What Does America Mean Essay

When person is called an American. it does non intend they were born in the American state. The nationality of an person should be seen in their personality. experiences. manner of speech production. and in their beliefs. instead than in their topographic point of birth. Cultural. societal. and traditional values are among the qualities that give a individual their nationality and American writers most frequently reflect their nationality in their authorship manner. An American must be genuinely American at bosom. head. and psyche. An American writer non merely writes about events. issues. civilization. or traditions from this state. but they besides identify with them.

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The writer Randall Jarrell. spent a big portion of his life composing about a assortment of subjects. A few of the subjects he wrote about were the intervention of soldiers. children’s books. and fairy narratives. In his verse form. Thinking of the Lost World. he talks about California. Arizona. Daytona. every bit good as dinosaurs and Santa Claus ; he describes life in Los Angeles “Back in Los Angeles. we missed Los Angeles. The sunlight of the Land Of Sunshine is a grey mist now. the ambiance Of some factory planet: when you stand and look You see a block or two and your eyes water” ( Franklin. Gura. & A ; Klinkowitz. p. 2427 ) .

Jarrell describes Los Angeles as he has experienced it during the old ages he lived with his grandma. At the terminal of the verse form. Jarrell writes. My psyche has memorized universe after universe ( Franklin. Gura. & A ; Klinkowitz. p. 2429 ) . in which he is showing that he has experienced more than merely life life in Los Angeles. Adrienne Rich was another American writer that wrote about the true lives of American adult females showing the outlooks set for adult females since birth. She believed she had to compose “directly and overtly as a adult female. out of a woman’s organic structure and experience” ( Franklin. Gura. & A ; Klinkowitz. p. 620 ) . to give the readers a expression into the separation between work forces and adult females. As a women’s rightist. Rich exposed feelings. experiences. and how much a adult females existent dealt with on a day-to-day footing ; some feelings and emotions no one frequently radius of.

In her verse form. Nonnatural Etude. she writes. And in fact we can’t unrecorded like that: we take on everything at one time before we’ve even begun to read or tag clip. we’re forced to get down in the thick of the hardest motion. the one already sounding as we are born ( Franklin. Gura. & A ; Klinkowitz. p. 629 ) . Here Rich is mentioning to the earlier remark of women’s outlooks and duties every bit shortly as a female is born. American adult females were expected to turn up. acquire married. remain place. have kids. and give herself to cleaning. cookery. and taking attention of the kids and hubby.

In another line Rich writes. And we’re non performing artists. like Liszt. viing against the universe for velocity and glare ( Franklin. Gura. & A ; Klinkowitz. p. 6230 ) . it simply means adult females besides get tired of the manner of life they have lead. American writers such as Adrienne Rich and Randall Jarrell. speak of worlds go oning in America in the bulk of their Hagiographas. Jarrell’s and Rich’s experiences have been in this state and it is apparent by reading their work. They both demonstrate the qualities and values of being an reliable American writer. Therefore. being an American is showing the nationality by bosom. head. and psyche in the mundane experience.