Wateen Telecom Is The Abu Dhabi Information Technology Essay

WATEEN Telecom is the Abu Dhabi Groups latest communicating investing in Pakistan. After the successful launch of Warid Telecom in Pakistan, which provides nomadic GSM services and has the Largest Postpaid Cellular base in the state, WATEEN Telecom has been set up to go the taking “ Carrier ‘s Carrier ” supplying quality, dependability and affordability in the communicating sector and conveying Following Generation services to clients ‘ doorsill.

A giant in the devising, WATEEN Telecom is a power house that will shortly touch over 30 million concerns and place users in urban, suburban and rural locations in Pakistan. Its services include international and countrywide telephone, Internet entree, informations connectivity, Cable Television, Video on demand, Video Surveillance, and Video Conferencing. On the back terminal, WATEEN Telecom has a countrywide Optic Fiber Trunk, alongside a film editing border wireless countrywide WiMAX web based on the IP/MPLS web.

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To sum up our current place in the market, WATEEN Telecom has one of the largest in private owned webs in Pakistan crossing 6,000 km Optical Fiber Cable ( OFC ) , LDI Networks, WiMAX networks, every bit good as Metro Ring presence in seven metropolitans. Our fiscal strength is reflected through over Rs. 3 Billion in Assetss with consistent Capital Flow from the parent company, the Abu Dhabi Group.

WATEEN Telecom offers a comprehensive scope of dependable, low-cost and first communicating solutions and assorted value-added services to bearers, concerns and clients. These include:

a ) Long Distance & A ; International ( LDI ) Servicess

I ) Naming Histories and Calling Cards ( ARY, WOL, TELEFAST, VIVA run on WATEEN Telecom ‘s platform. )

two ) International Gateway

B ) Broadband Services

I ) Wireless Broadband ( Corporate and Consumer Sector )

two ) Fixed Broadband ( Corporate and Consumer Sector )

three ) Voice and Enhanced Voice

four ) Television and Multimedia Services

degree Celsius ) Managed Services and Solutions

I ) Security and Surveillance Solutions

two ) Telehousing and Co-location Facilities

three ) Data Center Hosting and Data Warehousing

four ) Data Networks ( EDN, VPLS and VPN Services )

V ) Call Center

vitamin D ) Optic Fiber Network ( Long Haul and Metro )

vitamin E ) VSAT Services

WATEEN Telecom has chosen its web solutions and sellers in conformity with international criterions as to supply first invention that focuses on quality, dependability and scalability. To efficaciously recognize its vision, WATEEN Telecom has focused on making a Following Generation Network that is based on IP/MPLS and IMS ( Integrated Multimedia Subsystem ) solutions with multi-access services concentrating on 3.5 GHz WiMAX last stat mi and fiber entree. To guarantee quality and dependability, WATEEN Telecom is constructing its ain web so as to avoid 3rd party trust and to supply guaranteed Service Level Agreements ( SLAs ) . This large-scale enterprise includes:

Following Generation Network ( NGN ) Core.

IMS enabled converged multi-access web based on superimposed architecture.

Robust LDI/Class 4 and category 5 webs with all cardinal enabling engineerings and a host of applications supplying deepness and comprehensiveness of value added services.

Entire IP-centric architecture including IP/MPLS nucleus and border webs for ternary drama.

Fixed and Wireless Access Networks.

Metro Access Network ( MAN ) with 96 brace G652 / 655 ocular fibre.

Ethernet rings in all major metropoliss including Fiber To The Curb ( FTTC ) .

National WiMAX cutting border 4G wide set radio connectivity.

National Wi-Fi hot spots.

Infrastructure ( Optical Fiber Network and Tele-housing ) .

Multi-terabyte DWDM solution over national to the full excess ring architecture Long Haul ocular fibre web covering 6,000 kilometers linking all major metropoliss in Pakistan and adjacent states.

Regional and international direct connectivity through ocular fibre and VSAT links set uping Pakistan as a major regional communications hub.

Tier 1 Tele-housing and managed services based on international criterions and premiere Service Level Agreements ( SLAs. )

Wateen Hosted Contact Center

The Hosted Contact Center

Hosted Contact Center ( HCC ) is a contact centre equipped with complete multimedia capablenesss and is managed and centrally operated by the Service Provider ( Wateen ) at its ain installations. Most of the contact centre equipment is besides located at Service Provider ‘s premises. The Hosted Contact Center includes five major constructing blocks:

1. Core contact centre systems – automatic call distributers, computing machine telephone integrating, synergistic voice response, cosmopolitan queuing and dialer, advanced routing and queuing, web direction

2. Management applications – recording, quality direction, address analytics, public presentation direction, appraising, eLearning, coaching, work force direction, real-time analytics, concern intelligence and coverage.

3. Supporting systems – cognition direction, eService suites, email response direction, Web self-service, chat, content analysis, coaction, scripting, missive authorship and voice confirmation.

4.Front and back office applications – client relationship direction suites, client service and support applications, gross revenues force mechanization, aggregations, telesales, aid desk, field service and despatch, human resources, enterprise resource planning and supply concatenation applications.

5. Common/enabling applications – middleware, work flow, integrating, security, databases, informations marketplaces, constellation engine and a selling encyclopaedia

WATEEN will host the full contact centre substructure ; the ACD ( Automatic Call Distribution ) characteristic set, the IP Network IVR ( Synergistic Voice Response ) , and IP telephone services at its ‘ cardinal office/data centre. Each of our clients has the option to put in portion of, or the full solution at their ain location. In most instances, the client will post Customer Service Representatives ( CSRs ) /agents at their ain premises. The agents will be provided with IP difficult phones or soft phones harmonizing to client demands. MCB will be connected via an IP connexion to WATEEN ‘s Central Contact Center premises. WATEEN ‘s Hosted Contact Center solution enables organisations of all sizes, across all industries, to run a universe category contact centre utilizing the most sophisticated characteristics and capablenesss available. The Hosted Contact Center solution of Wateen Telecom is a “ wage as you use ” system. There will be no upfront investing for the client organisation. The clients will merely pay for the services that they truly require.

WATEEN ‘s Hosted Contact Center solution contains the constituents shown below. All reside at the service supplier location or the cardinal endeavor location ( depending on the client ) , except for Cisco Unified IP phones, call centre agent PCs, and a quality-of-service ( QoS ) -enabled web.

Sample Architecture for WATEEN ‘s Hosted Contact Center solution

WATEEN ‘s Hosted Contact Center solution delivers a suite of capablenesss that enable a company to interact with contacts in different ways. At its nucleus is an intelligent contact routing engine that is dedicated to the company. This contact engine allows the company to interact with contacts systematically, through user-defined regulations, irrespective of the resource or company. Though the contact engine package resides at the cardinal office or informations centre, the service supplier ‘s client or the endeavor ‘s subdivision offices can command it by modifying concern regulations or adding new accomplishment groups.

The routing maps of WATEEN ‘s Hosted Contact Center provide the intelligent distribution of contacts as they enter the web. When a contact requires redirection, WATEEN ‘s Hosted Contact Center applies concern logic, directing the contact to the best available endeavor resource. For contacts fluxing between sites or among agents, accomplishment groups, or IVRs, the routing optimizes each client ‘s interaction by retaining collected informations, extinguishing the demand for the client to repeat information.

To find company value, which might factor into how the call is treated, the package profiles each company utilizing contact-related informations such as dialed figure and naming line ID, caller-entered figures, and information from a hunt of the client profile database. At the same clip, the system determines the best resources to run into the company ‘s demands, based on real-time conditions such as agent accomplishments and handiness, IVR position, queue lengths, and so on. Frankincense, through a combination of client and contact centre informations and user-defined concern regulations, WATEEN ‘s Hosted Contact Center routes each contact to the best available resource anyplace in the endeavor. Throughout the procedure, carrier-class distributed mistake tolerance built into all the Cisco constituents helps guarantee uninterrupted operations from the web centre to the desktop.

WATEEN ‘s Hosted Contact Center extends the beginnings of informations available for doing contact routing determinations and for dwelling agent desktop applications. For case, WATEEN ‘s Hosted Contact Center can execute a search in a client database during routing to steer its determinations. Information from CRM applications can besides be used to fit clients with agents and expand the information available to test dad applications.

Wherever an agent is based, the system delivers context-call event and client profile data-as a contact arrives. This enables the agent or application to personalise service and assist maximise efficiency. Name centre directors can do more informed determinations because the intelligent contact direction ( ICM ) constituent of WATEEN ‘s Hosted Contact Center offers amalgamate Web-based coverage across the endeavor, supplying up-to-the-moment statistics on the figure of companies in waiting line, agents managing calls or Web interactions, and more.

WATEEN ‘s Hosted Contact Center integrates easy with other contact centre applications through its unfastened, published interfaces. It is extremely compatible with taking third-party contact centre applications for IVR, CRM, work force direction, voice recording equipments, bequest ACD solutions, outbound dialers, message boards, and others.

Wateen ‘s Hosted Contact Center is on-demand and uses package as service, it is a cost effectual alternate to premise-based offerings. Hosted Contact Center solutions have been around in the contact centre sphere for more than 20 old ages. What ‘s different is that that Wateen ‘s Hosted Contact Center is functionally compelling and able to vie efficaciously with premise-based offerings. End users who want to utilize Wateen ‘s Hosted Contact Center by fiscal restraints do non hold to give service quality or functionality.

Wateen ‘s Hosted Contact Center allows organisations to get down little and grow, general benefits are:

Low start-up cost, little initial hard currency spending

Low entire cost of ownership

Small monthly payments that come out of the operating budget alternatively of the capital budget

Wateen ‘s duty for system installing, execution and on-going care

Rapid execution ; users are up and running rapidly with full-featured execution

Cost effectual and feature-rich support for SMEs

Many browser-based offerings that require small on-site engineering

Investing protection

Ongoing engineering refresh without break to the operating environment

Few in-house proficient resources required to back up the applications

Ease of scaling up and down

No web costs or application expertness required to back up multiple sites and at-home agents

Standardized functionality and best patterns easy implemented across sections or an endeavor

Ease of passage from a premise-based execution, with minimum fiscal or system impact Simplification of eventuality planning demands.

The classs of Wateen ‘s Hosted Contact Center functionality for contact centres are:

1. Wateen ‘s HCC will offer routing and line uping capablenesss for calls, electronic mails and confabs. Includes synergistic voice response ( IVR ) , basic Web-self service.

2. Wateen will offer contact centre substructure functionality through Wateen ‘s telecom web.

3. Supply a combination of outbound dialing manners which complements the powerful inward call-handling capableness of the Cisco Unified Contact Center Hosted platform. Political campaigns can be built to utilize prognostic, progressive, or prevue dialing, which is integrated with inbound calls and compliant with contact centre service degrees to offer a powerful blended solution.

4. Wateen ‘s HCC will supply IVR/Speech Recognition services via a web “ cloud, ” extinguishing the demand for terminal users to put in and keep their ain IVR hardware.

5. It will besides offer an ability to enter a random sample or 100 % of contact centre calls. Recording can be done remotely through the web or by puting a waiter at the client site. This will supply the ability to execute agent ratings and quality confidence.

6. Wateen ‘s HCC besides offers a Work Force Management solution that helps reach centres forecast dealing volume ( calls, electronic mails and chew the fat Sessionss ) and so find how many agents are required to guarantee seasonably client service. Workforce direction will be integrated with the HCC solution.

7. Web Chat and Collaboration will enable contact centre agents to react instantly to client inquiries, utilizing your Website along with text confab or real-time Web Collaboration.

8. Wateen ‘s HCC will offer analytics capablenesss for contact centres. Adoption of these capablenesss is comparatively new for contact centres and more common in other parts of the endeavor.

9. Wateen ‘s HCC provides a comprehensive solution for pull offing big volumes of client e-mail enquiries submitted to company letter boxs or Web sites.

Customers can originate the HCC solution with a comparatively little capacity and so, spot by spot, construct up to a multi-channel, to the full integrated, contact centre through Wateen ‘s module-structured system. Whatever the demands are, there will ever be a solution. The solution ‘s current offerings will include functionalities for the undermentioned contact centre activities:

Customer Service


Market Research

Order Management

Name Center Technical Support

Answering Service

Benefits of Partnering with Wateen

Focus on Core Business

WATEEN ‘s Hosted Contact Center is suited for both big endeavor companies and service suppliers. For endeavor companies with multiple subdivision offices or divisions, the value is a centralised contact centre substructure that can offer services to its assorted divisions or orbiter offices.

The chief attractive forces of Wateen ‘s Hosted Contact Center offering for big endeavors are: lower entire cost of ownership ; rapid deployment that requires few in-house proficient resources ; ability to “ pay as you go ” within a limited operating budget and minimum impact on capital budget ; and investing protection. Wateen ‘s Hosted Contact Center Solution eliminates the demand for dearly-won and riotous system ascents. Additionally, for companies that have multiple sites ( whether owned by the company or outsourced ) , employ at-home agents, or want to centrally pull off their contact centre operation, Wateen ‘s Hosted Contact Center offering is the solution. For big endeavor benefits are:

Centralizes services: the value is a centralised contact centre operation in which the package and disposal are maintained centrally. This helps the subdivision offices avoid buying and keeping the package, put ining their ain ascents, and doing staffing determinations independent of the remainder of the company.

Differentiates service: by retaining “ name context ” as clients are transferred among agents-even between different locations, companies, or subdivision offices-the company can distinguish itself through superior client service. For illustration, the information a client has already supplied to buy one merchandise or service can be retrieved when the client initiates another purchase or interaction elsewhere.

Allows control of web resources: The endeavor can command certain web resources, such as delegating agents to skill groups and specifying routing based on a figure called or caller-entered figures such as history Numberss. What ‘s more, all maps can be controlled from a individual operating interface, cut downing preparation and support demands.

Reduces long-distance and toll charges: With intelligent IP networking, the Cisco Unified Contact Center Hosted service can pin down toll-free calls local to the company, convert the call to IP, and supply voice intervention, all without incurring typical toll charges. The ground: The call is ne’er really sent across the PSTN.

Alternatively of puting in capital equipment, staffing and in-house operations, MCB can take advantage of advanced applications through managed services and go on to concentrate on nucleus activities. The engineering is owned and managed by WATEEN Telecom, and is hence invariably updated and maintained at the web degree, salvaging many of the costs and hazards associated with engineering aging, ascents, spots and proficient staff. Compared to premise-based solutions, Hosted Contact Center will take down TCO by cut downing hardware and package costs, salvaging floor infinite and leveraging the cost-efficiencies and economic systems of graduated table associated with set up, preparation, care and ascents.

Hosted contact centre value

WATEEN Hosted Contact Center VS On-Premises Contact Center

The Hosted Call Center ( HCC ) theoretical account is a new debut into the domestic market with most sellers presently merely selling hardware based On-Premises Contact Center solutions. The HCC theoretical account offers many benefits, either unavailable, or non financially executable on the latter theoretical account. These benefits are outlined below.


With the HCC solution, clients can easy upgrade any constituent of their system without doing a important investing on hardware or other boring networking equipment. The client can be given the option to get down little and so widen to a big multi-channel contact centre based on WATEEN ‘s modular architecture. So a graduated table up or a scale down of the client ‘s capacity is possible without a big inflow of investing or the demand to do their bing systems excess and in bend, compose them off. Furthermore, clients can exhibit peace of head by non holding to fight with any proficient implementations- WATEEN takes full duty of supplying the customized solution and ensures a 100 % functional solution to its clients.

Lower Entire Cost of Ownership ( TCO ) / Cash Flow

All hosted solutions, one-sidedly offer a lower TCO than a self-owned and operated solution based on-site. A hosted solution therefore frees up hard currency flow demands, frequently in the financially disputing first twelvemonth of a concern ‘s being. This paves the manner for other hard currency absorbent demands and allows the client to concentrate more on their core line of concern

Maintenance & A ; Technical Support

WATEEN ‘s staff is enormously experienced in contact centre deployments, system integrating and client proficient support. With a path record crossing several thousand adult male hours put ining, keeping and trouble-shooting contact centre solutions, WATEEN provides comprehensive, elaborate and odd Service Level Agreements ( SLAs ) to the client.

Under our SLAs, for Severity Level 1 and 2, WATEEN ‘s proficient support squad will turn to the issue instantly after having service petition calls. Besides, applied scientists will react to instances opened via the web based system within 30 min for Severity Level 3. Engineers will trouble-shoot and if needed, escalate the issue to WATEEN Telecom Special Services Group who will rectify any jobs. Unprecedented care and support is a cardinal characteristic of WATEEN ‘s HCC. A client looking to deploy their ain contact centre will non be as experient or qualified.

Save Time to Market

Buying the HCC from WATEEN means that a client will probably have their contact centre 70 % preconfigured, merely the staying 30 % of the system has to be customized for the client. This, in bend, translates to the client being able to offer their services to their mark market quicker, bring forthing grosss or salvaging disbursals quicker with a happier client base.

Security and Dependability

WATEEN guarantees its clients unprecedented security degrees for the safety of their confidential informations. The HCC Package offers a good engineered hosting environment with a deeper, more stiff security substructure in-place than most SMBs can afford or hold the foresight to put into. With WATEEN ‘s HCC solution, the client does non hold to be involved with Firewalls and their direction or using expensive proficient endowment.

To exceed that off, WATEEN besides ensures complete redundancy by offering state-of-the-art catastrophe recovery sites. Combined, these characteristics make WATEEN ‘s HCC a dependable and unafraid solution for its clients.

Technology obsolescence and ascents

If a concern is runing its ain contact centre, upon making the payback period of the equipment, the equipment is already disused and to the full depreciated. In add-on to the excess cost of upgrading that disused equipment, a concern has to pay for all the attach toing package that runs the hardware every bit good as go oning care understandings with the seller. All of these costs, including the disbursal of replacing disused or excess equipment, incorporating new devices and package are included in the monthly subscription fee paid to WATEEN when using its HCC solution.

These benefits, about automatically, make WATEEN ‘s HCC better positioned in the market than competitory solutions and besides joint on the cardinal value the HCC merchandise offers to clients.

Merchandise Features

Wateen ‘s hosted contact centre is based on Cisco Hosted IPCC platform.. This agent console will be installed on agent workstations. Agents will be utilizing this console to login for having and doing calls. Following is the Graphic User Interface for a CTI ( Computer Telephony Integration ) Agent desktop console:

Agent CTI

The agent desktop console will hold the undermentioned controls:

Login: Contains buttons that let the agent log in or log out.

Agent State: Contains buttons that let the agent alteration the province of the presently logged in agent.

Dial/Answer/Release: Contains buttons that let the agent brand, reply, and hang up calls.

Hold/Retrieve: Contains buttons that let the agent put a call on clasp and recover a held call.

Alternate/Reconnect: Contains buttons that let the agent surrogate between and reconnect active calls.

Conference/Transfer: Contains buttons that let the agent novice and complete conference and reassign operations.

Supervisor Assist: Contains buttons that let the agent petition aid from a supervisor.

Tools: Contains buttons that invoke statistical shows, originate a confab session, record calls and describe a bad line.

Call Information: Displays call-related informations for each call presently on the soft phone.

Status saloon: Displaies information about the position of the soft phone.

In order to log into CTI Toolkit Agent Desktop, click the Login button. The Login button connects agents to the Wateen ‘s CTI Server and logs agents into a selected Wateen ‘s ACD switch. When agent clicks the Login button, the following Login duologue box appears.

After the agent enters this information, on a successful login, agent automatically enters the province configured on the switch, either Ready or Not Ready province. The position saloon on the underside of the CTI Toolkit Agent Console displays the undermentioned information:

Agent ID for the logged in agent

Agent Extension

Agent Instrument

Current Agent Status

The waiter that the agent is connected to.

Buttons for actions that are allowed from your current agent province are enabled.

Agent Desktop will end the calls on to a Soft phone such as Cisco IP communicator or an IP Phone such as Cisco IP Phone 7941G.

IP Communicator

Cisco IP Communicator maps much like a traditional telephone, leting you to put and have phone calls, put calls on clasp, speed dial Numberss, transportation calls, and so on. Cisco IP Communicator besides supports particular telephone characteristics ( such as Call Park and Meet-Me conferencing ) that can widen and custom-make your call-handling capablenesss.


In add-on to call-handling characteristics, Cisco IP Communicator supports:

aˆ? An Audio Tuning Wizard

aˆ? Quick Search directory dialing

aˆ? Easy entree to your User Options web pages and phone services

aˆ? A comprehensive online aid system

aˆ? An optional tegument to alter the expression of Cisco IP Communicator

IP Phone

The Cisco Unified IP Phone 7941G is dynamic and designed to turn with system capablenesss. Features will maintain gait with new alterations through package updates to the phone brassy memory. The Cisco Unified IP phone merchandises include phones with big pixel-based shows to convey productivity-enhancing applications to the phones, every bit good as customization options that can be modified as demands alteration, and supply inline power support over Ethernet.

lake herring 7940 information science phone

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7941G

value added services

Voice Recording:

The content and quality of client interactions are frequently unknown. In contact centres, where communications serve as the sole concern driver, competent and cost-efficient service is important to distinguish from rivals. Name recording and quality monitoring make full the cognition spread of “ what is truly traveling on ” by supervising concern communications to garner a valuable information resource. Learning about the service degree and nucleus competences, the primary ends of “ quality monitoring, ” provides supervisors and agents with indispensable counsel and helps to ticket melody an organisation ‘s communications accomplishments. With Wateen ‘s hosted contact centre value added service companies may besides analyse the content of recorded calls through keyword staining or by seeking for specific client ailments or the latest tendencies.

Workforce Management:

Wateen ‘s Work Force Management tool is a superior-quality direction solution for contact centres ; a powerful yet unambiguously easy-to-use solution. It enables you to instantly make prognosiss for the following few yearss and much further in front. This means you quickly attain an optimum use of your contact Centre ‘s resources and derive better balance in your staffing. It besides contributes to employee satisfaction and helps cut down staff turnover. And because the programming is optimized automatically, you minimize the hazard of both overstaffing and understaffing, irrespective of alterations in service demands. At an early phase it provides you with prognosiss that show how you can greatly decrease costs. Or in other words, how much money you can salvage while dramatically bettering client service or raising gross revenues marks.

Screen Capture/ Monitoring:

Our screen gaining control faculty automatically initiates entering when an agent imperativenesss any antecedently defined map or when a peculiar mistake message, screen dad or application appears on the desktop. The merchandise may be installed easy through a user-friendly constellation ace without sophisticated integrating with CTI or other informations interfaces. This characteristic consequences in a enormous cost nest eggs by avoiding professional apparatus charges. You can enter and analyse interactions happening on the desktop, particularly those related to specific plans, merchandises or clients.

Wateens ‘ Offer to MCB

At present MCB is looking to avail WATEEN Hosted Contact Center services. In this respects, following demands were forwarded by MCB:

30 seats, Blended ( Inbound & A ; Outbound )


Voice Recording ( Optional )

Screen Capture ( Optional )

WFM ( Optional )

*MCB bing Voice Recording solution ( Nice ) can be integrated with Wateen Hosted Contact Center Solution.

Benefits to MCB

Wateen hosted contact centre solution offers flexibleness, security, scalability to MCB as compared to a premiss based solution. MCB will profit from Wateen HCC solution on following footing:

MCB will salvage on CAPEX at multiple locations and proficient operations /maintenance related OPEX.

Migration from CAPEX intensive Premise based system to OPEX based Hosted Solution.

Ease of integrating between multiple locations and flexibleness of passage between multiple locations.

Enhanced operational flexibleness, regular care and system ascents.

Scalability with flexible and efficient purveying / de purveying procedure, figure of seats can be increased or decreased on the system in affair of hours.

Ease of integrating with nucleus banking applications and CRM systems.

Experienced deployment and operations & A ; care squad with 1000s of CISCO deployments all over the universe.

Flexibility of utilizing distant agents or place based agents.

Multilayered security managed by Wateen Telecom.


Designed solution recommends 30 ports for Inbound & A ; Outbound ( Blended ) for 30 coincident agents:

( Monetary values are calculated on the footing of 1USD $ =71PKR, exchange rate at the clip of beginning of service/setup will be used to cipher the offer monetary value )

Wateen Hosted Solution for MCB

Monthly Recuring Cost



Unit of measurement Cost


Blended Ports ( Inbound & A ; Outbound )


PKR 7,544

PKR 226,320



PKR 2,612

PKR 78,360


PKR 304,680

* Minimum of 2 IVR ‘s per Voice Port are advised.

One Time Setup Cost

HCC Servicess


( Setup ) Per Unit

Unit Total

IP Telephones


PKR 14,910

PKR 447,300

Voice Port Setup Cost


PKR 7,100

PKR 213,000

Voice Recording Setup Cost


PKR 7,100

PKR 213,000

CRM Integration*

Per Day

PKR 21,300

PKR 21,300*

Dynamic IVR Configuration*

Per Day

PKR 21,300

PKR 21,300*


PKR 915,900

* Dynamic IVR, Email, CRM Configuration & A ; Integration are per twenty-four hours depending on adult male yearss required )

Following are the value added characteristics which can be added on as and when required:

HCC Servicess


Cost Per Unit

Workforce Management ( per Agent ) *


PKR 6,095

Screen Capture ( per Agent ) *


PKR 1,582

Email ( per Port ) *


PKR 5,029

Web Chat ( per Port ) *


PKR 4,784

Voice Recording ( per agent ) *


PKR 1,934

*Individual apparatus costs apply for value added characteristics at PKR 7100/- per port or per agent as specified.

Service Level Agreement

Operations & A ; Maintenance Support

This Exhibit describes the service degrees that have been established for the Wateen Hosted Contact Center Services and the applicable redress for neglecting to run into certain service degrees.

Service Availability Commitment

It is Wateen ‘s end to hold the Hosted Services available to Muslim Commercial Bank 24 hours a twenty-four hours seven yearss a hebdomad, with the exclusion of Planned Downtime. Wateen will utilize commercially sensible attempts to supply Customer with mean one-year handiness ( excepting Planned Downtime ) that is equal to or greater than 99.9 % . Wateen ‘s records and informations shall be the footing for all service handiness computations and findings.

Planned Downtime

a ) Planned Downtime. Planned downtime occurs when Customer has no entree to the Hosted Services due to scheduled care by Wateen or Wateen ‘s informations centre host.

B ) Scheduling of Planned Downtime. Wateen will do commercially sensible attempts to schedule Planned Downtime at a clip and mode moderately anticipated to minimise breaks to all of its affected clients. It is anticipated that Planned Downtime will include scheduled care and application ascents. Wateen anticipates that application ascents will happen four times a twelvemonth on weekends.

degree Celsius ) Notice for Planned Downtime. Wateen will utilize commercially sensible attempt to supply 24 ( 24 ) hours anterior notice for scheduled Planned Downtime. For all Planned Downtime scheduled to last one ( 1 ) hr or more, Wateen will utilize commercially sensible attempt to supply at least 72 ( 72 ) hours anterior notice. Customized Planned Activity Request ( PAR ) signifier will be used to schedule such activities punctually signed by the Customer and Manager MSO from Wateen Telecom.

Badness Degrees

Unplanned Service Interruption occurs when the Customer ‘s entree to the Hosted Services is affected by badness degree 1 through 3 jobs ( “ Unplanned Service Interruption ” ) . Badness degrees for Unplanned Service Interruptions are described in the undermentioned agenda:

Severity Level 1 ( S1 ) Inoperable Business Function: These issues have a negative impact upon a big concern map of the Hosted Services. This class is characterized by ( I ) major functionality loss and/or ( two ) .more than one of import characteristic is non working.

Severity Level 2 ( S2 ) Business Function Limitation: Narrow functional restrictions and state of affairss that do non presently impair the Customer ‘s concern activities while utilizing the Hosted Services. This class is characterized by ( I ) Non critical map issue ( two ) issue adversely affects concern public presentation and/or ( three ) a impermanent work about is available.

Severity Level 3 ( S3 ) Specific maps: within the Hosted Services that do non negatively impact day-to-day operations. These issues are characterized by ( I ) infrequent happening and/or intermittent map.

Severity Level Response Guidelines

Engineer will react to instances opened via web based system within 30 proceedingss for Severity Level 3.

For badness 1 and 2 instances, Engineer will turn to issue instantly during ( 24×7 ) Monday to Sunday after having service petition call via phone or facsimile.

For S1 & A ; S2 Engineer will trouble-shoot / intensify if needed ( Wateen Telecom Special Service Group ) the job in 1-2 hours. The applied scientist will first seek to manage the job remotely via phone, cyberspace or VPN. If it is non possible to entree the equipment remotely due to outage, clause 1 will be effectual. Engineer will update ticket on CSMS portal one time job has been resolved.

SLA will non be affectional if the designated individual from Muslim Commercial Bank fails to give entree to Wateen Telecom Engineer for proving / trouble-shooting / altering / racks /room where equipment is installed.

As mentioned in 3, applied scientist will update the instance on Web based CSMS and will follow the communicating channel defined by Muslim Commercial Bank.

Engineer will subject the mistake study on Web based CSMS.

Escalation means that Engineer will affect the Cisco TAC for declaration.

SLA will non be applicable in instance of Force Majeure or work stoppage, natural catastrophe, inundation, etc and things which are beyond the control of Wateen Telecom.

Privacy and Security

Wateen will utilize commercially sensible attempts to pull off security as follows:

a ) Accessibility. Authorized entree to a Customer ‘s informations shall be limited to Customer, Agents and Wateen forces working on behalf of Customer and its Agents. Wateen shall supply an initial watchword for each Agent. Customer and its Agents will be responsible for taking and keeping confidential watchwords to entree the Hosted Services, and to implement sensible policies sing watchword formats and alterations. Neither Customer nor any Agent shall unwrap any watchword to any unauthorised individual. Wateen shall be entitled to trust on the mandate of any individual that presents a valid watchword. Wateen shall non be responsible for supervising authorized usage of any Customer or Agent history, but shall quickly advise Customer of any unauthorised entree of Customer ‘s or its Agents ‘ histories of which Wateen becomes cognizant. Wateen shall non be responsible for any unauthorised usage of any of Customer ‘s or its Agents ‘ watchwords except to the extent caused by Wateen ‘s wilful misconduct or gross carelessness.

B ) Security Layers. Wateen shall implement commercially sensible web security characteristics, which include user hallmark and multiple redundant firewalls and SSL ( Secure Socket Layer connexion ) .

degree Celsiuss ) Back-up Services. Wateen will execute commercially sensible everyday incremental system backups moderately intended to supply the ability to reconstruct the system to operational position in the event of a catastrophe. In instance of storage related to Voice Recording information Wateen will execute full back-ups of all Customer informations one time a hebdomad and incremental backups every night. Twice a month tapes are transferred to storage in a separate secure off-site location where they are stored get downing on the day of the month of transportation for a period of one month.

Support & A ; Help Desk Services

Wateen Telecom will supply Muslim Commercial Bank entree to CSMS ( Customer Support and Maintenance, www.support-ne.com for ailments, update and studies. Wateen Telecom will supply contact information of the proficient proprietors and escalation process if web based CSMS is non available.

Wateen Telecom proficient squad will make the site / Remote Login / VPN /Telnet the Cisco equipment for problem hiting the job registered onto web based CSMS and respond to direct calls from Muslim Commercial Bank for badness degrees S1 & A ; S2. While turn toing the service petition, Wateen will update the web based CSMS against the Service Requests from Muslim Commercial Bank.

System Outage Reporting Hours: 24 hours per day/7 yearss per week/365 yearss per twelvemonth.

Support Media: Electronic mail, Phone and Web Support.

Please follow the undermentioned escalation guidelines for describing assorted Service Level petition:

Severity Level 3 Service Request:

Please utilize www.support-ne.com OR electronic mail to back up @ ne.com.pk to intensify issues. A problem ticket figure will be assigned, delight observe this figure for future mention. Service petitions should incorporate as much elaborate information as possible, including a show tech ( taken from enable manner ) , show log and any other relevant informations captured. While turn toing the service petition Wateen will update the Web Based CSMS against the Service Requests

Severity Level ( S1 / S2 ) :

For badness degrees S1 & A ; S2 delight utilize www.support-ne.com OR electronic mail to back up @ ne.com.pk to intensify issues. A problem ticket figure will be assigned, delight observe this figure for future mention. Service petitions should incorporate as much elaborate information as possible, including a show tech ( taken from enable manner ) , show log and any other relevant informations captured. Muslim Commercial Bank can reach the undermentioned proficient staff for badness Level S1 & A ; S2 over the phone.

Wateen Technical Contacts



Ph Office


Electronic mail

Uzair Ahmad

Head Advanced Network Services

+92 42 111 999 919

+92 321 841 7439

Uzair.ahmad @ wateen.com

Muhammad Hafeez

Manager O & A ; M Hosted Contact Center

+92 42 111 999 919

+92 323 447 5501

mohammad.hafeez @ wateen.com

Footings & A ; Conditionss

This proposal is valid for 30 yearss.

The citation is valid for 30 blended ports.

All duties shall stay in consequence for the period of six months from beginning of service unless otherwise specified. Thereafter, the monetary values are capable to alteration on one-year footing.

The monetary values are capable to alter any clip during the period of contract, in instance of devaluation of Pak Rupee as officially announced or any revenue enhancement responsibilities imposed by the authorities.

Subsequent bills shall be submitted at least 10 yearss in progress of the start of the following charge period and collectible within that period from the day of the month of bill.

The monetary values are sole of any revenue enhancements or charges with regard to the Services, Equipment and stuffs provided hereunder. If Wateen is required by any applicable jurisprudence or ordinance, or otherwise does, pay or roll up revenue enhancements or charges, so such sum shall be invoiced to and paid by Customer to Wateen in add-on to the monetary values herein so provided.

Either party may call off service with 90-days anterior written presentment. In the event of cancellation by the client prior to 90-days before the termination of the term of this Agreement, the Client is required to pay 100 % of Wateen ‘s standard monthly charge for each month staying in the term of this Agreement.

Figures and Illustrations of the Hosted Contact Center Design & A ; other eyeglasses are for mention merely and in no manner can be considered as a portion of SLA with MCB or Wateen ‘s committedness to do any alterations for MCB etc.


Standard Force Majeure Conditions applies.