V for Vendetta Analysis Essay

In a close hereafter the universe takes a complete turnaround. Full with disease. war. and an economic meltdown a inhibitory totalitarian authorities starts to take over Great Britain. But. there is one adult male who will non allow this go on. “V” a adult male who escapes unfair imprisonment vows to take retaliation on all those who tortured him. V becomes a “terrorist” to assist open the eyes of his state. While on his manner to execute his first terroristic onslaught ; V saves the life of Evey. who is about to be raped by clandestine police officers better known as fingermen.

He asks her to attach to him to hear some music although loath she agrees and follows him. As they are standing on top of a edifice music starts to play. Evey gets really aroused to hear the vocal over the talkers as Norsefire had outlawed most things after curfew. While on top of the edifice they watch the devastation of Old Bailey on the day of remembrance of Guy Fawkes Day which is November 5. Five uses this to acquire an tumult from the people with non much success. Norsefire uses the media to explicate the incident as an “emergency demolition” of a structurally unsound edifice.

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Meanwhile the Chancellor of the Exchequer is acquiring angry that they are non able to capture V. The authorities uses all their resources in capturing him. like listening in on their residents’ conversations. Even with the authorities commanding everything V takes over the telecasting broadcasts to claim duty of the devastation of the Old Bailey. He urges the people of Britain to lift up against their authorities and run into him in one twelvemonth. on November 5. outside the House of Parliament. which he promises to destruct.

Throughout the twelvemonth he fulfills his ain promise of taking retribution on all of those who were present at Larkhill Camp. a cantonment meant for undesirables. V with some aid from Evey. and the investigator is able to acquire his concluding message across to all the people by destructing the house of Parliament merely as he promised. The people eventually make up one’s mind to travel against their authorities and demo up even with the menace of decease to anyone who disobeys the chancellor’s Torahs. At the terminal we see that V’s vision of standing up to the authorities take topographic point.

Analysis: In the film V for Vendetta we get a position as to how life would be like in a totalitarian authorities. Norsfire “exercises absolute and centralized control over all facets of life… and cultural look is suppressed. ” ( Free Dictionary ) Living in a democracy I know have an thought as to how atrocious and deadening life would be like in a fascist state. Throughout the first half of the film we get the sense of repression and fright. Norsefire has the people of England under control by implementing a curfew for everyone.

We see how the fingermen who are supposed to be assisting and protecting taking advantage of their power by seeking to assail Evey. Just for the simple fact that she was non at place by curfew. As V put it “People shouldn’t be afraid of their authorities. Governments should be afraid of their people. ” ( V for Vendetta ) V tries to acquire the people to stand up to their authorities when he takes over BTN which was the station responsible for acquiring all the intelligence that was approved to the people.

Norsfire tried to maintain everyone in line by holding people ‘black-bagged’ and doing them vanish merely because. they spoke up against them and decided to protest. The film shows that the less the people know of the truth. the better off the authorities is at maintaining everyone quiet and under control. We see merely how barbarous the Chancellor of the Exchequer was when guest starred in Gordon’s show. He was really disquieted that he was ridiculed on T. V. for all of England to see. That same dark he had Gordon black bagged and executed. We get to see precisely how much power he has against his ain people.

In America Gordon would’ve been protected under the first amendment in the Bill of Rights which “Protects freedom of address. freedom of faith. and freedom of the imperativeness. every bit good as the right to piece and petition the government” . ( List of Amendments ) In the United States of America we are lucky to hold the Bill Of Rights which helps protect the people from the authorities. Here we have a democracy which is a signifier of authorities in which all the citizens ballot and have an equal say in affairs refering how their authorities will be run.

Whereas dictatorship is a “political system wherein a individual individual bestowed with all powers recognizes no bound to his powers” ( Aaron ) . Totalitarianism regulates everything from what goes on T. V. . what books people can read. the music they can hear all the manner to commanding what they can see on the cyberspace. In our current events the U. S. A is presently contending a war on terrorist act. When V for blood feud was released it was a great contention because people where saying that V was a terrorist and non a freedom combatant.

To an extent he is because of the manner he goes about acquiring the people to hear his thought. But the manner he does his Acts of the Apostless it is easy to differ that he was a terrorist. V does blow up edifices. but they’re normally empty and he does it after the curfew as to non ache guiltless people. When he does kill policemen it was because they attacked him foremost or they were aching person else. In my sentiment in V for Vendetta the Chancellor of the Exchequer and all his assistants are the existent terrorists. They are the 1s that frighten everyone in their state so they can maintain being at the top.

The media in this film besides played a large function as BTN was the lone allowed station to air authorities approved messages. When V blew up Old Bailey the authorities used the media and its strong influence on it to describe to the people that the authorities was behind the detonation. They let the people know that it was clip to reconstruct a new one to stand for the current clip they are populating in. And that the pyrotechnics were a surprise for everyone. The authorities lied and brought fright onto everyone.

They reported that they were looking for a remedy for the virus they spread at St. Mary’s. The people were so happy that Norsefire found a remedy that they elected them into office. In order to maintain their people from acquiring worried or traveling on V’s side the intelligence reported that V’s “organization” had spread the virus that claimed the life of many. Because of the utmost censoring all plans were taped and approved before being put on T. V. All political. sexual. and or spiritual. positions non in line with the regulations were banned. Anyone who protested against it was normally captured during the dark by finger work forces taken in for question and tortured until they died.

The authorities besides kept a “black list” . for all music that could ne’er be played or listened to as the Chancellor did non like it. Everything V did was to acquire the people to wake up and contend the authorities that was non making them any good. As Evey tells V “My male parent was a author. You would’ve liked him. He used to state that creative persons use lies to state the truth. while politicians use them to cover the truth up. ” ( V for Vendetta ) Opinion: V for Vendetta is a thought provoking film. At the beginning. I couldn’t figure out if V was the scoundrel or the hero?

Was he merely a brainwasher who was seeking retaliation to those who wronged him? I don’t believe Evey knew either but. she still heard what he had to state and even so it wasn’t until V tortured her that I feel she genuinely understood what he was seeking to carry through. V was merely prophesying freedom ; he wanted a authorities that’s at that place to assist and back up non to strict bluffly with no cause. A authorities should protect the people non oppress them. I believe this film shows us an overdone version of what we see today. The media has a great impact and can pull strings one’s sentiment with merely pure guess and prevarications.

For illustration in the decease of Trayvon Martin the media cut out pieces of the 911 call so they could sell an even bigger narrative. ” NBC eventually concluded what many outside critics already stated: That it made a serious error in redacting sound from a 911 call by the adult male accused of slaying an unarmed 17-year-old young person in Florida. ” ( Eric Deggans ) Even though V for blood feud was a really controversial film. it truly makes you dual believe on everything you see and hear. This film proves how a adult male can go corrupt with absolute power and make anything he can to maintain it as so.