Viscosity Science Lab Essay


To find of altering the viscousness will impact the clip it takes for a marble to flux through a liquid.

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If a marble is dropped into dish soap and maize sirup. than I predict that the marble in the dish soap will go faster than the marble in the maize sirup because I know that the viscousness of the maize sirup is thicker than so the viscousness of the dish soap. Besides. the atoms in the maize sirup are more compact than those in the dish soap. This makes the marble sink faster in the dish soap than the maize sirup.

* 2 indistinguishable marbles
* 250 Graduated Cylinders of 250mL
* 250mL of dish soap
* 250mL of maize sirup
* 1 timer/stopwatch


1. Drop one marble in the calibrated cylinder of maize sirup and get down clocking
2. Continue clocking until the marble hits to the underside and halt the timer
3. Record the clip consequence in the qualitative chart
4. Record all observations in the quantitative chart
5. Repeat all stairss from 1-4 fir the calibrated cylinder of the dish soap
6. Clean up the work country


Qualitative Observations

Dish Soap| Corn Syrup|

* Green * Quick * Pungent * Bubbles * Translucent * Level rose * Bright * Not Viscous| * Level Rose * Very Slow * Bubbles * Translucent * Pungent * Viscous * Muted * Dark|

Quantitative Observations:
Dish Soap| Corn Syrup|
7. 24 seconds| 87. 25 seconds|


See graph attached at the terminal of this lab.


Yes. my hypothesis was right. I discovered that a marble travels about 7 seconds in 250mL of dish soap and about 87 seconds in maize sirup. Besides. I found that the maize sirup is more syrupy than the dish soap which is what caused the slow and fast sinking. This consequence occurred because the atoms in the maize sirup are much larger than normal atoms. These big atoms within the maize sirups take up more infinite. Since the atoms take up so much infinite. they tend to barricade each other and non allow them go through through. It is really hard for big atoms to travel by each other unlike little. bantam atoms. like those in the dish soap.

The atoms in the dish soap are really little and can travel more freely and rapidly. In the dish soap. the atoms are really little and can travel by each other easy when compared to the atoms in the maize sirup. Another ground besides contributed to the consequence of this experiment. Attraction. Some types of atoms tend to pull more than others and that is precisely what happened in the maize sirup.

The atoms in the maize sirup attracted more than the dish soap. The big atoms in the maize syrup held tightly to each other. that when the marble fell in that it made it difficult for the marble to go through through more than one atom at a clip. IN the dish soap. the atoms did non pull every bit much as the maize sirup which let the marble move easy and rapidly through the liquid. The strength of attractive force every bit good as the atom size is of import in finding a fluid’s viscousness.


This viscousness experiment can be used in real-life when doing sun-tan lotion every bit good as other decorative merchandises. It is of import for the lotion to be syrupy because the lotion could non be applied and spread around the organic structure if the pick was non syrupy plenty to accommodate its usage. It would drip all over you! It wouldn’t dry or remain in one topographic point. Many well-known concerns hire extremely educated scientists to cipher the right viscousness degree and if it is non right cipher would purchase the merchandise.

Peoples who one time thought extremely of the merchandise would believe that it has gone bad and useless. Net incomes would travel down for the concern and since cipher would by it. the concern would hold to be shut down. Many occupations would be lost and many concerns would hold to be shut down. Occupation from the mill. the conveyance services. the sellers. and the retail shops would be lost and many people left with nil but a pension. Viscosity is seen all around the universe and it is really of import for the measuring of viscousness to be pin-point and accurate.