Creating An E Commerce Website Information Technology Essay


In this portion of the universe the Internet in its kernel is a directory, where the user can entree information and purchase goods and services. The cyberspace provides a cardinal plus for communicating in this century. As a company or as an organisation it is A of import for being to hold a web contact. Global Selling is a topographic point where users can sell new and old athleticss points and where companies can publicize themselves and put their goods for merchandising.

Global A Marketing ‘s purpose is to supply a installation where any one can entree, upload and purchase goods in different manners where they can purchase as in auction or immediately without remaining in long waiting lines. Once they have bought they can amend their measures in shopping cartridge. Global Marketing usage Internet engineerings to enable users to sit at place and purchase athleticss points from Global Marketing ‘s web site.

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The functional profusion and rapid reactivity of the desktop application have ever been the end of A human by planing the desktop application in Java by one site compilation and multi site running, but Ajax has invented the powerful characteristics where we can plan a web site with the aid of ASP.NET which would work as a desktop application, where new coevals of the Internet can interact quickly.

2.1 Problems:

2.1 A A A Making a user friendly website based on ASP+ Ajax engineerings.

2.2 A A A Enabling the clients to take part in the existent clip auctions through the web.

2.3 A A A Creating Shopping cart for the clients where they can purchase and add as many things A as they want, depending on handiness.

2.4 A A A There are 1000s of web sites which are made by worlds but they are non antiphonal every bit speedy as desktop applications.

Purposes and aims:

To develop a front terminal system that is both user friendly and easy to utilize or voyage, The front terminal system will be linked to a back terminal database which can be update online and have some functionality:






Specific maps:

Allow user to propose recommendations.

Message service ( user can inquire any thing about the merchandise for case if they are in-trusted in any other coloring material or something they can e-mail to the proprietor of the store or web site ) .


The deliverable of this undertaking will be as followers:

Project study

Front terminal, user friendly athleticss points website.

3.1- Life-cycle Models:

There are so many life-cycles theoretical accounts for to bring forthing any web site or that can be used to help the development of any package or any website, They are playing a function theoretical account to command the seashore of the whole undertaking either it is a clip devouring undertaking or dearly-won with that people can command the seashore every bit good as their cherished clip, mistakes are minimised and so forth that is manner I have decided to utilize the waterfall theoretical account in my undertaking as its name suggests it is powerful and easy to understand to develop any package or any web site.

1. The Waterfall Model

The waterfall theoretical account derived from technology theoretical accounts, to be consistent in the development of big package in the market. It has some phases which process additive manner, in order to compare with other package theoretical accounts, it is more stiff and controlled or we can state that this is manageable.

hypertext transfer protocol: // [ Online accessed 15/10/10 ]

Requirement analysis and definition, A In this really first phase we merely set up the demands so we check the demands of the developed package: which includes the restraints and the underdeveloped ends of the package or web site and those include the services which they are traveling to supply ; once these are established so those should be defined in such a manner that they are useable in the following phase. some clip these may be preceded by the feasibleness survey. feasibleness survey should present the inquiries such as: should we develop the package? and what are the options?

System and package design. In this phase the established demand are same as first phase, but difference is merely that A these demands are suited for the hardware and the package which we have in our usage, for case, Java… etc. Basically, we identify the package and the hardware demands, and reassign these information into the clear signifier of the package.

Execution and unit design. In this phase where they create the computing machine programme and each programme is aggregation of little units phase and the unit testing is the confirmation of the system demands it means, they meat the demands or non of the user?

System proving. All of the systems units are combined and all of them are need to be tested when the combine programme is successful or has been tested so the package merchandise is finished.

Operation and care. Most computing machine programmes have developed programmes in phases, and every phase has some mistakes which have gone undetected earlier ; in the instance of any demand of betterment or any sort of support A beeing recorded, This recorded information can be helpful in the hereafter for operation and care of the package. However, this is the portion of the life-cycle and which is rigorous development, although betterment and holes of any package can be considered as the word “ development ” .

There are plentifulness of theoretical accounts in the market, such as Code and Fix theoretical account, explorative theoretical account, Evolutionary Model or prototyping Model and the name with coiling theoretical account, The coiling theoretical account has besides have the qualities of waterfall theoretical account and the ground for utilizing the waterfall theoretical account are as follows ;

It is cost effectual.

The demand which are already known.

The is no opportunity of A demands to be changed in close hereafter.

Background Surveies

What is E-Commerce? and Role in our life.

E-commerce is like making concern online over the Internet ; merchandising and purchasing thing on the Internet. Merchandises may be traded physical, such as utilizing autos or any services to present the merchandises but selling goods to the purchaser through the word broad web. over the Internet they may be in digital signifier for case they may look like audio picture or in the signifier of intelligence or may be in the signifier of package and all types of cognition base merchandises.

Market and E-commerce:

Without a web site, a local shop is traveling to be ever a local shop they can non advance them-salves for the universe, if same local shops have a web sites for their-selves and happen the universe on their doorsill, hence, this will be good for the same local shop where 1000000s of people visit the same shop or where a one client comes after one hr and he can sell million of things in one second to 1000000s A of clients.

But they need to believe about the rivals and how they are traveling to undertake all of these competitions either these are related to sale or merchandises, that is why these on-line spouses need change all the clip, really, this is non merely a for seeking merchandises, purchasing merchandises and selling the merchandises, it is besides taking to words interchanging and administering merchandises and the manner consumers search and bargain for the merchandises.

Turban etal. ( 1999 ) note that e-commerce is still an emerging construct for the people who works in IT that there are so many applications of e-world for case shopping banking provides the substructure to drive the universe from place The Internet is the best know engineering and most used engineering of the e-commerce and networking ( Key Note ( Internet use in concern 1998 ) ) .

Dave Chaffey munitioned in his book, The history summarises to Tesco supermarkets ‘ attempts in this electronics universe trading with there providers from EDI to Internet-base buying. The advantages and disadvantages are explored.

Tesco is Uk ‘s largest food market concatenation in the market they have 4,811 ( Feb 2010 ) retail topographic points in a Uk. and due to the largest web they used electronic informations interchange ( EDI ) to order the goods from providers which are more so 2000, stand foring about more so 96 % by volume of goods sold in tesco shops.

That system started in 1980 to stream line the shops replenishment first it was limited but after 1989 Tesco took initial to feature their shop in better manner to believe about the calculating the goods for the hereafter so Tesco gaining control the market in start after some clip so many other superstore articulation the race every bit good and they are making really well.One is good know is E-bay which is the icon of the e-commerce or The e-Business.

Dave Chaffey ( E-business and e-commerce direction: scheme, execution, and pattern A 2007 ( Page 292 ) ) .