Universal Health Care Persuasive Essay Essay

Why is it that the United States. which is held out to be the greatest state in the universe to populate in by many and utilizing many different criterions. is the lone Western state that does non hold some signifier of socialised medical specialty? One ground is that oppositions continue to mention to any cosmopolitan wellness attention plan as merely that. socialised medical specialty. The label entirely is adequate to forestall many people from back uping such an attempt. without looking any deeper to the facts of the state of affairs or the solutions it offers. The intension behind the look socialized medical specialty is that it is a system that belongs in a communist tally state. Socialized medical specialty refers to a wellness attention bringing system where the infirmaries are owned by the authorities and the physicians and other health professionals. whether in a infirmary. office or other scene. are all authorities employees. And while I agree that this is non the system that would be effectual for this state and our jobs. we do necessitate a system of cosmopolitan wellness attention for many grounds.

Universal wellness attention refers to a wellness attention bringing system where there is a individual remunerator for services. and that remunerator is the authorities. Of class. this requires disposal on a local and national degree by authorities bureaus and their employees. but the infirmaries. doctors and their offices and other wellness health professionals remain in private owned. This is the system that this state urgently needs. And while it is surely non a perfect system. as we will analyze subsequently. it is far and off much better than the system we now have. Our current system is flawed beyond fix. Over 40 million Americans do non hold any signifier of wellness attention insurance or coverage of any sort. This costs the state in many different ways. First. it is a immense economic drain. as those without coverage do non seek wellness attention on a regular footing. even when it is needed. Ultimately. these people end up in the exigency suites of county tally infirmaries. with costs many times more than the attention they ab initio needed. and those costs end up being born by the authorities and its taxpayers.

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Equal entree to wellness attention would look to be a basic homo right yet in this state it remains a privilege. available merely to those who can afford it. Many oppositions argue that despite the defects in our system that we still have the best wellness attention in the universe. But the cardinal inquiry is: By which criterions? “Of the top 20 four industrialized ( modern ) states. the U. S. ranks 21st in infant mortality and sixteenth in life anticipation. Yet we spend more than 40 per centum more per capita on wellness attention than any other state. ” ( Cavanaugh 1999 ) . If the Numberss are so clear and the possible solution so obvious. than why are we still stuck with our current system? One ground is the money. and political power that goes with it. of major corporations such as the pharmaceutical industry. Under a individual remunerator system. pharmaceutical companies have to offer on a regular footing for the contracts to sell to the infirmaries.

This competitory command keeps the monetary value of prescription drugs down. They besides have to negociate with the authorities bureau sing the monetary value of prescriptions sold in retail pharmaceuticss. once more maintaining the monetary value manner down. Gratuitous to state the pharmaceutical companies would instead cover separately with infirmaries and pharmaceuticss or retail ironss than one remunerator who is the lone game in town. This centralisation is one of the many grounds wellness attention costs. particularly those for prescription drugs. are lower in a individual remunerator system. In a recent illustration. Medicaid was being charged $ 76 for a prescription medicine and reimbursing $ 60 to the suppliers thereof on a regular and on-going footing. However. it was discovered that physicians and infirmaries were paying $ 4 for the same drug non a generic from the same maker.

Our system is besides running rampant with fraud and the cost to the system in losingss due to fraud and attempts to incorporate and extinguish it. But these attempts are largely after the fact. and are basically efforts to retrieve money that has been paid out falsely. The United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida spends over $ 3 Million a twelvemonth in fraud prosecution. ( Acosta 2008 ) . In 2006 province and federal disbursement on Medicare and Medicaid plans totaled over $ 300 Billion. Medicare introduced a pilot plan in 3 provinces Florida. New York and California called RAC ( recovery audit contractors ) where bureaus hire private companies to retrieve unlawful payments and are paid a per centum of what they recover.

In 2007. over $ 300 million was recovered in fraud instances. over $ 135 million of that in the State of New York entirely. ( Sheehan 2008 ) These RACs were so successful that Medicare is spread outing the plan to extra provinces. and programs to finally turn over it out to all provinces. Currently. for illustration. there is no manner to call off a Medicare figure and re-issue a new figure to the donee. So if fraud has occurred. you have to seek and retrieve the financess. but can non halt the continued or extra abuse in the hereafter. Naturally. the deceitful user can lose their rights to take part in the system. but individuality stealers can merely measure under a different take parting supplier figure and go on to utilize the same stolen Medicare figure until they are caught and stopped once more.

Economic nest eggs in a individual remunerator system would convey benefits to the ego employed and little employers who struggle to supply nice wellness attention coverage at an low-cost rate. Large employers besides stand to salvage immense sums on their disbursement. And likewise the societal security disablement. public assistance and workers’ compensation plans would salvage 1000000s. Even other types of private insurance companies automobile. place. and casualty could salvage money and cut down fees by cutting costs on the wellness attention parts of their coverage. The Medicare and Medicaid plans as we now know them would go disused. The clip is right and the economic and societal moral grounds have ne’er been stronger. yet the opposition due to fear and misconception. together with fraudulence from those who stand to lose economically. continues to barricade the lone logical pick for our wellness attention system. a cosmopolitan remunerator system with the authorities as the remunerator.


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