The Marketing Department Of Tokaji China Ltd Marketing Essay

Tokaji vino comes from the Region Tokaj in Hungary. Its history can be dated back to 1500. Similar to other high quality vinos, Tokaji is made by grapes that are affected by baronial putrefaction and they are called Aszu. These Aszu will be put into the traditional ‘puttony ‘ for farther agitation. The more ‘puttony is being used for doing one vino ; the higher quality and sweeter the vino is traveling to be. Normally, the figure of ‘puttony ‘ is between the scopes from 3 to 6. Tokaji vino with 6 puttony is really high quality and particular and of class expensive, but usually 5 puttony vinos are the most common 1s in the market.

Topographic point

First, the company plans to open put up retail shops in larger metropoliss of China. The head-quarter will be in Shanghai and later, shops will open in Beijing, Tianjing, Shanghai, Shenzheng and Hong Kong. There are several grounds that these metropoliss are being considered as a start. First, these are big, international metropoliss in China with important figure of population. Second, all the five metropoliss are near to sea port, which will do the transit much easier, as the company will utilize sea transit. Last, the citizens here are with high income and populating criterion.

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The company will utilize three methods to advance its merchandise. First of all we will utilize different ways of advertizement and we are be aftering to publicize on Television, hoardings, in manner and nutrient magazines. Then, we are traveling to put up different gross revenues points in crowded streets, supermarkets and promenades for people to liberate trying the Tokaji vino and they can purchase the vino at the musca volitanss. Last, during our publicity period, that is traveling to be the first month, any client who purchases a bottle of Tokaji vino from any of our shops, gross revenues points will acquire a free vino glass as a gift and besides can win a award, which will be two airplane tickets to Hungary with full catering. Last but non least, we will hold our ain designed web site ( ) , where clients can acquire to cognize about our company and merchandises in a more convenient manner.

Monetary value

The monetary value for Tokaji vino varies harmonizing to its age and quality. It will run from 60 RMB to 300 RMB, which is equal to about 6 euro to 30 euro. The monetary value is based on the market research on wine monetary value in Chinese market and in add-on, it is decided harmonizing to quality and wine age. For publicity intent, even though, we are retail shops, if clients wish to purchase Tokaji in big qualities, the company will be able to supply particular offers on the monetary value.

Targeting Group

In our advertisement run, in general, the aiming group is people above 18. However, to be more precise, our chief, concentrating aiming groups is the people in in-between and high categories. Basically, our aiming objects are middle-aged people with stable, good income and instruction background. As they have stable occupation and payment, they will hold the ability to buy, and furthermore, as Tokaji vino is a comparatively new merchandise in China, people with cognition, will be more easy to convert that Tokaji vinos is merely every bit good as for illustration a Gallic vino and we offer them at much better monetary values.


The selling program is prepared on order to fulfill the Chinese market and its consumers. We can see that, the Chinese vino market has demand and the supply is far from adequate. In order to suppress the Chinese market successfully, we used marketing 4 Ps to research it. Every Phosphorus is worked out really exactly. First P, the program talks about the existent merchandise in comparatively inside informations. Second P, the assorted retail shop locations are being selected with a batch of consideration and great attention. Then the 3rd P, the different ways to advance, advertise, to do as many people as possible to acquire to cognize about our merchandise and in conclusion, the 4th P, we fixed the monetary value within the acceptable monetary value scope to the clients.


We strongly believe that our selling program will be successful and so does our concern. The company sees the Chinese market as with high potencies and tonss chances. Furthermore, in recent old ages, it becomes a high tendency to come in the Chinese market, more and more international houses move to China. We are really positive about the company ‘s determination to come in the Chinese market and it will convey prosperity to the company.