The Number Of Local Markets In Singapore Marketing Essay

Thesis statement: The figure of local markets in Singapore has been decreased because of competition with supermarket even though local markets distribute fresher fruits and veggies. One of many grounds is the market ‘s environment here does non hike the shopping experience. Concentrating on spacial design will be the solution to convey back the original escapade of traveling into the market. #


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This thesis will cover the analysis of what has been missing from local markets in Singapore that caused the diminishing figure of visitants compared to supermarket.

Markets as an of import component of vicinity economically and socially assist to promote a strong sense of topographic point and community. Peoples in developing metropoliss such as Singapore visits supermarket more than local markets, due to several factors which have been proven by the increasing figure of supermarket. They have no longer visit markets every bit much as they did, in which, impacting the concern of local markets.

Local markets in Singapore have been renovated to concentrate on the degree of hygiene despite on the original individuality of a market. The sense of escapade traveling into a market has lost and somehow it makes people take to travel to supermarket which is more convenient.

Local markets are of import in Asia, because it supplies less expensive trade goods than supermarkets due to several factors such as cheaper land, cheaper labor and etc. The effects if we have lesser local markets, it means that supermarket will monopoly the concern, besides that, many providers from local markets will lose their occupation and trade goods will acquire even more expensive than earlier, besides that, the shopping experience will be no longer enrich by the sense of civilization.

The ratio of local markets and supermarket should be more or less balance in order to maintain the monetary value of trade goods in the market stable so that supermarkets are non be able to monopoly the concern. Hence, this thesis will cover the solutions for local markets design based on the analysis of the struggle.


Purpose of the market serves

The original individuality of the market

a. Experience the deal, chit confabs and etc

B. Explore the cheapest, freshest and good material

c. Exchange information with the marketer and other shoppers

Originally, market is a topographic point filled with action where purchasers love to dicker with the Sellerss to acquire the cheapest trade goods, homemakers chew the fating, marketer sometimes state how to cook certain things, what are the ingredients and etc. Despite that, most of them explore and asked around, stall to procrastinate, which one has the best monetary value with the cheapest, freshest and good trade goods.

Therefore, in these beds of activities, purchasers get to interchange information with the marketer and other shoppers like what is traveling on behind the increasing monetary value of for vitamin E g chili, onion, and we besides get to cognize a batch of information such as where did they import the domestic fowl and so on. After that, they bargain and the dealing is arranged. Imagine there are a batch of purchasers and how crowded does a market can be where this minute of exchange occurs in a practical location. Exchange of information non merely go oning from people to people, but from what we get to see in market such as animate beings and fish being butchered, from the quality of the goods, we get to cognize how does the agriculture making, is it the season for certain trade goods, so on and so forth.

On the other manus, traveling inside a market is like an escapade. Many things happen indoors such as we get to detect how does the people in certain topographic point seems like, their friendliness and societal life. The profusion of the ambiance surprisingly lets us see traveling into a topographic point where is so lively and full of human spirit from the crowd and noise of people dickering.

Social event


Public infinite

Social interactions

As a topographic point for societal event, market is besides a impersonal land where allowed different tribes/ diverse people from different races, topographic points, gather and acquire to interact with each other in one public infinite. For some modern-day visitants, markets are still one of the topographic points to plunge in how does the local civilization, local nutrient and see what life there is truly all about. Most of them enjoy to research what are the chief beginnings of life in that peculiar metropolis. It is so a topographic point full with assortment of people and gives lively transmutations once we step indoors.

And besides, for some homemakers, it is a hebdomadal event for them to dress up and demo off where it seems like shopping clip in market is the lone clip for them to hold opportunity to chit chat with tonss of other homemakers as a topographic point where intelligence to portion, where it makes them to experience a sense of belonging into groups of people, therefore, underscore on how societal interactions is traveling on inside the market that has the atmosphere full of exhilaration, energy, snap and elation.

Cultural individuality

When we analyze Chinatown street markets with Tekka market, both of them gives us different sense of cultural individuality from the Sellerss, the trade goods, atmosphere such as odor, sounds and atmosphere and non to bury the ornaments. Each of that peculiar component, tell us a image how does their civilization seems like and it enrich our shopping experience.

The early version of local market in Singapore

This sort of out-of-door market along the street was a common sight in Singapore one time upon a clip. From clip to clip, street markets had started to disappear and travel into HDB estate due to the concern of low hygienic degree back at that place. Display wise, the manner the marketer display their trade goods in the market was ever put everything and arranged all of the stock on the tabular array or baskets so that the purchasers get to take the assortments one by one.

The figure of local markets in Singapore has been decreased

The environment, layout does non seems to hike shopping experience

Local markets in Singapore have been renovated to be more efficient but it did non retain the individuality of a market as a topographic point of exchange. They merely concentrated in footings of hygiene and clean instead than the ambiance and the originality of a market. Markets are no longer out-of-doorss along the streets. Presents, stables are covered where the providers were allocated in a cell like infinite, tabular arraies and floor are placed with tiles so it looks cleaner and had the waste circulation fixed. Some of the stall is separated wall by wall to specify the boundaries of their goods so that it does non acquire assorted up. Furthermore, the layout of the stables are placed on a regular basis row by row and therefore, people unable to see what is go oning on the other row and it is more hard for them to see which stall sells certain trade goods. The whole experience of traveling into a market has lost because the topographic point seems so cold with limited interaction go oning and it is like low category retail interior.

The show of trade goods

Stables at Toa Payoh Market The show of typical stall in Tekka Market

Picture shown how are the providers arranged their trade goods. The manner they put the trade goods in market do non seems to pull people ‘s eyes. It gives troubles for the purchasers to see what they are selling.

Operating hours

Local market is normally bound to clip. Most of them operate from 6am boulder clay 11am. This means the executives are non be able to see market in the forenoon.

Bad airing system

Because of hapless hygienic degree of markets that were operated along the streets, market had to travel to indoor topographic points. Therefore, the airing system is really important in order to maintain the topographic point of the moisture market odourless. Due to the article at Channel News Asia on 16 February 2010 1742 hour, some stallholders complaint that the airing in Tekka Market is bad and it makes the whole topographic point smelly.

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Compare to supermarket

Why do people travel to supermarket

Most of the people go to supermarket because it is more efficient, the infinite is generic to be more convenient and plus, it is easier to happen a topographic point for parking. Most of the supermarkets presents are placed inside a promenade or around HDB estate, where parking is one of their chief concerns. Besides that, the goods are arranged to appeal to senses, look fresh and appetizing, despite that, they are placed with good consideration of design component. On the other manus, supermarket has longer operating hours normally from 11am boulder clay 10pm.

Why does local market of import?

Why would we desire little services to run?

Even though Singapore ‘s economic system is reasonably strong in Asia, Asiatic markets are one of the cheapest topographic points to purchase food markets chiefly because deficiency of publicity or stigmatization and great economic systems of graduated table, moreover they spend no money on staff and retail tactics like what most supermarkets do, so, the monetary values are far less expensive than supermarkets. If little services do non operates, the monetary value of trade goods will lift even more due to supermarket will automatically monopoly the market monetary value.

Besides, to compare the figure of staff in supermarket, there will be a batch of people lost their occupations than supermarket because supermarket ever about self service and non about individual to individual, merely present the goods and non about exchange so there is no personal service and less staff needed.

The image above shows remark that compare local markets and supermarkets

Supermarket does non give market experience

Supermarket nowadays has really interesting layout, retail tactics, publicities on goods and etc but it seems really cold and there is no human interaction indoors. Peoples merely grab and travel, there is no deal, no trading, no exchange as what market has. There is no sense of individuality in supermarket, it has a batch of import goods put in really attractive show with dividers, we get to take it ourselves, take and convey it to the teller for payment, all by ourselves.

Case surveies

Tekka Market

Stalls ‘ layout in Tekka Market

Tekka market as one of the most visited market in Singapore, is located in the bosom of the metropolis. Tekka market has been renovated to go cleaner and more broad than earlier, with typical layout of markets in Singapore. Tekka market is arguably Singapore ‘s largest indoor moisture market and sell an unbelievable array of seafood, meat and fresh green goods including herbs such as fresh Anethum graveolens, exuberant Gypsy tomatoes and char grilled Cynara scolymuss, rarely found elsewhere. Hawker Centre and wet market placed on first floor while the 2nd floor largely sells traditional apparels, Indian costumes, seamsters and fabric merchandisers. The layout of the stables were placed row by row, some like a cell. The placing of tiles was to forestall slippery from the H2O of moisture market and do the topographic point looks cleaner.

It was reported in Channel News Asia on 16 Feb 2010 that some stallholders at the upgraded Tekka Market said concern has been hurt by unjust competition from those outside the premises. They claim concern is down by between 20 and 50 per cent. ( Channel intelligence Asia 16 February 2010 )

Besides that, one of the grounds of cold concern is because of limited parking tonss, people need to park at one block off and walk back to Tekka market and besides, the stallholders and the purchasers complaint about bad airing system.

‘The new market is amazing, it has lost some of its traditional feel but it is more broad and things are more organised’-Chia ‘s Vegetables Supply

Stall no: # 01-129 – Usher: The new Tekka market

Dawn Ng

2. Cold Storage

Cold storage was one time antagonistic service and shifted to self service which made them as the first one to present supermarket to Singapore. They hold the construct of multiple retailing, capitalizing on majority purchasing and economic systems of scale- Wikipedia They were besides the first one to offer on-line food markets shopping in Singapore.The figure of regular clients has since so grown from 6,000 in 1998 to presently over 15,000. [ 8 ]

Cold storage operates 3 other supermarket branding such as Shop n Save, Market Place, and Cold Storage itself.

The advantages of supermarket are they can be topographic point anyplace, in the HDB estate, resistance, shopping Centre, therefore might be the ground why they could monopoly the concern easy because they are everyplace and more convenient.

The layout of the supermarkets in Singapore is typical, row by row with the arrangement of the goods along the rack. There ‘s no sense of homo to human interaction. On the other manus, they provide signage that stated really clearly which subdivision is domestic fowl, meat and veggies and supply rather a figure of tellers. Tellers are divided into two types. One type largely for purchase less than 10 points and another one more than 10 plus air conditioner inside the supermarket with odorless airing. Supermarket is all about convenient and self-service.

Rei Kawakubo ‘s Market in London

a. Modern stall design

B. Still retain market ‘s individuality

The chief construct for this market ‘s redevelopment is to do certain it gives different experience for the frequenters each clip the market is visited. It has been sensitively adapted and retained the sense of original individuality of a market by playing with the show design. They arranged the show sensitively by demoing all of their goods in more unconventional manner. As what the image shown below, even though they hang all their apparels like what traditional market normally do, by utilizing rayonss and the construct of modularity, it creates a floating consequence and besides they are able to transform the show every bit frequently as they want.

One of the show in Rei Kawakubo ‘s Market

3. Marche Market Restaurant

a. Design of the eating house gives us the experience of traveling into a market

B. Patrons are be able to see inside the stables, what are the ingredients, how fresh their fish is, how do they cook it and etc

Marche Restaurant held the construct of market eating house, with a good consideration on the originality of market ‘s component. It has been transformed into a modern eating house with market construct and gives an out-of-door feeling inside the infinite. The layout has been designed sensitively to heighten the topographic point for brush, maximise the opportunities for the frequenters to run into. With stall by stall placed in certain mode, non row by row, it enhances more interaction for frequenters with Sellerss and frequenters with other frequenters.

Stables are designed so that the frequenters are be able to see what are the public-service corporations they use, how fresh are the fishes they traveling to cook, how do they work and how clean it is, fundamentally about the whole position of the kitchen. Drinks and other nutrients are put in certain interesting manner, with mark such as 3 for $ 10 which gives us a sense of deal and convey us back into traditional market.

How does spacial design aid to hike shopping experience but still retain its original individuality of shopping in local markets?


Provide easier position for the frequenters in footings of location for each subdivision such as domestic fowl, veggies, meats and etc.


Indoor outdoor shopping experience which allow more air into the market and allow the odors out.


Maximize topographic points for brush among the users

Stall design

Human Circulation

There are many ways to plan a market without pretermiting its original individuality. The design of the stables ‘ layout should supply easier position for the frequenters towards the whole market so they can easy research the trade goods from aisle to aisle and on the other manus, it promotes the activity of ingestion for the purchasers.

Furthermore, as what they applied to Marche market eating house, their purpose of the layout design is to heighten bigger opportunities for people to run into up, therefore, this component besides should be use to market design which will convey back the users to the market traditionally where it is crowded and full of human to human interaction.

A greater battle with a topographic point is made possible through a memory of societal bonding- Sociability Himanshu Burte

Markets back so was placed outdoor along the route but most of them moved inside the edifice due to hygienic concern. In this instance, the market can still be placed inside the edifice and make an indoor out-of-door consequence and besides it could mention to architecture interior in which seting outdoor component in indoor such as trees, that besides works as the step of the room, of its breadth, length and tallness. Hence, it creates more interesting ambiance for the users.

From the comparing of Tekka Market, Rei Kawakubo ‘s Market and Marche Market Restaurant, the chief component that is losing in Singapore ‘s local market is the manner they display their trade goods. In traditional market, the goods are arrange and put on container like ‘baskets ‘ so that the purchasers are be able to see and take for good quality.

On the other manus, the design should besides see good airing system so that the odor does non pin down inside the edifice.

Hence, markets ‘ design could be improve by giving a good observation on what has been missing presents and design in a manner that could advance the energy of ingestion, exchange and transmutations that conveying back the memories to what has been lost. Thus might be the solution on how to pull back the clients and maintain the market balance.


Local market in Singapore was one time really adventuresome topographic point before they moved into indoor infinites which had caused the whole exciting component as a topographic point of exchange lost. By giving a good consideration on how to better the design of the market and besides to retain the original individuality and ambiance of a market will be the solution to pull the attending of the purchasers even more.