher Slovenia, Saubermacher Hungary and Saubermacher Czech Republic were founded. Saubermacher opened in 1991 in Graz, the first chemical and physical works for the intervention of risky wastes. As a spouse of the Consortium for Packaging Waste, Saubermacher contributed for the systematic aggregation packaging waste and from 1993 on the execution of the new Austrian Packaging Regulation. With the constitution of the “ Hartberger Saubermacher ” in 1992 it was established the first public-private partnership, in which municipalities work together with a in private held company in a jointly operated company. In the same twelvemonth, Saubermacher was the first waste direction company in Austria, to acquire the quality certification ISO 9002. With the acquisition of Altstoffrecycling Vienna and Rudolf Beck & A ; Sons Ltd. Saubermacher AG entered the Vienna market. In 2001 Saubermacher built in Kecskemet in Hungary together with the metropolis ‘s disposal one EU criterions landfill. After opening in 2002 a works for waste direction in Lenart Slovenia, in 2003 Saubermacher established the first international public-private partnership in Velenje in Slovenia.

In 2003 in southern Styria in Retznei, was established ThermoTeam a installation for production of alternate fuels, as a consequence of cooperation between companies Lafarge Perlmooser and Saubermacher. As portion of this cooperation the Lafarge Perlmooser uses the ThermoTeam merchandises for its cement workss, extinguishing the demand for average term usage of fossil fuels and therefore lending to climate protection. This undertaking was awarded the Environmental Prize of the Province of Styria. In 2004 Saubermacher opened the splitting composite in Vienna, which prepares industrial waste for recycling. With the acquisition of Rumpold in 2006, a company specialized in risky waste, Saubermacher became the largest company in the Austrian waste direction sector. Due to strong fluctuations in international stock markets a planned IPO in early 2008 has been postponed indefinitely. End of 2010 started operations the e-cycling-park in Unterpremstatten which is the first comprehensive intervention works for electrical equipment waste in the Alpe-Adria part. This works, a 4,5 million euro investing, can screen up to 85 % of the constituents of electrical equipment and fix them for a recycling Federal. The catchment country of this installation includes Austria, Western Hungary, Northern Italy and Slovenia with an one-year capacity of 15.000 dozenss.

In March 2011 Saubermacher inaugurated the new corporate central office the so called ECOPORT in Feldkirchen bei Graz. The ECOPORT, a really intelligent undertaking, is one of Austria ‘s rare office edifices with clime: active enfranchisement. A assortment of environmental and energy-saving building are incorporated, in order to guarantee lowest energy demand, high duty for resources and decreased CO2 emanations through sophisticated systems. ( Saubermacher Diensleitungs AG www.saubermacher.at 2012 )

Saubermacher in international markets

Saubermacher is presently runing in Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic and Romania.

Saubermacher was one of the innovator companies that decided to put in the ex-communist states in early 90 ‘ . It entered the Slovenian market in 1990 shortly after the autumn of communism. In 1992 entered Hungary, in 1993 entered Croatia and Czech Republic, followed by Albania in 1995. Later followed the market entries in Romania and Bulgaria.

Further enlargement in the part is of class portion of the long term international scheme of Saubermacher. No-go markets are presently Russia, China, and India.

Saubermacher benefits straight from the overall development of waste direction, particularly from the new tendencies on stronger waste readying for reuse and stronger waste recycling accentuated by the EU statute law. These tendencies are being transmitted to boot to Central- Eastern and South-Eastern Europe that has a batch to catch up with in the waste industry. Waste direction development in Central and Eastern Europe is of peculiar importance for the private waste direction in Austria. The accelerated development of these growing markets in the part and their possible are of import kineticss that contribute to the execution of Saubermacher growing scheme.

Saubermacher major pattern to spread out operations recently was through acquisitions and organic growing in order to quickly derive market portion.

However, the unexpected backdown from the Croatian market, for the 2nd clip in May 2012, might hold slowed down the bing enlargement aspirations. And it will impact the international scheme of Saubermacher, for at least the following 3 old ages.

Presently in Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Hungary, Saubermacher is really significantly represented. These three states contribute to 1/3 of the entire turnover of the company. Together with Austrian operations these states compose the nucleus market of the company at nowadays. It is believed that the current focal point will be to increase market portion and concentrate on sustainable invention and growing in the bing markets. The energy sector in Europe is really ambitious. As CEO, Hans Roth says “ our response to the deficit of energy resources is: – Waste is the energy of the hereafter ”

Figure 16: Saubermacher presence in CEE

Beginning: Saubermacher Diensleitungs AG ( www.saubermacher.at 2012 )

Two Business paradigms

Saubermacher enters a market merely when its services are desired and when constructing long-run relationship seems possible. Saubermacher offers two international concern theoretical accounts: 1 ) private 2 ) PPP ( public-private partnerships )

1. The municipality gives the grant to Saubermacher to roll up the waste and at the same clip issues a waste direction ordinance. Waste fees are collected by the company, straight from the clients.

2. Larger metropoliss want to hold more influence in the whole procedure therefore Saubermacher offers the public-private partnership theoretical accounts. These theoretical accounts are practiced non merely in Austria but besides in neighboring Cardinal European states. The municipalities are so involved in the waste company direction and operations and have an immediate impact. The 2nd theoretical account seems to be working better. First, because it is a win-win state of affairs for both parties and secondly, it reduces troubles coming as a consequence of political alterations. For illustration in a metropolis in southern Hungary where Saubermacher was runing, in 15 old ages five city managers were changed.

5.3.2. The 4-stage concern theoretical account for international markets

Saubermacher has developed a 4-phase theoretical account for internationalization in the passage economic systems. This theoretical account has been successfully used since 1991 in the first international activities in Slovenia every bit good as in 2010 in Bulgaria.

In stage 1, the simple urban waste aggregation is reorganized. Each family receives standardised containers. The landfill is grossly improved, at least so that it no longer Burnss.

In stage 2, the landfill should be improved in order to carry through EU criterions, with insularity and degassing.

Phase 3 presumes the creative activity of separate aggregation abilities for glass or paper.

And in stage 4, the Western European criterion is reached, where waste is non landfilled any longer, but is treated as a stuff of energy recovery.

Harmonizing to Saubermacher CEO Hans Roth every state should travel through these four phases and none of the stages can be skipped. For illustration, it does n’t do sense to get down at stage four in a state that does n’t hold yet landfills but merely waste dumping sites. The investing should be suited to the economic environment every bit good.

International market issues of Saubermacher – ” Et tu Brute? ”

Saubermacher has collected some experience of market issue. It did go out the Croatian market for the first clip in 2004, it re-entered Croatia in 2011 and exited for the 2nd clip in 2012. Saubermacher, with huge optimism acquired in 2011 60 % of EKO-FLOR PLUS d.o.o, the largest Croatian in private waste disposal company with offices and operations in Serbia and Macedonia. In less than a twelvemonth the acquisition was rescinded with tolerable loss, harmonizing CEO Roth ( Wirtschaftsblatt March 1st 2012 ) . Because the issue from Croatia most of the related information is treated confidential. From the publically available information, chiefly from the imperativeness, one can understand that is was rather a painful and expensive issue.

Saubermacher exited from Albania in 2002 and from Bulgaria in 2010. Both provoked by unfavorable concern environment, highlighted with unjust competition in connexion with corruptness.

Hungary might be the following one.The Magyar authorities through a new jurisprudence wants to convey waste direction into the custodies of the province. Saubermacher, that has been active in Hungary for the past 20 old ages, is frightened for its concern in Hungary. ( www.steiermark.orf.at 02.01.2012 )

Its girl company TERRA Umwelttechnik GmbH, which is known as the cutting border know-how entity in environmental engineering of Saubermacher Dienstleistungs AG, divested the North Africa markets Tunisia and Libya in 2011 as a consequence of the Arab spring. In July 2012, TERRA Umwelttechnik GmbH, after 6 old ages of operations had to retreat from the Rumanian Market. TERRA Umwelttechnik GmbH is specialized in hydrocarbon related bar and redress environmental services. The company was executing good in Romania. The significant dropping of monetary values in the Rumanian market threatened its fight. In order to remain profitable in the market section the company had to do sensible investings. Saubermacher Dienstleistungs AG as the major stockholder did non O.K. these investings and accordingly the market issue followed.

All these issues occurred for different grounds and they are non similar in any circumstance. The lone similarity is done for cost.

At the terminal of 2011 the international ends of Saubermacher were really clear: Expand, near the geographical spread, gaining control chances and emerging market growing in South East Europe. The issue of Saubermacher from the Croatian market will definitively impact its international scheme for the following period. We will hold to wait and see.

Harmonizing to Saubermacher executives, Saubermacher does n’t hold an issue scheme. Saubermacher executives emphasise that they do n’t desire to come in a new market, if from get downing on, they have to take into history an issue scheme. Additionally and basically they province that non in every state, a standardized issue scheme could be implemented.