Whipping Boy Essay

Race separation and hierarchy has been a large portion of our universe history and is still a job in some states. In the older yearss. race decided whether you were a human being or merely a “tool” to others advantage. In the 1800 century was there a alteration in the American history. where slaves were going freewomans. and the short narrative “The Whipping Boy” describes in fiction how it may or may non hold been in the alteration of history. The floging male child concerns a household bondage farm. where they have three slaves Mikey. Tommy and Martha. One twenty-four hours on the farm a male child from the Union comes to the farm and breaks the intelligence. that they are freewomans and they can make whatever they want. The intelligence thrills Mikey and Tommy. but Martha is still a spot insecure about the state of affairs. because she is taking attention of the old Mrs. Gage. who lives on the farm with her boy Master Sterling Gage. Master Sterling Gage is non at the farm when the intelligence arrives. and Martha is hence concerned for old Mrs.

Pot. that she will hunger to decease. The three slaves stays on the farm. and one twenty-four hours. when Mikey is puting on the couch inside his former Masterss house. with a bottle of Bourbon. Master Sterling Gage returns place and gimmicks Mikey in the act. He gets ferocious and hits him. Master Sterling Gage goes out of the house. to saddle his Equus caballus because he has to travel into town. but Tommy and Mikey onslaughts him from buttocks and about putting to deaths him. Martha breaks it off. and they escape alternatively. they do non do it far until some Confederate soldiers stop them. and they kill the three freed slaves. The narrative is set in the center of the 1800th. which besides in existent clip had significance in history. The civil American war started in 1861. It all started when several provinces abolished bondage. The new president Abraham Lincoln wanted all provinces to be free from bondage. but some provinces disagreed. they resigned from the Union and became the Confederate provinces with Jefferson Davis in forepart as their president. Now there was two opposite poles against each other. and the civil war began.

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The war resulted in let go ofing all the slaves in the Confederate provinces besides. A Confederate overzealous murdered Abraham Lincoln a hebdomad after the war was over. but he died a hero to many. 1 This you easy can associate to the short narrative “The Whipping Boy” . A male child from the brotherhood ( Abraham Lincoln’s side ) informs the slaves that they are freewomans and they starts a public violence on the farm” It was the twenty-four hours after the male child from the Union had come to the farm to allow the slaves know they were freemen”2. Afterwards they escape the farm but bumps into some Confederate soldiers ( Jefferson Davis’ side ) that subsequently on putting to deaths the free slaves. “Tommy was shot when he drew Sterling Gage’s handgun while they were being questioned. “3 You acquire this information. likely to associate to the existent clip history. when Confederate soldiers still thought that race should be a chief key in the society. and there should be no alterations made. We follow in our short three slaves: Tommy. Mikey and Martha.

Tommy and Mikey are working in the field. while Martha is inside their master’s house. functioning the old Mrs. Gage. Martha and Mikey have had an matter. but their maestro Sterling Gage have been crushing Mikey. when he found out. Martha is the quiet 1. with most sympathy among the three slaves. She is the one beggary Mikey and Tommy non to kill Master Sterling Gage. when they are crushing him up “”Mikey. ” Martha Begged. still drawing at Tommy’s arm. “Tell him to stop””4. Tommy and Mikey on the other manus is really straightforward. they want retaliation for the things that they have been sing through the old ages on the farm “He had grown aboard Sterling as a immature male child and had considered him a friend until the twenty-four hours Sterling had pilfered some sugar from the larder. ”5 Master Gage Sterling is the individual running the farm. He owns it. but is off allot and must hence hold Martha taking attention of his old and demented female parent Mrs. Gage.

He has this inactive controlling aura. and makes the reader fright him. The short narrative makes the reader feel sorry for the slaves ; because it is from their point of position. it is written. We hear about how tragic Mikey’s childhood was at the farm. and how they have to work difficult every twenty-four hours to function their maestro. When they so escape from the farm. the reader feels that justness has been done. but so feels sympathy with the slaves. when the Confederate soldiers slaughter them. “The Whipping Boy” is a short narrative. which we can associate to a certain clip in history. We can pull lines to the existent universe and see a connexion and in the short narrative. it is the same people it is about and the same characters. and rubrics on the individuals. Slavery is a job still but the clip in the 1800th was a clip of large alterations. and have been a really of import landmark through history.