Watergate Nursing Home: A Case Study Essay

Watergate Nursing Home is a private. non-profit 178-bed capacity nursing installation located in Washington. D. C. It was purchased five old ages ago by a non-profit corporation based in New York City. It is the 2nd largest installation owned by the corporation and the lone 1 with more than 50 percent public wage occupants. The managerial staff of Watergate is composed of Mr. Merrian. the decision maker ; Dr. Phelps. the medical manager ; Mrs Kay. the nursing supervisor ; Mrs. Hill. the dietetic supervisor ; Mr. Wing the caput of housework. and Mr. Black. the caput of Maintenance. Watergate is being supervised by the corporate supervisor. Mrs.

North. who visits the installation every month. Mrs. North has a repute of being modern in her managerial methods and although she is nice. she is non really much welcome at Watergate since the staff are traditional. They consider the corporate supervisor as an foreigner who gets in their manner of running the installation. On Mrs. North’s foremost supervisory visit to Watergate. she requested for studies from the different sections and asked for a two hr day-to-day meetings with the staff. In her two-week stay in the installation. a figure of concerns have been noticed that needs to be addressed.

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Mrs North found out that the decision maker. Mr. Merrian. had been with the company for five old ages already. He oversees all inside informations of the operation. He is well-liked by the staff since he is non demanding and is rather slack in his managerial technique. He does non set any force per unit area on his staff and allows them free reign on their several sections. Credentials-wise. he is qualified. He has a grade in concern aministration and has worked as an helper decision maker prior to working at Watergate. However. he is soft-hearted and avoids confrontations with any member of the staff for fright that he might ache them.

Therefore. section concerns are left to their several caputs to be solved and answered. The 2nd concern that was noted was in the dietetic section. Mrs. Hill’s budget showed a sudden rise in natural nutrient cost and for the past two months she had been over budget. Harmonizing to her she was holding nutrient deficits peculiarly on weekends despite telling proper sums of nutrient. It was besides noted that there is an addition in absenteeism and lateness in this section. Likewise. employees were often run intoing in little groups when the supervisor was non about. The decision maker. nevertheless. was non making anything about it and was reliant on Mrs.

Hill to work out this peculiar job. The care section. on the other manus did non run into the criterions of the wellness section. Their jobs included deficiency of preventative care agenda. failure of the staff to go to safety commission meetings. and outdated care manual. The corporation has already submitted a program for preventative care agenda topic for execution by Mr. Black. However. he had non complied with the agenda and still missed commission meetings. Mr. Black did non hold the forbearance and the leading accomplishments to hold the necessary programs implemented.

There were besides electrical fixs that needed to be fixed. There was besides a fire incident that was allegedly due to a lighted lucifer that was thrown in the refuse can. On top of the fixs. there was besides a job on the rigorous execution of the smoke policy. In the nursing section. the job lies on the physicians. The morale of the staff was high. nevertheless. they were acquiring discouraged because physicians were non actively interested in their patients. This was because their clinic agendas in Watergate were non regular. hence. no echt patient-doctor resonance was established.

Dr. Phelps was non able to turn to this job although he was already cognizant about it. In the housework section. the employee turnover was high although absenteeism is low. It was found that Mr. Wing. the section caput is really rigorous with respect to absenteeism. Employees were non allowed to be absent. There was a great trade of tenseness and dissatisfaction among the employees due to the stringency of the section caput. Mr. Merrian was cognizant of this but the employees could non state them of their grudges because he would non run into with them without Mr. Wing.

Among the occupants. there were incidents of larceny. The occupants seemed to be happy though. It was noted that there were a figure of occupants recommended for a lower degree of attention. This would intend that these occupants need to be released from the installation since Watergate was non licensed for independent patient attention. Independent patients would necessitate single populating units with primary wellness attention. Last. Watergate needed a five-year strategic program inclusive of enlargement of bing installations. This program would be submitted to the corporation central office. Mr.

Merrian has non started with these programs yet. Facts of the Case This is a instance of a 178-bed capacity nursing installation providing to private and public wage occupants. located in the urban country of Washington. D. C. . The installation had been under a private corporation for five old ages already with no operational jobs. However. on a closer expression. there were internal jobs that were noted. Mr. Merrian. the decision maker who personally oversees the overall operation of the installation was under the supervising of Mrs. North. the freshly designated corporate supervisor. Contrary to Mr.

Merrian. Mrs. North is modernistic in her managerial methods and prefers an aggressive attack to the jobs of the installation at manus. Mr. Merrian. on the other manus. lacked the Fe leading to implement alterations in the installation. His traditional managerial technique. is wholly reliant on the determinations of the section caputs of Watergate. Each of the section supervisors of the installation felt that their several sections were problem-free. They were all traditional that they do non see the wholistic consequence of the minor jobs in their several section. Mrs.

North was assigned to convey Watergate to corporate criterions and to turn to its insufficiencies in patient attention. dining and eating aid. medicine distribution and preventative care. She was hopeful that the strategic program that she and Mr. Merrian would invent could reply these concerns. Thereby. elating the quality of attention and installation that Watergate can give to its occupants. Premises Based on the instance presented. the undermentioned premises can be raised. First. it can be assumed that Mr. Merrian would be able to invent a strategic program that would turn to the present job of each of the section.

Second. it should be assumed that Mrs. North would be able to bridge between the employees and their several supervisors every bit good as the decision maker. It should be assumed that Mrs. North would be able to edify Mr. Merrian and his section caputs on the presence of jobs in Watergate. It is important that these people realize that there are existing concerns that needs to be addressed. that much betterment is needed in footings of managerial techniques. Problems and Issues that need to be addressed 1. Mrs. Hill’s overbudgeting. 2.

The tenseness and dissatisfaction among the employees under Mr. Wing’s supervising. 3. The deficient care of the installation. 4. The hapless resonance between physicians and nurses and between doctor’s and patients. 5. Mr. Merrian’s leading manner. Options and Solutions First. allow us undertake the jobs in the dietetic section. The job in overbudgeting was brought approximately by the unfastened door policy to the occupants and their household. Mr. Merrian has maintained this policy which allowed the occupants to convey in their household to the installation.

During weekends. more household members can see the occupants. hence. the deficit on nutrient. The household members may be allowed to see on weekends but they should non be covered by the nutrient disbursals or the nutrient supply in the installation. Visiting household members should convey their ain nutrient and supplies. The budget and nutrient allocation should be purely limited to the occupants and staff. Mrs. Hill may besides choose to revise her bill of fares peculiarly on weekends when nutrient deficit normally occurs. Simpler bill of fare may necessitate smaller budgets. Likewise. Mrs.

Hill could open a canteen or a shop that would sell nutrient to the visitants. A canteen or shop may besides be opened in the installation wherein sing household members can purchase nutrient for their ingestion while they are in the premises. Residents can besides purchase if they like. This will be able to bring forth extra income to the section and the installation. If Mrs. Hill could non afford to hold her ain canteen. the canteen may besides be opened for cargos and concessioners among household members. with monthly leases to Watergate every bit good as a per centum portion from the income.

Since many visitants come to Watergate. this may be a good concern venture. As celebrated. there was an addition in the figure of tardiness and absenteeism among the dietetic staff. The little group meetings that occur whenever the supervisor is non about may precipitate a rise of a brotherhood group. These incidents indicate that the staff have some beginning of dissatisfaction which needs to be investigated. These little group meetings. if non fixed early. may take to a bigger work stoppage among the employees. It is possible that Mrs. Hill was passing some of the budget and the staff was cognizant of it.

Therefore. it is a long term program to carry on a monthly or quarterly audit of the budget and disbursals of Mrs. Hill. There should be a cheque and balance since there is money involved. The job in the housework section is really important. It is of import for the staff to experience of import and valued. The high turnover of employees should be addressed. Loyalty among new employees would be hard to obtain. It is the duty of Mr. Merrian to equilibrate the stringency of Mr. Wing. Likewise. it is of import to run into the staff without Mr. Wing around so that the former would be able to aerate out their grudges.

This manner. Mr. Merrian would be able to bridge the spread and Fe out the feeling of dissatisfaction among the staff. Meanwhile. Mrs. North can speak to the housekeeping staff. She might be able to convert them to aerate out their jobs and take appropriate actions or recommendations. The long term program could include more inducements to loyal employees and to the good performing artists. Incentives may non needfully be pecuniary. instead it could be in the signifier of commendations and awards With respect to the job in the care section. it is of import to remind Mr. Black sing the range of his duties.

The new processs in the “plan of correction” should be implemented every bit shortly as possible. The fire incident. though minor. was an index that the policy on smoke was non purely implemented. The incident should be a warning for Mr. Black to fasten his regulations on the no smoke policy of the establishment. Mr. Black had besides mentioned the deficiency of work force to acquire the fixs done. The occupants may be encouraged to take portion in the fixs. The household members may be asked to assist excessively. Major fixs that needs extra work force and support may be reported to the central offices.

Volunterism from the occupants and the household members may be solicited. Sing the good chumminess and the happy environment among occupants and staff. aid will non be hard to obtain. Mr Black seems to be negligent in most of his responsibilities. If he does non better and alter his ways. replacing him with a new section caput would be a extremist but good solution. The job between the nurses and the physicians may be addressed by giving more inducements to the physicians who have patients in the nursing place. Dr. Phelps should promote the physicians to carry on unit of ammunitions with the patient.

The corporation should engage more resident physicians. If this is non possible. Dr. Phelps should do more attempt in set uping physician and patient resonance. He can schedule meetings between physicians and nurses weekly or even twice a hebdomad merely for patient and intervention updates. If possible. another meeting with the staff and the patients will be conducted even one time a month so that patients can besides be updated with their intervention. They can be given a opportunity to speak with their several physicians every bit good run into other physicians which they can see as future doctors.

Such conferences will similarly be good to the physicians because they will be given the opportunity to acquire more patients. Last. with respect to the hapless leading manner of Mr. Merrian. Mrs. North should show the consequences of her findings to Mr. Merrian. He should be made to recognize that even though his section caputs seemed to be autonomous. his close supervising over them is still necessary. Bing the superintendent of the installation. it is a must for him to guarantee that his section caputs are making their occupation good. Regular conferences may be conducted to supervise activities and concerns in all sections.

Specifically. he should speak with the employees in the housework section to listen to their grudges or jobs. There are ways to work out jobs without being confrontational. so his fright of aching his staff may be avoided. Mr. Merrian should name Mr. Wing’s attending sing his method of running the housework section. High employee turnover is non good for the company. Loyalty is hard to obtain from new employees. Mr. Merrian should besides look into on Mrs. Hill’s market list to guarantee that the budget truly goes to the nutrient and non to some excess points which are non for the installation.

An supplement to the unfastened door policy should besides be implemented which include prohibition of sing household members from eating in the installation. Mr. Merrian should construction his strategic programs along the current jobs aforementioned. These jobs have arisen due to hapless leading abilities and manner. It is possible to be effectual without endangering her good repute among his staff. Execution Plan The program for the betterment of the system in Watergate should affect chiefly. Mrs. North. Bing the corporate supervisor. she is superior to Mr. Merrian.

Therefore. she is the right individual to enforce the alterations in Mr. Merrian’s leading manner. She is besides the individual who is able to observe that alterations need to be made. Furthermore. Mrs. North can do the necessary recommendations to the caput office sing the public presentation of the decision maker. The following individual that should be involved in the program execution is Mr. Merrian along with his managerial staff. For the programs to be successful. the full cooperation of the section caputs is necessary. These people are traditional in their ways and arousing their cooperation would decidedly be hard.

Hopefully. in clip they would be able to see the demand for alteration and betterment and would collaborate. The occupants should besides be encouraged to fall in in the execution program. They should be made to recognize that betterments are being instituted for their public assistance so that they will be encouraged to follow new regulations and ordinances. The household members should besides be cognizant that new programs for the betterment of Watergate are being instituted. A conference may be called and programs may be presented to them in order to bring forth support and suggestions.

Last. the central office should be made cognizant of the programs. Additional budget and allotment will be needed to do these programs feasible. Repairs of dining countries. electrical fixs. and extra independent life quarters entail extra cost in footings of labour and stuffs. In general. the program execution requires the conjunct attempts of all the people involved with Watergate. They should be encouraged to be supportive since the betterments that will be done would be good to all individuals involved. Decision

The ultimate aim of conveying Watergate up to corporate criterions would be a slow but possible procedure. The chief obstruction in this end is the existing traditional attitude of the managerial staff which could turn out immune to any signifier of alteration. Mrs. North is faced with a great challenge of winning the cooperation of the directors and staff who are set in their ways. The suggestions and programs may be taken negatively by the directors. She has set a six month time-frame for these programs and its traveling to be a tough occupation. However. every bit long as she is able to keep good resonance with the directors. this is executable.

Furthermore. the fact that despite the aforesaid jobs. Watergate has maintained good relationship with the occupants and their households. is a indicates that the directors are fundamentally good people who are concerned with their occupants. The key to the success of these programs is to do the managerial staff recognize that the programs are for the public assistance of Watergate. Watergate has been solvent for five old ages already. Given the necessary support and counsel from the caput office. and from Mrs. North. raising the criterions of Watergate is non an impossibleness.


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