What’s the meaning of life? Essay

Life. the most cherished thing I have of all time seen. that ever comes to an terminal which we don’t truly want to. but do we populate for a precise intent? I am certain that we do otherwise we wouldn’t be here in the first topographic point. I ne’er thought that inquiring myself” what is the significance of life? ” will be this hard to reply until I started composing this paper. I think the significance of life is experience and cognition. Experience and cognition are two different things but when you take a closer expression at them you will recognize that they are really truly close or even possibly the same thing. Human life has ever been around cognition.

We ever want to cognize even if it won’t do us any good. Human Knowledge really run the universe. our cognition make us who we are and distinguishable one from another. Each one of us has his ain reply when it comes to the significance of life because everybody are based on their cognition and their experience in life. I personally am from a Christian household so when it comes to the significance of life my reply was love. forgiveness. religion those are visibly the basic stairss that you must follow in order to be called a Christian. but my reply would hold been manner different from the reply of person coming from a different background. civilization and faith.

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What your parents teach you while you are a child stick with you and will likely come out when person ask you what is the significance of life when you are a child. but as you grow up you start larning and sing thing. that’s precisely when your reply to what the significance of life start altering. Knowledge is the beginning of the significance of life. because the more you know the more things start doing sense to you and the more life start holding a significance. Who knows!

My reply of what the significance of life might be different than the one I am giving out today because I still have a batch to travel through even if I don’t cognize how long will I be populating. Well known philosophers such as Socrates and Plato believed that our intent in life was to derive cognition in readying for the following life. Other Philosophers such as Epicurus believed that pleasance is the chief end in life. After giving these thoughts tonss of idea. I have come to my ain decision that the true significance of life is far more complex than either of these ; far excessively complex for any human to to the full understand.

In fact these two different doctrines are lone portion of the large image or possibly non. If it were that easy for work forces to calculate out. our lives wouldn’t be so messed up right now. Harmonizing to Epicurus. pleasance was the significance of life. His thoughts of life were wholly opposite of Plato. Epicurus. in my sentiment was a small spot naif and narrow minded in his position on the topic. He should hold state that the significance of life was the invariably seek of pleasance and improvement of yourself until the terminal of your being. but whatever that’s his personal sentiment about the significance of life that I can non reason.

Socrates and Plato you can state were evidently the smartest of the philosophers back so in my sentiment and harmonizing to their point of position on the topic in affair you can state they have a sort of spiritual background because they had to advert the hereafter. Even though I decided to state that the significance of life is knowledge and experience. I besides believe that there is greater being out at that place that give the ability to hold cognition and that oversee our actions. By reading what I merely said it seems like I will stop up stating GOD is the significance of life but no.

the significance of life is a truly complex topic. We all have a personal reply when it comes to the significance of life. but I believe the reply of the significance of life is deeper than what we think and will be wholly answered overtime. I think our cognition gives a small push to the cognition of the people that lived before us and will add up to the cognition of the future coevals to assist reply the large inquiry what’s the significance of life? Experience and cognition in my sentiment is a little portion of the large bar and the remainder of it will be or might be answer in the hereafter.