What makes a good school? Essay

There are legion factors that go into make up one’s minding what makes a school good. including the staffing of the school. the country of which the school is in. and the sum of money that the school has available to it. It is possible that two people noticing on the same school could hold contradictory positions on whether or non that school is good. Everyone’s high school experience is at least somewhat different from everybody else’s. which causes these differences in sentiments in what makes a school good. The point of view of which that individual views a school besides affects how they view the school. For illustration. a individual judging a school for the Department of Education for New York State might look at a school otherwise than a parent of a pupil at that school. Often times a school is said to be good or bad based on statistics. such as trial tonss. graduation rates. or college attending. Although there will be differences. there is normally a big bulk that decides one manner or the other. when it comes to finding if a school is good or bad.

The two chief factors in finding a school’s “value” are staffing. which includes instructors and disposal. and support. It is really of import to hold extremely qualified instructors learning pupils. How can pupils be expected to larn what the course of study calls for them to larn. when the instructors themselves need an instruction in what they are learning. Such was the instance for Jacob. an African American junior from the South Bronx of New York City. In the missive. “Postcards from America. ” from Letterss to the Next President. Jacob says. “I’d like a instructor who truly knows math and knows how to learn it.

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All through high school. I don’t think I of all time had a instructor truly qualified in math. When I heard there was a Math Regents trial. I knew I wasn’t prepared. So I left. No Diploma. ” This is a really sad instance because the failure of his instructors in non cognizing the stuff they were learning caused him to drop out of high school and give up a opportunity for a much better life that graduating from high school and perchance traveling on to college would hold caused. A good school will hold extremely educated and qualified instructors. who enjoy what they are making. and want to see their pupils win. The fact that some schools don’t offer this leads to another possible job in schools.

One of the first things that needs to be looked at when instructors are found to be making an unequal occupation of learning their pupils is to look at the school’s disposal. They are the 1s responsible for engaging the instructors. and besides for doing certain that the instructors are qualified for the places that they are placed into to learn. At my former high school. there was one peculiar natural philosophies instructor who did a awful occupation when it came to learning his pupils. This peculiar instructor besides worked as an applied scientist and would come into school and alternatively of learning the category about natural philosophies. would either hold the pupils do paper work for him that related to his technology occupation or would direct the pupils to the library for meaningless assignments.

It is the administration’s mistake for engaging this natural philosophy instructor and for leting him to make a bad educational experience for his pupils. However. as a good disposal should make. once the job became apparent. they dealt with it fleetly and forcibly. The job was brought up to the school board. and the natural philosophies instructor was denied his term of office. efficaciously stoping his occupation as a instructor at the school. This incident merely goes to demo that for a school to be considered good. the disposal has to do certain that the instructors it hires are good instructors. and that they besides need to maintain check on those instructors one time they are hired. An disposal can non be afraid to take action. when action is necessary.

Teachers and disposal are besides really of import when it comes to the clime of the school. They are responsible for doing certain that the school is a safe topographic point for pupils to larn. Another missive from Letterss to the Next President. entitled “Why We Need Public Education. ” by John Goodlad. provinces that one of the most of import outlooks that parents have about school is that their kids will be safe while they attend. It is the duty of the instructors and disposal of the school to do certain equal regulations are in topographic point and that pupils follow these regulations to guarantee their safety. These regulations have to be enforced reasonably. though. and non be more indulgent for some pupils and stricter for others based on race. ethnicity. or for any other similar ground. Although support. which will be discussed more in deepness subsequently. sometimes makes it hard. instructors and particularly disposal needs to do certain that the school is good maintained and is clean. every bit good.

One illustration of an disposal neglecting to make this. although it likely has more to make with deficiency of support. comes once more from the missive. “Postcards from America. ” where Sarafina. the girl of migratory workers in California. attends school at a school where there are “no seats on the lavatory and non adequate paper in the bathroom to clean yourself. ” Sometimes. it is merely the little things like this that can do a school to be considered good or bad. although this school most likely had many other jobs to travel along with the deficiency of seats on the lavatories and deficiency of lavatory paper. As stated before. this exact illustration is likely better suited to demo a deficiency of support. which is besides a really of import factor in finding the value of a school.

Funding for schools might be the individual most of import factor when it comes right down to it. Very seldom would a individual happen a ill funded school that could be considered a good school. The sum of resources a school has affects many different facets of a pupils instruction. The ground support could be considered more of import than instructors and disposal is because funding frequently determines the quality of instructors and disposal a school has. A school with a batch of money can afford the really best instructors to educate the pupils. In subdivisions of New York metropolis where support for schools is really low. a individual can go a instructor with small or no preparation.

A individual would ne’er see this in the suburbs. where resources are much higher for schools. Teachers that are hired by these schools are most frequently education big leagues coming out of college that have had much experience in instruction related categories. Once once more. the missive “Postcards of America. ” provide us with cogent evidence of the differences in support that schools receive. Ashley St. Pierre. from the Bronx. New York. writes. “I merely learned that schools in the suburbs receive something like $ 16. 000 per pupil. compared to our $ 8. 000 per pupil. ” This merely goes to turn out that a school having half as much money as a opposite number can in no manner afford the best instructors available.

Another facet of support. is supplying the necessary tools for pupils to larn. These can be every bit simple as pens and pencils. paper. and equal text editions. or more technologically beforehand things such as computing machines. microscopes. and equal technological installations for scientific discipline categories. It is a fact that in today’s universe. pupils must larn to utilize computing machines and be comfy with utilizing them. A good school has the support to supply pupils with computing machines at school and besides the resources to assist pupils larn how to utilize them. At a ill funded school. if they are lucky plenty to hold computing machines. they are normally old and non abundant. Such is the instance of Derrick Attakai who attends school at Little Singer Community School. located in northeasterly Arizona in the Navaho Nation.

In the missive “Broken Roads and the Great Mother Earth. ” from Letterss to the Next President. Derrick provinces that when given a research undertaking pupils have to wait at that place turn at a computing machine in order to make their research due to the limited sum of computing machines the school has. His school besides uses old text editions that are falling apart. He besides says that the deficiency of certain tools like microscopes causes the instructors to non be able to assist the pupils out every bit much as they would wish to. A good school should hold plenty good computing machines to let the pupils to make research and larn how to utilize the computing machines efficaciously and expeditiously. without holding to stand in line for them.

Another country of instruction that funding affects is the course of study itself and the after school course of study. with things such as nines and athleticss. A good school should hold a broad assortment of classs that it can offer. every bit good as different degrees that those classs can be taken at. Awards classs and AP classs are a must to dispute those pupils who may happen regular degree categories tiring and unchallenging. A good school must besides let for those pupils who may fall behind their equals. and need particular attending in the signifier of inclusion categories and particular instruction categories. Good support besides allows for a broad assortment of electives to be available. which help to maintain the pupils interested in school by leting them to take categories that involvement them. At my former high school. legion AP and awards classs were offered. which I participated in.

These categories allowed me to non merely spread out my cognition and expression at things from a different position. but they besides gave me the chance to acquire a head start on college. with college credits being “made available. ” depending on how good you do in the category. After school nines and athleticss are besides really of import in a student’s educational experience. Without support. nevertheless. merely certain athleticss can be offered. if any at all. The wrestle squad at my former high school had many participants. but due to a deficiency of support there is talk that it could be cut in order to salvage money. The same can be said about nines. where pupils get a opportunity to spread out their boundaries and find things they are interested in. It takes money to run these nines and after school activities in order to maintain them free. and when there is a deficiency of support. these activities are many times the first to travel.

One common subject that I found upon reading Letterss to the Next President. and A Letter to Teachers. was that there are many people out there who think that a common feature of a good school is that a good school Teachs pupils about the civic responsibilities that go along with being an American. These include things like vote and being good citizens. One illustration of this from Letters to the Next President was in U. S. Senator John Glenn’s and Leslie F Hergert’s missive entitled. “The Civic Mission of Schools. ” where they say schools should. “Lift up the civic intent of instruction and the of import function schools play in developing citizenship. cognition. and accomplishments. ” Vito Perrone besides mentions a similar thought in A Letter to Teachers. where he states that “there is an on-going concern in American society about low degrees of active citizenship in communities and limited turnouts in elections. ” A good school should embrace all this. and help pupils to go better citizens and better Americans.

I believe that the best justice of a good school is those who are most straight affected by that peculiar school. which would be the pupils. Unfortunately. pupils don’t truly acquire excessively much say in this. I would hold to state that the following best decider on whether a school is good or non would hold to be the parents because they can outdo justice how good their children’s’ educational experience is coming along. If the parents are actively involved in their children’s’ instruction they should be able to look past tonss and classs and see what sort of instruction the pupils are really acquiring. The other deciders. I feel. look excessively much at trial tonss. for illustration. New York State and college admittance offices. These deciders take a expression at specific trials which can be considered colored and unjust. and non the overall educational experience that pupils receive. There is much more to a quality instruction and a good school than trial tonss.

In decision. there are many things that go into finding what makes a good school. Not all schools out at that place can run into all the demands I have laid out. but there are some. The fact of the affair is that it all comes down to the sum of funding a school receives. A individual would be hard pressed to happen a good school in the interior metropolis. where school may merely have a few thousand dollars per pupil. In suburban countries. where pupil outgos are in surplus of 10 to fifteen thousand dollars. a individual could happen legion schools that could measure up as good schools. Teachers and disposal are besides an of import portion of a good school. and there isn’t a school out at that place that could be considered good that doesn’t have extremely qualified and educated instructors. The sad fact is that there are many more bad schools and far fewer good schools in this state than there should be. and this needs to be fixed.