Unitar International University Was Established Marketing Essay

UNITAR International University was established in 1997, and represents as one of the first Private Higher Educational Institutions in the state. In add-on to its chief campus located at Leisure Commerce Square, Petaling Jaya the university collaborates with legion Independent Regional Centres across the state with a population of more than 9,000 pupils in 60 academic programmes. The university prides itself in developing outstanding Foundation, Diploma, Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate programmes to run into the demands and aspirations of in its diverse and extremely gifted pupil organic structure.

UNITAR envisions itself to be the taking Centre of excellence in supplying quality instruction, research & A ; development and preparation in the Fieldss of Business Administration, Education & A ; Social Sciences, Early on Childhood Studies, Information Technology and Hospitality & A ; Tourism Management surveies within Malaysia and in the ASEAN part. With UNITAR ‘s mission to bring forth the most extremely sought after alumnuss in the field of their specialisation, all programmes offered are developed through close audience with the most outstanding senior academe in the state, concerns and our collaborative industry spouses. With a host of first rate, current and industry focused course of studies ; all programmes are approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia and exceed the criterions of excellence required of the Malayan Qualifications Agency.

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The University caters to a wide pupil organic structure, runing from fresh school-leavers, center and senior direction professionals, business communities, home-maker ‘s and even retired persons through our conventional and distance acquisition programmes. With a firm committedness to continually endeavor for evergreen excellence, UNITAR is fast going an of import higher instruction participant within Malaysia and in the part. As an advanced acquisition university, the results of which we aspire are to bring forth the most employable alumnuss in the market for their several Fieldss, supply the best acquisition ‘ecosystem ‘ of which pupils are best able to absorb cognition and to make a sustainable learning establishment of growing and adulthood.

1.2 Title

The rubric proposed for this research survey is “ A survey on service quality taking to client satisfaction: Case analyze on UNITAR International University ” .

The purposed of this survey is to advance the involvement on the country called “ service quality ” and trust to show the important relationship it has on client satisfaction with hope to upgrade UNITAR International University service degree in peculiar every bit good as other services so that they will apportion themselves to go first university.


Recently there had been many ailments and concern about the service quality provided by the university, highlighted by the pupils and parents and besides the staffs and personal experience by research worker.

I intend, through this basic research of mine, to advance the involvement on this country and called “ service quality ” and trust to show the important relationship it has on client ‘s satisfaction with the hope to upgrade UNITAR International University service degree every bit good as other service industries.


I intend to accomplish the undermentioned aim through research:

To demo the significance of service quality has on client satisfaction

To foreground the service quality degree that is the major factor that consequence client satisfaction degree.

To promote more research into service quality

To foreground spread for better service

To supply the necessary support and motive for more research in the country of service quality so that we achieve our aim.

To help UNITAR International University with informations on how service quality will impact client satisfaction so that they can develop themselves to be universe category University.


What are the quality factors that effects client satisfaction?

What is the importance of service quality factors from client ‘s point of position?

What is the consequence of quality and quality factors on satisfaction?

What is the relationship between quality and satisfaction in this survey?


From the beginning of the “ client service revolution ” about 25 old ages ago, a organic structure of concern research has focused on client satisfaction and client focused organisations.

Business adviser, corporation and others have worked to place the feature of organisation that systematically please their clients, to develop tools for supervising client ‘s satisfaction and to construct uninterrupted quality betterment system that respond to client feedback.

Keywords: client satisfaction, quality

2.1 What is client satisfaction?

The definition of client satisfaction is the grade of satisfaction provided by the goods or services of a company as step by the figure of repetition clients ( businessdictionary.com )

Customer ‘s satisfaction is a corporate result of perceptual experience, rating, psychological reaction to the ingestion of experience in a merchandises ( Yi, 1990 ) .According to ( Kottler,2000, P 36 ) “ satisfaction is a individual ‘s feeling pleasance or letdown ensuing from comparing a merchandise perceived public presentation or result in relation to his or her outlook.

Satisfaction besides is based on the client ‘s experience of both contact with the organisation ( the “ minute of truth ” as it is called in concern literature and personal result.

Some defined satisfied client as “ one who received satisfied added value ” . Service are mostly intangible and hence hard to explicate and hard for client to measure before purchase and this particular accent is placed on the selling of the services and it should be ethical and present what that has been advertised or pass on to the client.

2.2 Quality

Service Quality is a term which describes a comparing of outlook with public presentation ( Wikipedia ) . For illustration client compared the past experience of sensed service with their expected service.

Orr ( 1973 ) defined quality as associating to how good a service is and non needfully how big or extended. The receivers of a service hence must see quality, which may besides be a belongings of the service itself and the client, and non needfully of the supplier.

Quality can besides be seen as associating to the fittingness of a service or merchandise to its intended intent of usage, capable to the satisfaction of the client, user or populace. Quality hence, must be in conformance with the client ‘s demand or demands. This means that the quality of service can be definition of the client ‘s satisfaction of what is good or bad, satisfied or unsated service ( Barnard 1993 ) .

Armstrong ( 1991 ) contends that the standards of quality, which clients ascribe to service include:


Responsive or timeless

Dependability or truth, up-to-date and relevancy

Security or non-threatening behaviour, friendliness and helpfulness

Communication or easiness to utilize

Assurance or dependability and consistence

Affordability, tangibleness or within the monetary value scope

Example of quality service is such as ; received the package at the same twenty-four hours by courier service ( B ) . Meaning that the service from this messenger service ( B ) is really excellence compared to the old messenger service ( A ) that we used.

Parasuraman ( 1985 ) defined service quality as “ The planetary rating or attitude of overall excellence of services ” . Parasuraman ( 1988 ) quality is determined by the differences between the client ‘s outlooks of service supplier ‘s public presentation and their rating of the services they received.

Parasuraman ( 1994 ) quality and client satisfaction are conceptually distinguishable but closely related structurally.

2.3 Online services

With the reaching of cyberspace engineering, this encourage new chance with the on-line theoretical account.

“ Due to the move to high velocity cyberspace communicating and enormous increased in calculating power, web latency has begun to play more of import to find service response clip. This will significantly impact on client satisfaction ( Aboolian, Yi Sun and Kochler 2007 ) .

There are four dimensions that come out to be of import for on-line services such as ; the quality of user interface, reactivity, need fulfillment and security.

2.4 Customer Service

Research has shown that the resource penchant theoretical account enhance theoretical project of cross-cultural consumer behaviour and supply civilization specific guideline for mensurating inevitable service failure.

It is of import that the company present service systematically and the staff must be observant and diligent so that no equivocal service tendered to the client. The staff must be passionate ( Dennis Whaitley, In hunt of excellence ) to function everyone without fright and favour.

Employee must be trained to understand the importance of quality and to function everyone reasonably and give an equal attending.

2.5 Handiness

It is included the list of company ‘s street and electronic mail reference, phone and facsimile figure, handiness of service representative, handiness of the confab room, bulletin board and other communicating channels

2.6 Dependability

This refers to the bringing of services as it relates to dependableness and truth such as:

Giving right reply to the related inquiry

Making relevant information available

Keeping records consistent with existent position

Keeping computing machine databases up and running

Make certain all the notices current and delinquent are accurate

2.7 Responsiveness

Responsiveness step the preparedness of University staff in supplying the service:

Seasonableness in presenting needed information

Making new information available

2.8 Assurance

Measure the cognition and courtesy of University staff and their ability to convey assurance:

Valuing all petition for information every bit and conveying the importance of an question to the client ( pupil, parent and stakeholder )

The staff visual aspect ( must be orderly and clean )

The staff must hold acquaintance working with equipments and engineering.

Supplying attending and acknowledging clients specific demand

2.9 Communication

Communicationss measures the ability to maintain the clients informed in the sense that they understand and besides the ability to listen to them:

No slang communicating used

Gentle follow-up to any inquiry and ailments

Quality of service is a uninterrupted procedure of examined and re-examine the demands of the clients. A suggestion box has been provided at the Student Workstation country for the pupils to impart their suggestions or ailments and the direction will enter and take action to ease the suggestions or ailments as a feedback.


In order to develop this survey I formulated the variables as ;

H1: Online services is related to quality and client satisfaction towards University

H2: Customer Services is related to quality and client satisfaction towards the University

H3: Handiness is related to quality and client satisfaction towards the University

H4: Dependability is related to quality and client satisfaction towards the University

H5: Responsiveness is related to quality and client satisfaction towards the University

H6: Assurance is related to quality and client satisfaction towards the University

H7: Communication is related to quality and client satisfaction towards the University

The Dependent variable ( DV ) for the survey will be “ quality and client satisfaction ”



Online Servicess

Customer Servicess

Quality and Customer Satisfaction