Virtualization Is A Framework Or Methodology Information Technology Essay

Virtualization is a model or methodological analysis of spliting the resources of a computing machine into multiple executing environments, by using one or more constructs or engineerings such as hardware and package breakdown, time-sharing, partial or complete machine simulation, emulation, quality of service, and many others.

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Storage virtualization construct.

Storage virtualization is an emerging engineering that creates logical abstractions of physical storage systems. Storage virtualization has enormous potency for simplifying storage disposal and cut downing costs for pull offing diverse storage assets.

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Pull offing disc storage was one time simple: If we needed more infinite, we got a bigger disc thrust. But informations storage demands grew, so we started adding multiple disc thrusts. Finding and pull offing these became harder and took more clip, so we developed RAID, network-attached storage and storage-area webs. Still, pull offing and keeping 1000s of disc thrusts became an of all time more burdensome undertaking.

storage virtualization, which adds a new bed of package and/or hardware between storage systems and waiters, so that applications no longer need to cognize on which specific thrusts, dividers or storage subsystems their informations resides. Administrators can place, proviso and manage distributed storage as if it were a individual, amalgamate resource. Availability besides increases with storage virtualization, since applications are n’t restricted to specific storage resources and are therefore insulated from most breaks.

Besides, storage virtualization by and large helps automatize the enlargement of storage capacity, cut downing the demand for manual provisioning. Storage resources can be updated on the fly without impacting application public presentation, therefore cut downing downtime.

Because virtualization operates as an intermediate bed, it becomes the primary interface between waiters and storage. Waiters see the virtualization bed as a individual storage device, while all the single storage devices see the virtualization bed as their lone waiter. This makes it easy to group storage systems

Storage virtualization can be structured in three ways:

Host-based. Here, physical thrusts are handled by a traditional device driver, while a package bed above the device driver intercepts I/O petitions, looks up metadata and redirects I/O.


No extra hardware or substructure demands

Simple to plan and code

Supports any storage type

Improves storage use without thin provisioning limitations


Storage use optimized merely on a per host footing

Reproduction and information migration merely possible locally to that host

Software is alone to each operating system

No easy manner of maintaining host cases in sync with other cases

Specific illustrations


Symantec VERITAS Storage Foundation

FalconStor Software NSS Virtual Appliance for VMware

Storage-device-based. In this type of apparatus, virtualization can be built into the storage cloth ; for illustration, newer RAID accountants allow other storage devices to be attached downstream. A primary storage accountant ( normally a dedicated hardware contraption, though some systems now use switches ) handles pooling and manages metadata, leting the direct fond regard of other storage accountants. Such systems may besides supply reproduction and migration services across different accountants.


No extra hardware or substructure demands

Provides most of the benefits of storage virtualization

Does non add latency to single I/Os


Storage use optimized merely across the affiliated accountants

Reproduction and information migration merely possible across the affiliated accountants and same sellers device for long distance support

Downstream accountant fond regard limited to sellers back up matrix

I/O Latency, non cache hits require the primary storage accountant to publish a secondary downstream I/O petition

Increase in storage substructure resource, the primary storage accountant requires the same bandwidth as the secondary storage accountants to keep the same throughput

Specific illustrations



Compellent Technologies

DataCore Software SANmelody SANsymphony

Hitachi Data Systems Universal Storage Platform-V/VM


Violin Memory, Inc. ( ) High-Speed Storage Platform for Virtualization-V/VM

Xsigo Systems. ( ) High-Speed Storage Virtualization for assorted OS platformsAA : I/O Virtualization Merchandises

Network-based. In this constellation, storage virtualization is viewed as a network-based device, by and large utilizing Fibre Channel networks connected as a SAN. Here, excessively, an contraption or switch-based execution is most common.


True heterogenous storage virtualization

Caching of informations ( public presentation benefit ) is possible when in-band

Single direction interface for all virtualized storage

Reproduction services across heterogenous devices


Complex interoperability matrices – limited by sellers support

Difficult to implement fast meta-data updates in switched-based devices

Out-of-band requires specific host based package

In-band may add latency to I/O

Specific illustrations

EMC Invista

KernSafe iStorage Waiter

FalconStor Software NSS Gateway & A ; IPStor Enterprise

Coraid VS21 EtherDrive Virtual Storage

DataCore Software SANsymphony & A ; SANmelody

IBM SAN Volume Controller ( SVC )

Incipient Network Storage Platform ( iNSP )

LSI StoreAge SVM

NetApp V-Series


HP StorageWorks SAN Virtualization Services Platform

AMI StorTrends

DotHill Intelligent Storage Network ( Cloverleaf )

Xsigo VP780 I/O Directors

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A successful storage virtualization design and deployment enterprise will:

Better the direction efficiency and use of this portion of the storage substructure

Reduce the attempt required to pull off storage

Better the overall handiness of the storage web

Better the flexibleness ( clip to supply or alter storage to run into application demands ) of the storage substructure

Be complementary with other storage web enterprises that may be in advancement

Be implemented without important impact or hazard to production systems

Supply a system that can scale to run into future storage demands and allows for unafraid migration of bing informations

The major hazards to the success of a storage virtualization design and deployment enterprise are:

The operating expense from the complexness of the virtualization execution exceeds the benefits that can be achieved

Mistakes in execution that consequence in decreased service to users and/or loss of informations

Not commanding future storage virtualization and direction package costs. A common pattern for suppliers of virtualization package is to establish package charges on the TBs managed. As the cost of TBs continues to drop by over 30 % /year, user can buy over 50 % more storage each twelvemonth with the same budget. Great attention has to be taken in negociating contracts to guarantee that the virtualization package costs do non intensify out of control. Basing virtualization package licenses on a level fee or on the figure of physical storage arrays is a more practical method of metering storage virtualization package costs.

Initiative sum-up

Storage virtualization is now a quickly maturating engineering, but is far from being able to pull off heterogenous arrays of storage in a crystalline manner. However, the volume based offerings from IBM, HP and Hitachi can do solid parts to bettering use and cut downing storage direction head count. NAS virtualization is less developed, but homogenous solutions from NetApp, BlueArc, Hitachi and others are solid. Storage virtualization is an enabling engineering for implementing other important storage betterments, including tiered storage and thin provisioning.

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storage virtualization has no standard step defined by a reputable organisation such as INCITS ( InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards ) or the IETF ( Internet Engineering Task Force ) . The closest vendor-neutral effort to do storage virtualization constructs comprehendible has been the work of the Storage Networking Industry Association ( SNIA ) , which has produced utile tutorial content on the assorted spirits of virtualization engineering. Still, storage virtualization continues to play the function of elephant to the long lines of sellers and clients who, holding been blinded by overdone selling claims, effort to put custodies on it in entire darkness. Everyone walks off with a different feeling. It is frequently hard, hence, to state precisely what the engineering is or should be expected to make.

As might be expected, some of the confusion over storage virtualization is vendor-induced. Storage virtualization merchandises vary well, as do their execution methods. Sellers of storage arrays may host virtualization straight on the storage accountant, while package sellers may port virtualization applications to waiters or SAN contraptions. Fabric switch makers may implement virtualization services within the cloth in the signifier of smart switch engineering. Some sellers implement storage virtualization bids and informations along the same way between waiter and storage, while others split the control way and informations way apart. Advocates of one or the other virtualization method typically have sound grounds why their single attack is best, while their rivals are of all time willing to explicate in even greater item why it is non. The diverseness of storage virtualization approaches entirely forces clients into a much longer determination and acquisition rhythm as they attempt to screen out the benefits and demerits of the assorted offerings and seek to divide selling ballyhoo from utile fact.

Another extremely advertised aim for storage virtualization is to get the better of vendor interoperability issues. Storage array makers comply with the appropriate SCSI and Fibre Channel criterions for basic connectivity to their merchandises. Each, nevertheless, besides implements proprietary value-added public-service corporations and characteristics to distinguish their offerings to the market and these, in bend, pose interoperability jobs for clients with heterogenous storage environments. Disk-to-disk informations reproduction solutions, for illustration, are vendor-specific: EMC ‘s version merely works with EMC ; IBM ‘s merely with IBM. By virtualizing vendor-specific storage into its vanilla spirit, storage virtualization merchandises can be used to supply informations reproduction across seller lines. In add-on, it becomes possible to retroflex informations from higher-end storage arrays with much cheaper disc assets such as JBODs ( merely a clump of discs ) , therefore turn toing both interoperability and economic issues.

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the ability to pull off storage with a comprehensive toolset significantly reduces administrative costs and simplifies the execution of enterprisewide storage direction. It allows use of heterogenous storage without adding to administrative costs. Storage virtualization can supply enterprise-wide manageableness, leting storage systems to be invariably available and scale to run into future demands.

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