The Managing Information System Marketing Essay

Different companies have different sorts of concern maps. Depending on the activity of organisation, map may change. Business map can be said as specialised undertakings performed by concern organisation, consist of gross revenues and selling, fabrication and production, finance and accounting and human resources.

Selling and gross revenues:

One of the of import concern maps is marketing. The selling is the accomplishment of corporate ends through meeting and transcending client demands better than the competition ( middleman, 2006 ) . However, Hooley et Al. ( 1990 ) recommended that the selling is the procedure instead than a doctrine. In simple term selling can be said as run intoing the demand and wants of clients. Without including the selling map, concern ca n’t be run efficaciously. It is all about understanding the client and happening the ways to supply merchandises or service which client demand. A sale is the narrow signifier of selling. It can be said as the act of selling a merchandise or service in return for money or compensation ( dictionary, 2007 ) . It is unpointed holding a good merchandise or services, if there are no gross revenues. Due to which many concerns have included gross revenues in their nonsubjective and purpose.

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Research and development:

Another nucleus concern map of an organisation is Research and development ( R & A ; D ) . it is of import concern map of chiefly fabricating companies. The chief undertaking of R & A ; D is to upgrade and contrive new merchandises. It can besides be said as carry throughing the demand of goods and services that meet the demands of tomorrow ‘s client. Larger companies invest about one ten percent of their budgets on R & A ; D and whose most likely part is to the development of new merchandises and a possible pay-off in the distant hereafter.


Finance is regarded as one of the of import concern map. It is a life-blood of the concern unit. This map helps for effectual planning, procurance and use of the financess of the concern. The caput of finance section estimates the entire fiscal demand, investing of financess in short footings or long footings, finding the capital and beginning of raising capital.


Accounting is another of import concern map. The American Accounting Association define accounting as “ The procedure of identifying, mensurating and pass oning economic information to license informed judgements and determinations by users of the information. “ it is the map of concern that gather information and information from all the different facet of concern. Accounting information is communicated utilizing “ fiscal statements ” . Amongst assorted concern map accounting is most frequently the one map that falls to the underside of list. Many unprofitable determinations are made, without proper counsel.

Pull offing Information System ( MIS ) :

Pull offing information system is the new signifier of concern map. It can be said as an organized attack for the survey of the information demands of an organisation ‘s at every degree in marketing operational, tactical, and strategic determinations. Since it is the modern signifier, computerized systems is used to garner relevant informations, both from interior and exterior of an organisation. After, information is gathered, it is processed, integrated and stored in a centralised database. Data is invariably updated and made available to all who have the authorization to entree it, harmonizing to their demand.

Human resource:

Human resource is the anchor of an organisation. It is one of the concern administrative map responsible for happening, hiring, managing and retaining employee, along with guaranting the right employee in right figure, are deployed to accomplish concern end. The chief map of human resource is to enroll new employees and form them so that they can supply the company what it needs to run into its aims ( Stimpson, 2002 ) . It is a common map exists in every concern regardless of size, industry or geographic location.

Customer service plays a critical function in retaining client. it provides support services to clients after the purchase of the goods or service. Besides, it provides guarantees support along with installing supports.

1.2.1 Market overview

Gross saless and selling is most of import for cell phone Company in Kathmandu. Nepal is a underdeveloped state along with turning market. Global information shows that GDP of Nepal have increased over past decennaries, therefore heightening populating stander. Nowadays more people are able to purchase luxury merchandises chiefly cell phones. There is 1000000s of nomadic user in Nepal. Harmonizing to Nepal Telecommunication Authority ( NTA ) there were 8.3 million nomadic subscribe on grand 2010. More recent figures ( NTA,2012 ) put the figure of endorsers ( fixed and radio ) at 16.979 million people, a humongous 63.76 % of Nepal ‘s population. Amongst the metropoliss, Kathmandu has the largest portion of nomadic endorser. This grounds shows that usage of nomadic phone have increase enormously. Various nomadic companies like Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, Sony ericssion, along with Indian and Chinese trade names have expanded its market.

1.2.2 Nokia and its selling scheme

Nokia is one of the biggest nomadic phone marketer in Nepal accounting 45 per centum of the entire gross revenues ( HNS,2012 ) . It have strong trade name keeping in entry-level and average scope cell phone. Although it do n’t hold fabrication works in Nepal, but it have authorized trader to administer merchandises. Neoteric ( Nepal ) Pvt Ltd is the lone authorised trader of Nokia mobile phone ‘s in Kathmandu. Harmonizing to the neoteric Nepal, Kathmandu has the highest portion of nokia phones gross revenues. Although Nokia is figure one Mobile phone marketer in Kathmandu, other planetary rivals like Samsung, sony, Motorola etc are giving though challenge to it. Nokia is still the male monarch of inexpensive and medium cost nomadic market. But now due to the increase of GDP and populating stander of people, they are able to purchase expensive merchandises. In recent old ages with the debut of smartphone in Kathmandu, nokia is non able to vie with the likes of Samsung and HTC. So maintaining all thing in the consideration, nucleus concern of nokia should be Marketing and gross revenues.

Kathmandu has turning market amongst the metropoliss in Nepal. presently premium purchasers of these phones are the young persons. Young persons are ever seeking for a new phone that are stylist and lasting along with recognizable trade names. For the following few old ages the supply of phones, chiefly stylist smartphone will be considered necessity. So, maintaining all things in the consideration, Nokia should accommodate to the effectual market scheme. Selling helps to advance products.Since selling is the nucleus concern map for a cell phone company like Nokia, it should lunch varity of merchandises from high tech Mobiles to low tech Mobile phone so that client have options to take from the bill of fare. In order to heighten the trade name name along with the client trust, nokia have besides conducted assorted types of advanced selling in Nepal for illustration giving heavy price reductions during festival occasation, publicizing in most popular plans in Nepal, carry oning concerts, consciousness plans, patronizing assorted recreational activity etc. Along with selling nokia is besides able to give the after gross revenues services to its clients within the guarantee period that have enhanced to develop the positive images.

Hence, a cell phone company should give the first precedence to the gross revenues and selling section. This will heighten to make positive image of the merchandise, and increase the client trust and trueness.

2. Ideally all stakeholders should be dealt every bit but in world some are more of import or influential so others so their influence is likely to be greater in the organisation. Analyze the statement with valid illustration.

In an organisation, shareholders play an of import function. Stakeholder is a individual who has something to derive or lose through the results of a planning procedure, programmed or undertaking ( Dialogue by Design 2008 ) . Stakeholder Analysis is a technique used to place and measure the influence and importance of cardinal people, groups of people, or organisations that may significantly impact the success of your activity or undertaking ( Friedman and Miles 2006 ) . They have direct or indirect influence on concern activity of an organisation. Ideally they should be dealt every bit, but in world some are more of import or influential than others. Superior stakeholder satisfaction is critical for the success of companies in a hypercompetitive environment ( D’Aveni, 1994 ) .

There are different sorts of stakeholders in an organisation. Some stakeholder can be within an organisation and some are outside of organisation. Those stakeholders influence the concern activity of an organisation. Internal shareholders are single, group of persons or organisation who are straight involved in the personal businesss and minutess of the concern ( missCPA, 2000 ) . It includes shareholders or proprietors, employees, directors etc. they are situated within the company and impact the daily activity of the organisation. Whereas external stakeholders are those persons who are non straight related to the organisation but can act upon the activity of the house through assorted agencies. These stakeholders include rivals, authorities, force per unit area group, local councils etc. Porter ( 1980 ) documented the important of these ( client, employees and suppliers/distributers ) stakeholder group when he formulated his “ Five Forces ” signifier of competition, that include the bargaining power of client and providers. But he failed to include shareholders as stakeholder. Stockholders are amongst the most of import stakeholders in an organisation. Largely, relationship between shareholder and organisation is dynamic. It is so because shareholders can easy purchase and sell stock of an organisation.

Stakeholder activity affects the concern activity. It is so because all stakeholders can forgivably anticipate that the corporations will attempt to fulfill their peculiar demands. Beside, investors or stockholder provides endeavor with fund and in exchange expect suited return in their investing. Employee within organisation provide their accomplishments, cognition and labour, in return they expect equal income, reorganisation and occupation satisfaction. Consumer wants choice merchandise and providers seeks trusty purchasers. Government wants organisation to follow set regulations and ordinance. Labor brotherhood wants part of net income for their members who have contributed to the company, while rivals seek just competition. Local companies expect companies to be more responsible citizens and seek quality life as a consequence of company ‘s continuance. As a consequence we can deduce, that every stakeholders have their ain demands and equal influence in an organisation.

Every stakeholder has influence harmonizing to their function over an organisation. In order to pull off them effectual stakeholder direction should be applied. Harmonizing to the Freeman stakeholder direction is about analysing to what extent an organisation has developed its Stakeholder Management Capability ( SMC ) . The impression of “ paying attending to identify stakeholder relationships ” ( Freeman, 1999 ) is and has been a major subject in the strategic direction literature. When explicating programs and policies, suggestion from stakeholders should be taken. ‘ At this highest degree of SMC the direction must take the enterprise in run intoing stakeholders face to face and trying to be antiphonal to their demands ‘ ( Hannagan,2002 ) . Although stakeholders have equal sum of influence, some stakeholder holder are primary to the organisation. Clarkson ( 1995 ) define primary stakeholders ( stockholders or proprietors, employees, clients, and providers, every bit good as authorities and communities ) as those “ without whose go oning engagement, the corporation can non last as a traveling concern, ” and proposed that these relationship are characterized by common mutuality. If stakeholders are unsated with organisation, they will merely retreat their support. Besides, shareholders can sell their portions, employee may revolt and go forth occupation and client may take rivals merchandise. Equally good as providers may happen the possible trustworthy purchaser whereas authorities can take appropriate action and put the company in test. Relation with the trade brotherhood may be troublesome as a consequence of difference between labours, therefore ensuing on competition due to unjust competition. Each above reference reactions leads to disaster and make serious impact on the organisation. Due to these grounds every member of stakeholders should be treated every bit along with primary stakeholders.

In my position, most influential stakeholders in an organisation are investors, employee and clients. In order to organize a net income motor organisation, investors invest to acquire just return of money. Without them there wo n’t be organisation. The best manner to fulfill them is to spread out and increase the client trust and trueness. If company ca n’t take attention of its investors, so either they are making inappropriate concern or nearing to the incorrect client. Besides, employee satisfaction is critical for success of concern. Without their trust company ca n’t run. For illustration: Surya Nepal was one of the taking fabric industries of Nepal with approximative investing of RS 7 million. It was the major revenue enhancement remunerator with the authorities of Nepal ( about Rs 300 million ) . After the execution of “ no work no wage ” proviso by the direction authorization, common trust between employee and direction was shattered. Employee did n’t hold with the “ no work no wage ” treaty, which leads to the continuity of statement and counter statement. On June 14, the state of affairs worsened when mill workers, under backup of major trade brotherhood, locked up functionaries of the direction ( Ghimiri, 2011 ) without nutrient and H2O supply for more than 24 hours ( Lee, 2011 ) . Finally, Surya Nepal was for good closed down on August 18, 2011. The major cause of closer of Surya Nepal was the labour brotherhood ( associated with major political party ) and there cold behaviour ( Nagarik, March 6 ) . So, common trust and harmoniousness between employee and direction needed to run concern.

Building and retaining client and employee is one of the hard occupations. Success of a company lies in the custodies of clients. They have concluding authorization to make up one’s mind, whether to accept or to reject merchandise.

Therefore, every stakeholder has roles in an organisation. By equilibrating the influence of primary and secondary stakeholder, concern activity can be run successfully.

3. You are the marketing officer of a cocoa company ; analyze the environment of your state to accomplish the set ends and aims of your state.

Frequently different sort of challenges occurs for the selling officer. In order to mange those challenges, selling officer should develop appropriate scheme. However, due to environment of the states it is hard to pull off those challenges. The intent of this assignment is to offer some practical suggestion that an organisation can use.

As a marketing officer of a Cadbury cocoa company, strong determination should be taken to accomplish set ends and nonsubjective. In order to make so effectual PEST analysis should be conducted. PEST analysis is one of the best tools for developing concern scheme. It evaluates and analysis the external environment of the house on the footing of factors like political, economical, socio-cultural and technological. It works as an effectual tool for be aftering procedure which includes organisational planning, strategic planning and most significantly in research and development study. Besides it helps to cognize about world of new environment and assorted new selling characteristics which aid to perforate market with effectual scheme. PEST analysis are four factors harmonizing to which Cadbury can analyse the environment of a state to accomplish set ends and aims. The item analysis of Cadbury with regard to the state ( Nepal ) is explained below:

Political: Political instability has become one of the specifying characteristics of Nepal. After the debut of democracy in 1990 AD, Nepal had 20 authoritiess. Nepal has ended the 10 twelvemonth force but it is still confronting aftershocks. Mostly industries are affected by it. There is dismaying instances of slaying, kidnap of concern individuals etc. trade brotherhood tie ining with the political partied have hampered the concern activity. Change in authorities has straight affected company ‘s policy. Besides, if authorities revenue enhancement additions, production cost additions taking to decrement in net income. However if revenue enhancements lessenings, it probably that client will purchase more.

Economic: Global information shows that GDP of Nepal have increased somewhat over the past decennaries. Economic activity has increased all over the state. Although economic activity has increased, rising prices has besides increased. It has affected the cost of stuffs, impacting company ‘s profitableness. Unemployment rate is higher in Nepal, it means people will hold less money to pass on luxury goods like cocoa, impacting gross revenues. Since, the company do n’t hold production section in state, so it have to import from its international subdivision increasing cost. Besides change in exchange rate affects the cost of Cadbury.

Sociable: Population of state has increased along with the demands of cocoa. More figure of people ‘s, specially kids ‘s and adolescents are progressively attracted towards cocoa. Demands of cocoa have increased over the old ages. During festivals like Dashain, Tihar etc demand of cocoa ranges to the maximal bound. Thus, doing the cocoa market profitable. Nowadays people have become more wellness witting. In order to be healthy, some people have stop feeding cocoa and spend those money on gym, exercising etc. presently, it have somewhat affected the gross revenues of cocoa.

Technological: Better engineering helps to heighten better production. It is ever good if there is up to day of the month equipment, which leads to cheaper merchandises along with quality and measure. New merchandises can be developed, through effectual research and development, to be competitory along with carry throughing client demands.

At the current state of affairs, market of cocoa is limited merely to urban countries due to hapless physical connectivity. To be more specific, cocoa is consumed largely by kids ‘s ( largely age 5-14 ) . Besides, income of people is limited so company has to present merchandises that are low-cost by the local people. In order to accomplish the ends, market should be explored sing different age group. Harmonizing their demand, company will bring forth cocoa in different forms and sizes. Since, cocoa are luxury merchandises, company should make the selling in such a manner that it become necessity. Nepal has a rich civilization, festivals and traditions. It will be more effectual, if selling is done during those occasions. Every twelvemonth demands of cocoa have risen during festival occasions. Harmonizing to the ekantipur ( 2012 ) Nepal has imported cocoa worth 167 million specially from India and USA. Most of the imports are done during the festival occasions. Besides company can make selling in popular plans of Nepali Medias that helps to acquire the attending of possible clients. Company can make selling by create assorted recreational plans like musical Concerts, athleticss etc chiefly concentrating on young persons. And for pupils and kids ‘s company can form assorted competitions like Cadbury Quiz digest, pulling competition, argument competitions etc. for a long term selling company can sell their merchandises in half monetary value during limited period of clip. This will heighten the client to purchase more merchandises with truth of gustatory sensation and construct the trust amongst the client. For a longer period of clip client will take Cadbury instead than other merchandises.

Hence by analysing the state of affairs of the state, we can make selling in effectual manner in order to accomplish set ends and aim.