What Is Forensic Auditing Information Technology Essay

In the last decennary, we have seen a figure of major accounting dirts ( Enron and WorldCom ) that have been extensively reported.A In all of these fraud instances, forensic hearers were employed and were able to detect assorted fiscal statement development methods and the different principles behind each crime.A With the passing recent statute law and continued progresss in engineering, forensic auditing has become an progressively of import project to bring out the ever-changing fraud techniques exploited in this twenty-four hours and age.A This study summarizes what the forensic auditing procedure entails and introduces the audience to the thoughts behind computing machine forensics.A From at that place, this paper will concentrate on making an consciousness of the necessary resources required to carry on a successful forensic audit.A Such resources include package bundles used for assemblage, continuing and analysing digital grounds and the necessary accomplishments, preparation and enfranchisements that a forensic hearer must possess.A A

What is Forensic Auditing?

Forensic scrutinizing trades with an extended scope of analytical work that is performed by adept accountants.A This line of work typically involves an scrutiny of the fiscal personal businesss of a company and is often connected with size uping deceitful activity.A Forensic scrutinizing consists of the full probe procedure, including holding the research worker service as an expert informant in a trial.A Forensic comptrollers are even qualified to look into state of affairss that are non fraud-related.A These might include the subsiding of financial issues of a concern or differences between insurance claims. ( Student Accountant, 2008 )

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A The forensic probe encompasses the necessary stairss taken to roll up grounds in a suspected fraud case.A The forensic audit is comparable to a fiscal audit, where a planning phase, an grounds assemblage stage, a reappraisal process, and a client study, are implemented. The hearer uses a assortment of audit techniques to acknowledge and assemble evidence.A The hearer may desire to happen cogent evidence of how long the fraud had been happening or the mode it was conducted.A The hearer can besides garner grounds against the suspect if a tribunal instance were to proceed.A The findings may include: the suspect ‘s purposes, any grounds of collusion, any physical grounds discovered, and remarks made by the suspect.A The purposes of this probe would be to find if fraud had occurred, place those involved, mensurate the fiscal loss, and present findings to the client and perchance tribunal. ( Student Accountant, 2008 ) Much of the work of the hearer is prepared utilizing tools and processs that are implemented through computing machine technological agencies.

A Computer Forensics

The IS hearer frequently advises on fraud through the usage of computing machine forensics and ensures organisational conformity with IT laws.A Computer forensics involves the methods used to delve up information from storage medium utilizing dependable and accurate tools.A The purpose is to happen the world behind a peculiar state of affairs by placing the aggressor and assemblage cogent evidence that can be used in a tribunal of law.A Additionally, computing machine forensics is used to assist protect a company ‘s digital assets from farther threats.A During the probe, the hearer must utilize discretion to keep privateness and unity of data.A The hearer must besides do certain informations is merely available to designated parties.A The IS hearer can bespeak if legal advice is needed for an organisation and find the countries that need to be profoundly analyzed. ( ISACA, 2004 )

Computer forensics can been utile in a huge figure of IT-related situations.A Examples of these can include fraud, spying, slaying, extortion, engineering development, malicious electronic mail, informations escape, stealing, Spam, choping and improper money transfers.A Situations such as these can be resolved through elaborate analysis of the events that occurred and the compilation of suited evidence.A The challenge in this sort of work is roll uping informations, protecting it, and doing it reliable in a tribunal of law.A To make this, forensic analysis requires using a precise set of resources and tools to group, procedure, understand, and do usage of digital evidence.A These resources guarantee a thorough probe of all activities to verify the onslaught, restore critical information, predict farther menaces, and do the digital information suitable in condemnable proceedings. ( ISACA, 2004 ) A The balance of this paper will concentrate on some of these resources and how they are leveraged to carry on a forensic audit investigation.A The treatment will get down by placing the package tools that are typically used and stop with an geographic expedition into the critical human resources that are needed for a successful investigation.A A A

A Acquisition Tools

When carry oning a forensic audit probe, one of the first things that a forensic hearer must make is garner and continue the digital evidence.A This is called the acquisition process.A During this procedure it is highly of import that the grounds be collected and stored utilizing sure methodological analysiss and tools because it may subsequently be used in a condemnable or civil tribunal action.A Possibly one of the most sure package applications on the market today for making this is NTI ‘s SafeBack.A SafeBack is a tool used to make a mirror-image, or bit-stream backup file, of any storage device, such as a difficult drive.A NTI suggests, “ The procedure is correspondent to photography and the creative activity of a exposure negative.A Once the exposure negative has been made several exact reproductions can be made of the original. “ A The proper aggregation and saving of grounds is so critical to forensic scrutinizing that big sums of research are conducted in this country alone.A In fact recent research and development has produced the digital grounds bag, which is further explained further below.A

Digital Evidence Bags

Over the old ages, one of the most of import tools used by offense scene research workers has been the fictile grounds bag.A These bags help research workers collect and unafraid physical grounds, guaranting that the all of import concatenation of detention is maintained.A As a consequence of a recent ‘US Air Force Research Laboratory ‘ undertaking, a similar construct named the digital grounds bag has been developed for the country of computing machine forensics.A A digital grounds bag ( DEB ) is a “ cosmopolitan container for digital grounds of any source.A It allows the birthplace to be recorded and continuity to be maintained throughout the life of the exhibit ” ( Turner, 2007 ) .A In short, DEBs provide hearers with a dependable container for hive awaying grounds until it is released, destroyed, etc.A

A A digital grounds bag consists of three parts, each functioning a alone intent: the ticket, index, and bag files.A The ticket file is a apparent text file that contains of import metadata about the grounds including information related to the probe ( the clip the DEB was created, a description of what, when and where the grounds was captured, etc. ) A Possibly most significantly, this file besides contains information related to the unity of the DEB including its hash value and Tag Continuity Blocks ( TCBs ) that record when the DEB was accessed.A The index file contains information related to the informations itself including device used to capture it, the beginning and format.A The bag file could be considered the “ meat ” of the DEB as it contains the existent evidence/data.A While this could be in any format, it often takes form as a watercourse of spots or logical files ( Turner, 2007 ) .A

There are certain critical security elements intrinsic to a DEB that may assist transform it from bleeding-edge scientific discipline to a must hold for forensic auditors.A The first constitutional security property is rigorous hallmark requirements.A Accessing a DEB requires trimodal hallmark ( something you are, something you know, and something you have ) .A A The following security component intrinsic to DEBs is file integrity.A As stated earlier, DEBs contain a ticket file incorporating a hash value for the digital evidence.A These digital signatures help guarantee that the information has non been tampered with.A Last, DEBs have the ability to log who/what has accessed the file.A DEBs have engineering in topographic point to automatically enter what program/person accessed the file which is highly of import to assist hearers maintain the concatenation of detention ( Hosmer, 2006 ) .A

Analysis Tools

After the digital grounds has been decently gathered preserved, hearers must find what part of it constitutes existent evidence.A This analysis procedure typically evolves several stairss, each of which relies to a great extent on the velocity and efficiency of differing package applications.A Generally, the first tool that an hearer will utilize to analyze digital grounds for hints is a file listing and certification package package.A These bundles can analyze a bit-stream image and bring forth a listing of plans and files that were present on the original device.A While a listing of files is evidently an indispensable study, so excessively is the listing of installed programs.A With it, an hearer can look for package that is typically used to conceal, protect, encrypt or delete files from investigators.A The mere presence of encoding bundles such as ‘TrueCrypt ‘ or ‘Hide and Seek ‘ ( a cryptography tool that can conceal files within images ) show captive to conceal grounds and will assist the hearer determine which extra tools might be necessary. ( Bigler, 2001 ) .

A Another critical toolset in the forensic hearer ‘s toolkit are file recovery tools.A Many users think that one time they delete a file from their computing machine, that the information contained within it is gone forever.A Simply put, this is non the case.A “ When a user deletes a file, the file is non really destroyed.A Alternatively, the arrow to the file is deleted go forthing the contents of the file intact.A All deleted files go portion of the free infinite on the storage media which the computing machine later uses to hive away new files ” ( Bigler, 2001 ) .A It is because of this that deleted files can frequently be recovered utilizing a assortment of commercial and free merchandises on the market such as ProQuest ‘s ‘Lost & A ; Found ‘ or ‘FreeUndelete’.A When retrieving deleted files, hearers should pay particular attending to the file ‘s features, analyzing when the file was last viewed and deleted.A

A After a list of leery files has been accumulated, the hearer will necessitate a agencies of opening these files to look into their contents.A Obviously, a assortment of file types ( i.e. .doc, .gif, .xlsx, .pdf, etc ) could be on the image crossing a battalion of package sellers ( i.e. Microsoft, Adobe, etc ) .A In stead of roll uping a monolithic library of seller plans to open these files, hearers rely on file sing package packages.A File viewing audiences allow the hearer to open a battalion of different file types from one place.A One such package, Guidance Software ‘s ‘Encase ‘ merchandise, boasts that it has the ability to see over 400 different file types from one location ( www.guidancesoftware.com ) .A

Investigating a leery file utilizing a file spectator is comparatively easy to make if it is in a recognized format.A Often times nevertheless, felons will try to mask grounds by altering or taking a file ‘s extension.A For illustration, person seeking to cover up an Excel spreadsheet of scrupulous minutess might alter the file extension from.xls to.abc.A This type of alteration will non gull the well tooled hearer as there are tools on the market that can easy bring out this type of guise.A The first few bytes of most files contain a alone signature that is unseeable to the terminal user, but identifies its file type.A Merchandises such as Maresware ‘s ‘DiskCat ‘ can compare this concealed signature with the seeable file extension, easy placing mismatches ( Bigler, 2001 ) .A Any such mismatch should direct an immediate ruddy flag to the forensic hearer to justify farther probe.

A Another manner that offenders attempt to conceal grounds is my leveraging file encoding or watchword protection.A When files are encrypted or watchword protected, their contents can non be screened by digital hunt public-service corporations, doing them basically unseeable to forensic audit analysis. A To cover with instances like this, forensic hearers leverage password crackers that are expressly designed for this purpose.A The NTI corporation is possibly the leader in this infinite, offering a suite of tools called the Password Recover Tool Kit.A This toolkit is merely made available to corporate and authorities clients guaranting that they merely be used by forensic specializer and non for wrongdoing.A

A As described above, there are a overplus of tools available to help forensic hearers with their investigations.A These tools are chiefly used to garner, protect and analyze grounds and if used decently can greatly increase the efficiency and effectivity of a forensic audit.A However, these tools entirely do non guarantee a successful investigation.A Another cardinal resource needed to carry on a forensic audit is good trained staff.A The following subdivision of this paper will discourse the necessary human resources needed to in field of forensic auditing.A A A A A A A A A A A A

A The Necessary Skills of Forensic Auditor

The scrutinizing profession can be seen as a really complex and regulation abundant profession to many, and under certain fortunes it can go through as being merely that.A However, as one becomes more acclimated with the profession they start to see the many different faces that this calling can offer.A Forensic Auditing, while it does affect similar standards to other audits like fiscal statements audits, conformity audits, or information system audits, it can be viewed as more of an art than a science.A Unlike the other types of audits that can be performed, forensic auditing is different in that the hearer uses more of his subjective irrational thought instead than nonsubjective cheque sheets.A Nevertheless, there are guidelines and countries of ruddy flags that help indicate forensic hearers towards the usage of a specific type of trial or tool.A It is because of these differences that forensic hearers must possess an altered and more alone accomplishment set than traditional auditors.A This is due to the fact that much of what forensic scrutinizing trades with involves fraud and determining who and how it was committed, particularly via computing machines and digital information.A One of the biggest concerns and accomplishments that one needs to be a forensic hearer is to hold familiar jurisprudence enforcement and IT backgrounds.A These are non tough makings to wrap your caput around because forensic hearers are seen and portrayed as investigators in many cases.A Much of the informations that they use to work out a instance involves being able navigate and understand how information is stored via computing machines and the latest technology.A “ Having a solid IT background – non merely in package but hardware every bit good – is important for this work. In order to decently continue grounds, you need to travel out and decently manage big waiters, desktops, laptops. You need to take difficult thrusts, make images of them and decently papers everything you do ” ( Anthes, 2007 ) .A Many argue that the most of import portion of a forensic hearer is being able to efficaciously reason their findings in court.A One has to retrieve that forensic auditing is done in order find out how fraud was committed and who was the one behind the act, non to advert how much the victim lost because of the illegal act.A With that said, many times forensic hearers must attest in tribunal against suspects, or even complainants if the state of affairs arises.A That is why it is so of import for forensic hearers to hold the proper preparation and instruction on how to manage themselves in forepart of a judge.A Many times a forensic hearer has all of the grounds needed to endorse up his decision, nevertheless, the defence could writhe the topic in his favour and forensic hearers must be on their toes to react accordingly.A This is a tough trait to hold and frequently takes clip to develop, but merely like anything you have to be willing work to make where privation to be.A


As stated before forensic auditing, as with any profession, requires specialised preparation and accreditation.A To get down, the profession is really engineering oriented and as engineering alterations so does the methods and processs that forensic hearers take portion in, to transport out their aims. “ It ‘s the changeless changing nature of what we do, and portion of that is the altering engineering, both hardware and package ” ( Anthes, 2007 ) .A The capriciousness that the profession brings with it can look really thwarting to some, but it is the nature of the concern and has been accepted by those to take portion in it.A The preparation behind going a forensic hearer, in add-on to remaining updated with current engineering and doing certain they understand the dealing treating systems both manual and computerized controls, is that it deals with fundamentally how to obtain, manage, and analyze digital information ( Pearson and Singleton, 2008 ) .A Data excavation is a important facet of the forensic auditing profession.A Forensic hearers must be trained on proper topographic points to look for informations and how to pick out those countries with ruddy flags.A This could even take to anyplace from happening concealed informations, capturing images, placing, roll uping, and continuing computing machine grounds, to understanding encoding and analyzing encrypted files.A Some illustrations of where forensic hearers might hold to look for digital grounds include laptops, desktops, external difficult thrusts, leap thrusts, media cards, electronic mail, cell phones, PDAs, and waiters on the internet.A They must be able to suitably acknowledge those countries of high fraud hazard and make up one’s mind on which audit tools and techniques would be most effectual every bit good as efficient in measuring the likeliness of fraud.A On the other manus, it is advantageous to learn that uninterrupted monitoring and scrutinizing package is utile for bar, disincentive, and sensing of deceitful minutess go throughing through accounting information systems ( Pearson and Singleton, 2008 ) .A Furthermore, there may be incidents where the hearer is non certain of a specific rating or account.A This is where the hearer must be trained to understand that sometimes certain cases may convey arise to the demand of a specializer in order to find the proper value or other audit grounds needed.

Equally far as going a forensic hearer, enfranchisement is non normally extremely sought, or required, particularly in comparing with the CPA certification.A The usual way to hold a calling in the field involves obtaining a grade in accounting, and sometimes even Masterss, which leads to going a CPA.A The following measure is going a certified fraud tester, or CFE.A Next, the ACFE, or American College of Forensic Examiners, offers a plan affecting the enfranchisement of a forensic accountant.A In order to sit for the scrutiny 1 must possess a CPA license.A Finally, one needs become embedded in a calling that is related to those like the FBI, CIA, or other type of industry involved with look intoing Acts of the Apostless of fraud ( Miller, 2010 ) .A Besides, there are many other forensic enfranchisements out at that place that can be obtained ; it is merely that many of them merely cover with certain facets that a forensic hearer would utilize during their investigation.A Some illustrations include computing machine forensic enfranchisements and digital forensic enfranchisements, which would come in ready to hand if one was a forensic auditor.A This leads to the fact that many times forensic hearers do n’t hold merely one over all enfranchisement that they get, but many different forensic enfranchisements depending on what types of audits they take portion in.A

In decision, forensic auditing is an project that requires the usage of specially trained professionals.A Not merely are these members extremely complete and experienced in the countries of accounting and auditing, but besides knowing in law.A There are a assortment of tools used by forensic hearers that are needed to look into the different types of deceitful activities.A In the event that a fraud instance goes to tribunal, the squad must be able to looking in tribunal to explicate what was done and how the squad came to its decisions ( Student Accountant ) .A The demand for forensic auditing has n’t shown marks of decelerating down, but is turning more as clip goes on.A Technology will go on to progress in the old ages to come and felons will happen new ways to endanger the being of organisations.