The Nature Of Internet Communication Information Technology Essay

HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol, this is used to reassign hypertext petitions and information between waiters and browsers. This protocol is an application degree protocol. It is a set of regulations that apply when you are interchanging files such as text, images and pictures amongst other things over the cyberspace.

Hypertext transfer protocol: HTTPS stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure. This is an encrypted version of the hypertext transfer protocol protocol. This is an advanced developed secure protocol, it is used when covering with secure sites that ask for sensitive information, such as references, birthdates, bank inside informations and such.

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File transfer protocol: FTP is an abbreviation for File Transfer Protocol. This is a protocol used to reassign files over the cyberspace. Sometimes you will see a web reference like this: file transfer protocol: // The “ file transfer protocol ” at the beginning of the web reference, means that it is pass oning with the waiter in a particular linguistic communication used for reassigning files, non HTML.

SMTP: SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, this is an internet criterion for e mail transmittal across the cyberspace. SMTP is a simple text based protocol. SMTP is specifically made to cover with surpassing mail ; it is besides involved with the sending and having facet of the mail every bit good. Users chiefly use this for directing mail, though for receiving, some user ‘s applications would utilize either post office protocol ( POP ) or the Internet Message Access Protocol ( IMAP ) .

2. Uniform resource locater ( URL )

A URL is an reference for a file or web page that can be accessed by the cyberspace. A URL is what you enter into the top portion of the cyberspace browser ; an illustration of a URL is http: // . A URL reference is how you get to a web site it is fundamentally another nexus to the existent reference. If you are downloading a file off the cyberspace so the URL will alter from the hypertext transfer protocol: // which is put in forepart of an reference to acquire you to a web page, to a file transfer protocol: // which fundamentally identifies that you are or will be seeking to download a file off the cyberspace, FTP intending file transportation protocol. The URL for an image on the cyberspace will hold the stoping.gif.

3. World Wide Web ( WWW )

The World Wide Web is fundamentally a graduated group of users and resources on the cyberspace that usage FTP, HTTP and other tools. It can besides be classed as a group or aggregation of hypertext waiters which allow text, artworks and sound to be combined together to let people to entree multimedia web pages.

4. OTHER TYPES OF INTERNET COMMUNICATION ( Blogs, Wikis, Video conferencing, Vlogs )

A web log is an on-line diary that anybody can compose and print. Features available on a web log for viewing audiences are a remarks page or subdivision and archives. Archivess are used when person on a web log page has used all the infinite on the first page, so alternatively of holding a 2nd page full of web log messages or even more pages, they go in to an archive so that they can be seen, read or changed subsequently on and certain pages can be pin pointed rapidly. is a web site that allows you to setup your ain web log with easy instructions and tutorials to follow.

A wiki is a user community which allows people who visit the site to update or alter the information whenever they want. These web sites are non unafraid or dependable on what information is stored within them. Wikis store user information in a hypertext database which can be accessed whenever it is needed.

An illustration of a wiki is Wikipedia, which most people have heard of. It is a database of information, that most people can alter or update to their liking. These web sites have some security characteristics on, such as if some information is falsely entered so it may non be allowed to be save to the web site. Or if it has been entered falsely, so it may merely remain on the site for a small piece on boulder clay it is refreshed or updated.

Video conferencing is when a picture nexus between two people or one individual and a group, or a group to a group is used in a meeting or other signifier of professional get together. At one terminal there will be a camera, screen or Television and an audio system of some kind, and the other terminal will hold the same. This will be used to see and hear the other group or individual who is speaking. Video conferencing can besides be used if person cant do it to a meeting or presentation, so you merely put up an sound and picture nexus and they can show and speak through their presentation merely like they where really at that place.

A Vlog is a picture of person or an event, which has been recorded and so uploaded on to the cyberspace for people to see and remark. A site that would utilize this signifier of communicating could be YouTube. Peoples create pictures of anything from amusing cartridge holders to music pictures, they are so uploaded and are free for people to see and notice on.



Direct communicating based on confabs is normally referred to as IM which stands for instant messaging. MSN unrecorded courier users this signifier of communicating, Facebook have besides picked up on this and utilize a characteristic called Chat. Both of these allow online users to speak to each other immediately, give or take a hold on the message being sent and delivered. Using Live courier besides gives you the ability to reassign files via the composing interface which uses the retarding force and bead map. These files can be images, music, little picture files or word paperss, this can be classed as a little file sharing web. The chief difference between confabs and electronic mail is that confab is instant, where as electronic mail is n’t because of the hold involved.

Electronic mail

Email is a signifier of direct communicating, but differs from confabs based communicating. Email can be sent even if a user is n’t on-line, where as confabs based communications need an active receiver to have the mail or message.

Electronic mails can be short or long, they besides have some of the characteristics that some IM applications have, like file transportation, but alternatively of reassigning it while your both online, you send it as an fond regard which will travel along with the electronic mail you have sent, and they can recover both when they entree their electronic mails.

There are many different types of online electronic mail applications, a few illustration are and

Web phone

A Web phone is a VoIP device, VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, this is a protocol that says how a device that allows one to one speaking over the cyberspace should or will work.

An illustration of a Web phone is Skype, this is besides an IM application like Live Messenger but allows the added fillip of being able to utilize a phone or Web phone. A few old ages ago when Skype became more popular, people used to used this signifier of communicating a batch because it was free to speak for every bit long as you want.

This was great for international calls, the lone charge was for the Skype phone or device, though they started bear downing after a short clip because they realised that people where utilizing this signifier of communicating rather a batch, so they started bear downing to utilize the service, I think because of this Skype has now died down and go less popular than when it was free.


Hardware and package system demands

The chief package based system demands for cyberspace communications are an cyberspace or Firefox browser, a signifier of instant messaging such as Live courier, Skype or other VoIP applications or package which normally can be used with a web Cam and a phone such as a Skype phone which allows people to speak to each other online, and one to one.

Other demands for hardware are a soundcard which should be built into your computing machine and a set of talkers, earphones or a headset. Most headsets come with a mike incorporated onto the caput set someplace.

If you are wireless and utilizing a laptop or PDA so you will necessitate the usage of a wireless card and a hot spot/access point near you to link to that web to let you to entree the cyberspace. Most new laptops have radio built in, but some older laptops have to utilize a radio USB arranger or a card coach slot to let wireless connexion to webs.

Other hardware demands for a computing machine system are normally built in to a laptop, such as talkers, or a web Cam. Most package demands for a desktop based computing machine system besides apply to wireless laptop based computing machine systems i.e. : internet adventurer or Firefox, an IM application.

Communication services

Software demands for pass oning via the cyberspace include a signifier of web browser such as internet adventurer or Firefox, an electronic mail history, and some applications i.e: IM applications such as Live courier and Skype. If you are traveling to be utilizing Skype, so you need hardware as good which is a Skype phone, if you are traveling to utilize it for VoIP.

These applications are free to download, but to utilize Skype as a manner to speak to people you need to purchase an existent device, which is like a USB phone. Within these applications you have to alter scenes to be able to utilize web Cams and cyberspace phones which are easy to put.

Software & A ; constellation

Communication package is a piece of package that allows a computing machine to pass on or speak to other computing machines via a modem. This package is normally supplied with hardware such as modems or routers, but can be downloaded if your hardware does n’t hold the needed package or drivers. Most Windows runing systems have generic drivers for this type of hardware in its cab files. A cab file is a big compressed file that shops all the system and generic hardware drivers. A illustration of cab files are the extractible files on Cadmium ‘s, or DVD installing phonograph record, that have files the size of a Ms, which are so unpacked and go the size of a few Gs.