1st To Die By James Patterson English Literature Essay

Why does Detective Lindsay Boxter still work for the LAPD? Throughout the beginning of the novel, the chief topic to speak about was Lindsay. Chiefly, they talked about her life before the clip in which the novel took topographic point. “ I knew that after he left me without an account, I would ne’er happen love once more ” ( Patterson 21 ) . Lindsay has been hurt by the love of her life, but still all she wants to make is work out slaying instances. I think that she ‘s work outing these instances to compare her life, and her hurting, to the lives of other people. As I read on, I found the reply to this inquiry. “ Solving these complex enigmas helps me bury about the awful state of affairs that I ‘m in ” ( Patterson 54 ) . Lindsay, a adult female who has been hurt in the yesteryear has been making her occupation to assist others. What a altruistic calling. She puts her life in forepart of others to assist them retrieve their loved 1s, while at the same clip, piecing the hole in her bosom.

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Another inquiry that I had from the start is why does Lindsay like the one newsman, Cindy Thomas, so much? “ Oh great, she merely greatly jeoprodised my instance ” ( Patterson 34 ) . This is what Lindsay said when Ms. Thomas broke into her offense scene to catch some shootings and jot down some notes for the imperativeness. As the reader, I understand that it was Cindy ‘s occupation as a newsman to acquire the facts, and it was Lindsay ‘s occupation as head CSI to acquire huffy at her. I did happen the solution subsequently on, and this may be one of the strongest situational sarcasm that I have of all time read. “ I think we could link and possibly even go friends ” ( Patterson 130 ) . So, the adult female who reported a private scene to the imperativeness becomes the chiefs new best friend. How dry is that? I think that later on in the novel, their friendly relationship will work out, and they will organize the Women ‘s Murder Club.

By the terminal of Patterson ‘s novel, my anticipation would be that these two adult females go friends and remain friends. I think that it does n’t count how much more dry it could acquire, but the the two characters merely seem like they understand each other.

Paul Caccavale

Campbell, Period G


Word count = 395

Character Change

1st To Die by James Patterson

Pages: 130-224

At the beginning of the fresh 1st To Die by James Patterson, Detective Lindsay Boxter is a CSI for the LAPD. Her occupation is merely to work out slaying instances. The is an interesting facet though, she is n’t a really societal or popular individual. She is really unbroken to herself in the sense that she does non portion any information with anybody, except her best friend Clair.

Ever since Lindsay met Clair, they started to truly link and go great friends. Lindsay told Clair everything about her, her past life, and what she wanted to come in the hereafter. But, as Lindsay is maintaining to herself and being afraid of run intoing person else, she is besides undertaking a deathly disease. In between the beginning and the center of the novel, it is revealed that Lindsay has a awful instance of Negli ‘s Disease, which is when the ruddy blood cells stop reproducing. “ ‘What has the physician told you? ‘ [ Clair asked. ] ‘That it ‘s serious. It could even be fatal ‘ ” ( Patterson 159 ) . After Lindsay came over the fright of stating her best friend the bad intelligence, she eventually spit it out. From that minute on to the terminal of the novel, the narrative and Det. Lindsay Boxter ‘s life would ne’er be the same.

After the disease was revealed in the narrative, Lindsay ‘s personality turned upside down. From that minute on, the detective took more pride in her work and started to travel out and run into new people. One individual she met while seeking to work out a instance was Reporter Cindy Thomas, who turned out to be one of her best friends. Cindy started to speak to Lindsay about her disease and what she was traveling through, and so they became every bit near as Lindsay and Clair. That was what started the Woman ‘s Murder Club. They were all interested, and they all had the accomplishments.

At the terminal of all of this, Detective Lindsay Boxter turned from a mellow, diffident homicide research worker to a socialized, “ desiring to run into new people ” machine. After all that she has done, she had created long permanent relationships with people that she could swear and would be at that place no affair what. At the terminal of a long twenty-four hours, that is all that affairs.

Paul Caccavale

Campbell, Period G


Word Count = 423

Good Literature

1st To Die by James Patterson

Finished book ; 462-462

The fresh 1st To Die by James Patterson is about the closest thing to a thriller novel as it can acquire. It is about a detective name Lindsay Boxter who has to work out homicide instances even though she has contracted a deathly disease. The novel shows good literature because it includes elaborate information about the slayings and gives astonishing item to the characters and the struggles that they have while seeking to work out the instances.

The usage of description at the slaying scenes are what attracts me to maintain on reading into the novel. From the scene in which the twosomes were slashed, to the apparels they were have oning at the clip of the slaying. A batch of the images that have come up in the readers head were likely nauseous, but that is a opportunity that is taken when the reader decides to read a homicide enigma. “ They were killed in the bathroom stall, at their nuptials, in a sexually expressed place ” ( Patterson 181 ) . The fresh gives even more information that. The sum of item that Patterson includes in this work is matchless by any other writer.

Like any other murderous enigma novel, there is a slayer, and the occupation of the writer is to uncover as small information on the slayer as possible. Chiefly, he leaks spots and pieces out in different parts of the novel. This is what he is suppose to make in order to maintain the reader intrigued in the novel. “ We know that he ‘s in-between aged, late mid-fortiess ” ( Patterson 127 ) . “ A long ruddy face fungus? ” ( Patterson 176 ) . Both of these illustrations are of the slayer and his physical description, or what he looks like in existent life. The reader will detect how good Patterson implements the description and the adjectives of the slayer within the novel. Everything is neatly put together, and makes the reader privation to travel on to see what will go on next. The thing that makes it good literature is the attending to item of the slayer and the manner of doing the reader want to cognize more. So, they read more into the novel.

Patterson did a really nice occupation with maintaining the reader involved. He does this by doing certain that there is a cliffhanger on every chapter. He besides gives off parts of the slayers individuality before he/ she is revealed to the full. That is the definition of good literature.

Paul Caccavale

Campbell, Period G


Word Count = 400

Human Nature

1st To Die by James Patterson

224-462 ; End of Novel

In the fresh 1st To Die by James Patterson, there is one obvious illustration of human nature to be discovered. In the novel, there were a figure of different violent deaths of twosomes, but they all had one thing in common. They were all killed on the twenty-four hours of their nuptials.

The human nature portion of this state of affairs is the motivation of the slayer. His motivation is to kill people who have achieved more than him in life, love being the illustration. “ ‘Oh ya, my fiance bought it for me, ‘ said Becky. ‘Really? When ‘s the large twenty-four hours? ‘ Said the Philip Campbell ” ( Patterson 76 ) . At this point in the novel, the slayer, Campbell, is happening his following victims and be aftering the slayings. He has a common motivation: to kill happy people. It explains in the novel that Campbell himself had ne’er had love and killing honeymooners was his lone manner to show that emotion. His doctrine was that if he could non hold it, than cipher could.

This illustration of killing motor reminds me of an episode of CSI: Miami. In the episode, a consecutive slayer goes out to slay all of the people in his field of scientific discipline that have had better advancement and better finds than he has had. “ It should hold been me acquiring that award. I worked my whole life to detect that theory, and he took the glorification from me ” ( CSI: Miami, Writer Mike Dube ) . This was said by the consecutive slayer during his confession. He admitted to killing his rival scientist because his opposition got the consequences that he needed for his concluding theory paper. The slayer got so fed up with the fact that his challenger would acquire all of the glorification, and so he murdered him to acquire the satisfaction that he would non take his scientific pride once more. What the slayer did non recognize was that he could n’t make science any longer. Alternatively, he had to pass the remainder of his life and calling in prison.

Readers should acknowledge this illustration of human nature because it is a common motivation for killing. When person takes what the slayer wanted out of life, the slayer will end the job. It is excessively bad for the people in the novel who got murdered, all because some sociopath did non acquire what he wanted out of life.