Who was to blame for the Cold War? Essay

During the Cold War. both USA and USSR have mistakes. But Stalin’s action was most to fault. He has the most aggressive actions compared to the actions done by USA. He did non maintain his promise which he had agreed at the Yalta Conference. He had dominated the states in East Europe and spread Communism. doing absolutism and people imprisoned due to the disloyalty towards Stalin. Besides. a batch of Stalin’s actions had offense USA. However. things done by Truman such as the propagandas posted and increased arms plus army force was merely to support USA from onslaughts by other states.

Stalin did non make as The Big Three. Churchill. Roosevelt and himself. agreed at the Yalta Conference. They agreed that they would run down and punish any war felons who were responsible for the horrors of the Nazi concentration cantonments. But due to the non-aggression treaty signed by Hitler and Stalin in 1939. Stalin did non direct any military personnels to assist USA to keep back Hitler in Russia. This disquieted USA because it was a mark that Stalin was non standing at a wholly opposite of Hitler. Under this relationship. Stalin might bewray USA and Britain which he should non make. They had besides agreed to keep free elections for people to take the authorities they wanted to be in their states. But Stalin set up communist authoritiess in the states in Eastern Europe. He ignored the wants of the bulk of the people. These actions had offended the understanding between The Big Three.

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Stalin had non act harmonizing to USA and Britain’s outlooks either. USA did non anticipate that Stalin was non retreating the Soviet military personnels in Eastern states such as the Baltic States. Finland. Poland. Stalin did non listen to Britain and the USA’s protest but merely following his ain desire. He had started to distribute Communism. He turned into USA’s enemy and continued ruling states in the Eastern Europe. He claimed that this was the “Soviet domain of Influence” . To him. this domain of influence meant to occupy and command all of the states. But to USA. it was merely staying a good relationship between one and another. States can hold independent economic systems and opinions. Stalin did everything harmonizing to his will. He did non confer with others sentiment and held up a absolutism in Eastern Europe.

Stalin non merely had communist authoritiess in Eastern Europe. he had ruined a batch of people’s lives under this control. He required everyone to be loyal to him. if non they will be imprisoned. For the people who are working for him in the Cominform. they should non be independent-minded. or else. they will be replaced by others who were wholly loyal to him. This had shown Stalin’s strong purpose of governing all the states at first. He had ever planned to hold power on all the states he had dominated instead than supplying free elections and aid to reconstruct Germany’s economic system.

Furthermore. Stalin had a batch of aggressive actions. These actions had alarmed other states such as USA and made them angry. He accused USA with a batch of propagandas. Sometimes. even including some bogus thoughts in his propagandas in order to go forth a bad feeling of USA to his people. Afterwards. he blocked all the linkage between West Europe and West Berlin. known as Berlin Blockage. because he wants to maintain Germany cripple. This action had shown Stalin’s purpose to interfere the economic system of states which belongs to the West. Most of Stalin’s action were provocative and were really violative towards USA.

However. USA besides had some mistakes in the Cold War. but these reactions were merely to support it ain state. USA had produced propagandas which was besides one of Stalin’s action. Same as Stalin. President Truman wanted to state his people that Communism is non good for an economic system through his propagandas. Besides. USA had increased the figure of arms and ground forces. An atomic bomb was even invented. They did that because they wanted to forestall themselves from being attack by other states. perchance USSR. In add-on. western states had mark NATO. which was an understanding to work together. Although members of NATO agreed to contend against other states. this was merely when one of them was attacked. So. what USA did during the Cold War was merely reactions to Stalin’s action. Truman was seeking to protect USA from others offense.

In decision. Stalin’s action was violative to USA. but USA’s actions were merely to protect and support itself from onslaught by others. Stalin’s actions were aggressive and violative. He ignored sentiment from other states and the populace. He spread Communism across Eastern Europe and besides had purpose to barricade Western Berlin from Western Europe. However. the reactions such as propagandas and increasing of military force of USA were non to assail USSR. These readyings were to contend back if they were attacked. So hence. USSR was to be blamed for the Cold War.