The limits of my language Essay

Language is defined as “a system of communicating consisting of sounds. words and grammar. or the system of communicating used by the people of a peculiar state or profession” . ( Collins English Dictionary )

All linguistic communications are made up sounds and letters which form words. sentences and phrases. The development of a linguistic communication can outdo be illustrated by the promotion of a kid as it learns a linguistic communication. A babe begins by utilizing sounds to pass on. It learns these sounds from others and experiments with new sounds to judge the reaction of others ( a babe learns really rapidly that it will pull attending by shouting! ) . The following measure in its patterned advance is to larn words. which it does by copying others. It is merely one time the kid goes to school that it begins to understand the connexion between letters. words and sounds. All through this development the Child’s apprehension and usage of linguistic communication progresss. giving it entree to an of all time wider universe.

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Once the kid begins to read. another whole new country is opened up. giving it entree to information. sentiments and thoughts. Subsequently in school. the kid will get down to develop its ain sense of linguistic communication. With friends it will make a slang that merely people in its group will be capable of understanding decently. A instructor seeking to accommodate to this linguistic communication will shortly give up. The older the kid gets the more it will be able to construe the linguistic communication and utilize a broader vocabulary giving entree to an of all time wider universe.

By go toing school and farther instruction. the single starts to develop a specialized linguistic communication. depending on which subject it surveies. This new experience reflects in the linguistic communication of the kid. Depending on which topics are studied. it will utilize specific techniques. linguistic communications and looks. Some studies claim that a manual worker may hold an mean vocabulary of about 800 words and uses basic grammatical constructions and looks. In contrast. the studies say that a university alumnus may hold an mean vocabulary of 2. 000-2. 500 words and will utilize more complex grammatical constructions and a more complicated linguistic communication. ( Thuengen-survey. Germany 1997 )

The boundaries of the child’s universe expand. as it grows up. because of its capableness to understand and utilize linguistic communication. Even as an grownup. the boundaries can still be expanded. through larning a foreign linguistic communications or analyzing a topic in item ( e. g. medical specialty or politics. ) and adding farther to knowledge and vocabulary. Conversely. a individual who is disabled and can non hear or talk will non be able to develop its universe as rapidly or every bit loosely as person who has these senses. However. it might be argued that their experiences in larning with this disablement. develop their universe in ways which non handicapped people do non see. Similarly. the aging procedure. accidents or unwellnesss can frequently take to an grownup losing the power of address or hearing which will besides take to an established universe being reduced or restricted in some manner.

Wittgenstein wrote that “it is the construction of linguistic communication that conditions how we think about the universe and. hence. how we perceive it” . Having established that linguistic communication consists of sounds. letters and words. grammar. puts the words into a specific construction to organize sentences. However. the construction of a linguistic communication is non merely dependent upon its grammar but besides on the aims of its user. For illustration. person who wants to convert his hearers of something may utilize euphemisms. This technique uses different looks to arouse the coveted feeling in the hearer. A individual may talk of “pacification” but average “bombing” . “revenue enhancement” but average “taxation” or “non retention” in topographic point of “firing” . The usage of such phrases is common amongst politicians. attorneies and business communities.

Further development of linguistic communication can affect the usage of wordplaies ( play on words e. g. : “Manchester United achieve their goals” ) . irony ( dry comment intended to injure e. g. : “What a lovely hair cut” ! ) . similes ( comparing of two unlike things e. g. : “So are you to my ideas as nutrient to life” -Shakespeare- ) and innuendos ( indirect or elusive. derogative deduction in look e. g. : “That Stella loves to speak with fellow” -Swift- ) .

These techniques give linguistic communication an huge power. George Orwell’s fresh “1984” is likely the best illustration of what power linguistic communication can hold. In “1984” a linguistic communication was invented by the authorities. called Newspeak that used words which would. one time in usage. command the ideas of the population. We can therefore state that Wittgenstein’s statement that “the bounds of linguistic communication are the bounds of the world” . applies for the people in “1984” .

Although Orwell’s universe is merely fictional. the power of linguistic communication besides appears in today’s universe. A good illustration is likely the treatment on the Abortion Act in 1988. The question was about if the bound after which an abortion is illegal shall be reduced from 28 hebdomads to 18 hebdomads. Those who pleaded for the alteration used the look “killing a baby” instead than utilizing “terminating a pregnancy” which was used by their oppositions. Looking at the looks we find it easier to warrant the action if we hear and use “terminating a pregnancy” and can so reason in favor of “terminating a pregnancy” . ( illustration taken from “Understanding language” . article in “New Society” from the 22 January 1988 )

However. there are many different types of linguistic communication. For illustration. maths has invented. similar to the linguistic communication of music. a cosmopolitan linguistic communication. It is different from most linguistic communications since it is limited merely to maths or music. These linguistic communications can merely be helpful to people who understand maths or music but it does non count what linguistic communication the individual speaks because they are cosmopolitan linguistic communications with unitary marks and values. Another type of linguistic communication is body linguistic communication. Body linguistic communication is a non verbal communicating. in which gestures. positions and facial looks manifest assorted physical. mental. or emotional provinces. For illustration person who is embarrassed may turn ruddy or person who is seeking to lie may look down towards the floor more frequently.

Writers. poets and dramatists have ever been recognised for their part in developing linguistic communication. puting new readings on mundane state of affairss and events. Similarly. journalists. politicians and business communities ( particularly attorneies ) who earn their life from the usage of linguistic communication continue to develop linguistic communication.

Personally. I agree with Wittgenstein’s statement that “the bounds of one’s linguistic communication are the bounds of one’s world” . I have made the experience that when I moved house. I found it difficult to fall in in a conversation amongst immature people. The more I got used to their manner of speech production and utilizing linguistic communication. the easier I found it to fall in in the conversation. So I can state that through spread outing my linguistic communication. my possibilities besides grew.

I made a similar experience as I learnt Gallic. The first clip I was in France I could non talk the linguistic communication and could therefore non take portion in the Gallic “life” . After I had studied French for 3 old ages I went on an exchange trip to France. This clip I could actively take portion in the Gallic “life” .

To reason we can state that the more somebody’s learns about linguistic communication. the bigger becomes his universe. Wittgenstein’s statement is hence right. If person learns a foreign linguistic communication his skyline expands vastly. Conversely. when he moves to a foreign state his possibilities becomes limited because he can non talk the linguistic communication.


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