The Levels Are Core Product Benefits Marketing Essay

BMW has the image of a ‘premium ‘ auto maker who is know for its well driving autos with a sportier public presentation than their competition, premier illustration of this is the fact that BMW merely produces rear-wheel thrust and four-wheel thrust autos. Their premium image comes from the fact that they produce high-quality and comparatively high monetary values cars. Even though their monetary values are comparatively high the sensed value degree is still at a sufficient degree because of the balance with high quality.

One of the nucleus merchandise benefits would be engineering. For illustration EfficientDynamics which manages to take down fuel ingestion without truly compromising the public presentation BMW is known for, through agencies such as lightweight building, a start-stop map, brake energy regeneration and tyres with less axial rotation opposition merely to call a few. BMW has won many awards for invention for steps such as these so their engineering is at a high and advanced degree.

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Merchandise Properties

BMW was founded in 1916 and it ‘s first auto went on sale in 1929, a good known and old trade name known for it ‘s invention is one of the strengths BMW can construct on. Not merely in the car subdivision but besides known for its aircraft engines and bikes.

Design, particularly under Christopher Bangle recent design has been an of import factor, loved by some hated by others the new design way Bangle took was a hot subject in car treatments. What can non be denied is that BMW ‘s have a typical design with some elements that have been in it ‘s autos for decennaries. For illustration the characteristic wicket, foremost introduced in 1933 and still in usage on every auto theoretical account BMW industries. Another portion of design is that BMW designs all it ‘s merchandises with recycling in head, ‘Design for Recycling ‘ makes sure that the right stuffs are used and recycling is easier because it is being accounted for at a design phase.

BMW has a programme called BMW Individual in which such as the name states a client can custom-make its auto to great extent. Options such as sole pigment, leather colorss and types and more extended audio/video possibilities are all portion of this programme, all to fulfill the client to the greatest extent.

Support Servicess

The normal bringing of an car consists of holding it made ready by your trader and holding it delivered to your place. With BMW it is possible to pick it up at the mill it was produced at and hold a circuit at that place for illustration and see the BMW museum, it is even possible for American clients to do usage of this programme and BMW will even take attention of the transportation afterwards. An sole offering which turns a simple bringing into a whole experience.

BMW offers a long 12 twelvemonth guarantee on the organic structure of the auto, 3 old ages on the paintwork and 2 old ages on the remainder with no maximal sum of kilometers used. Furthermore there are programmes that allow you to widen the guarantee beyond this clip for a premium.

Every consumer has entree to the BMW group Service Center which can be phoned 24/7 and is free of charge.

BMW besides offers BMW Financial Services, which is a rental and funding company. They offer lease understandings but besides insurance, non merely on autos but they even offer place or travel insurance.

To sum up BMW produces high quality merchandises which have a few features they are good known for. There are many factors in which BMW has a great merchandise scheme but the most noteworthy factors would be driving quality, BMW ‘s offer a high grade of public presentation in it ‘s autos. Besides one really of import factor is it ‘s engineering, most notably EfficientDynamics through which BMW manages to take down fuel ingestion and emanations without compromising the quality driving it is known for. There is besides the design which characterises its autos as typical BMW and last but non least the high degree of support services.


One of the biggest issues planetary society is confronting is planetary heating, this is particularly of import in the automotive industry as their merchandises play a ( big ) portion in this issue.

Car makers face a spot of a paradox, their merchandise is inherently harmful to the environment yet at the same clip they try to be as environmentally witting as possible.

BMW non merely tries to be environmentally witting in their merchandises they besides strive to be this in their administration.

As stated on their web site all BMW Group employees are guided by the ICC ‘s Business Charter for Sustainable Development. Directors are stimulated to implement environmental guidelines and convey this message onto their employees. Just some illustrations are cut downing the sum of paperwork that goes with every auto as it goes down the production-line in the mill to cut down the sum of paper used. Turning off fresh mill equipment in the weekends. Grouping the production of same colored autos together so that the picture equipment has to be cleaned and sterilized less frequently.

BMW Group acknowledges its duties and commits to use latest the engineerings in order to heighten safety and lower fuel ingestion and noise and exhaust emanations. As stated antecedently BMW applies ‘Design for Recycling ‘ in which at the design phase there is already being accounted for optimising the recycling procedure. BMW besides is developing alternate fuel engineerings such as BMW CleanEnergy which allows for the usage of liquid H as a fuel. Furthermore BMW Group providers are required to adhere to the criterions which BMW applies to its administration and merchandises.

It is through engineerings such as BMW Efficient Dynamics that the consumer is really sing a lower fuel ingestion and lower emanations. All of this achieved through lightweight building, energy direction and modern engineering. For illustration in the Netherlands BMW has 129 theoretical accounts which have a green label, greener labels in bend allow for lower costs for the auto.

To sum up, although BMW ‘s merchandise is harmful to the environment they try to minimise this through the usage of company-wide policies and design doctrine to guarantee environmentally witting production and engineering to minimise fuel ingestion and emanations.


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