User Behavior at Pinnacle Peak Essay

Pinnacle Peak Hiking Area is a multipurpose. exercising trail used for both hike and horsemans. It is a 1. 75 mile one-way trail in Rio Verde. Arizona with breathtaking positions of the Sonoran Desert from every way. Because the trail is non a cringle. there is a batch of traffic on the trail. particularly during the autumn and winter seasons and on weekends. Families specifically enjoy this trail because there is no manner for their kids to acquire lost ; there is one manner in and one manner out. no confusing side trails for anyone to take.

There are a few countries where people are tempted to cut corners when there is a batch of traffic on the trail. This is rather unsafe as the full trail is up a mountain and person could really easy faux pas and autumn. To assist forestall people from cutting corners. the direction has strategically laid stones and logs along certain corners so it is a batch harder for people to step outside these boundaries. Parking for Pinnacle Peak is a catastrophe. There is really small parking in the designated parking batch. and so people have to park on the street and walk a reasonably far distance before they even reach the trail head.

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Like the trail. there is merely one manner in and one manner out ; there is no traveling around the busy street full of autos. On weekends when the trail is highly busy. the parking state of affairs is helter-skelter. Peoples are out of breath walking acclivitous before they even reach the trail head. At the trail caput there is a big shaded country. decorated to fit its desert milieus. for people to stretch. remainder. imbibe H2O. and have bites both before and after their hikings. I found this highly inviting and welcoming to users of all ages and boosting abilities.

However. the trail itself is rather uninviting. The trail is unsuitable for both tramps and horsemans to be utilizing at the same clip. It is really rare that you will see Equus caballuss on the trail ; even without the Equus caballuss. the trail is non about broad plenty for the sum of tramps it sees each twenty-four hours. Several people would instead run than walk Pinnacle Peak. and some like to bask their clip in nature while easy sauntering the trail. As mentioned before. households love this hiking. and bask brining their kids out to bask it with them.

Unfortunately. with the sum of people Pinnacle Peak attracts. there are frequently times when people will hold to either measure aside. or halt and wait for other hikers/runners to go through by. The waiting is raging and inconvenient. particularly for those to the full dedicated to their exercise. and necessitating to finish their hiking without a individual halt. Pam Carothers ( 2001 ) provinces in the article “Social Values Versus Interpersonal Conflict among Hikers and Mountain Bikers” that diversion struggle is a major issue. whether it is on a hike trail or on a lake. Interpersonal struggle between tramps and mountain rockerss may be related to rush. deficiency of courtesy. herding. or safety concerns. Safety issues. for illustration. have been linked to drag design ( blind corners ) and the behaviours of some mountain rockerss who ride excessively fast for bing conditions” ( page 48 ) . The same thought may use to smugglers versus tramps. and those who are on the trail to exert. versus those on the trail to bask the scenery.

The lone possibility to assisting with the “waiting” state of affairs would be a wider trail. nevertheless that procedure would be really long and boring. every bit good as expensive. Management has provided two rest countries throughout the trail in which people can step aside. allow people go through. catch a drink of H2O. and bask the scenery. all while remaining out of other tramps ways. A few more rest stops/pull out countries could assist out with the congestion and waiting. every bit good as people cutting corners and perchance wounding them egos.

Before you reach the trail head. there is an information centre with booklets. safety packages. and attentive voluntaries desiring to reply any inquiries you may hold about the trail. scenery or environing wildlife. John Loleit. Recreation Coordinator at Pinnacle Peak says. “Year unit of ammunition. you have a good opportunity of descrying wildlife. particularly in the early forenoon and at dusk” . The information centre besides has bright. elaborate images of harmful insects. animate beings. and workss to maintain an oculus out for on the trail.

Following to the information centre are bathrooms. really good maintain all twelvemonth long with accessible stables and H2O fountains. Because the trail is technically used for horsemans. excessively. some kind of Equus caballus installations would be appropriate. Water troughs. big countries to park dawdlers. and hitching stations would wholly be highly helpful for those with Equus caballuss. Possibly with these excess installations. the trail would pull more horsemans. As mentioned earlier. this site is really popular to households. Childs are ever playing on the stones and benches at the beginning of the trail and rest country.

In most instances this would be unsafe and unacceptable. nevertheless Pinnacle Peak is really “kid friendly” . and everything is set up for the safety of the tramps. Several smugglers cut across the trail on busy yearss when there are battalions of people herding certain countries. Even with the logs and stones barricading off the corners. it is hard to avoid this state of affairs. Large groups of tramps love to halt and take images together with the beautiful desert scenery in the background. And who could fault them? Pinnacle Peak does an astonishing occupation in taking advantage of its many positions.

No affair where you are on the trail. you will hold a breath taking position of either Four Peaks or Tom’s Thumb. and at the right clip of twenty-four hours. the mixture of pinks and reds of the scene Sun. I noticed right off that Pinnacle Peak’s trail is non “horse friendly” . even though it is supposed to provide to equestrian demands every bit good as walkers. The trail has several staircases made of logs and stones. both really hard for Equus caballuss to mount. The trail. along with the deficiency of Equus caballus installations. likely discourages many horsemans from go toing Pinnacle Peak.

Many Equus caballus proprietors live in the country around Pinnacle Peak ; if they built a few installations and fixed the trail to work with Equus caballuss. they would be seeing a big addition of attendants. I besides noticed that the trail was built in such a manner that it works absolutely with the contours of the mountain. There are stretches of both smooth surfaces and acclivitous ascents. tight curves and long straightaways. They decidedly used the country to the best of their ability when be aftering out how the trail would run.

By finishing this undertaking I learnt the importance of be aftering in front and taking into consideration how people interact with their environment. I think that when it comes clip to be after an event. installation. or specific environment. researching other rivals is important. to see what works. what doesn’t work. and what you are traveling to make to be proactive against certain issues. I expect to utilize this information professionally to assist program in front for any event or installation in my hereafter. The more cognition and small tips I build now. the more prepared I will be for my professional calling.