English Siddhartha Summative Assessment English Literature Essay

Buddha goes through many alterations in life and in one of those he discovers that he had non experienced love jet. He has been so concentrated about making Nirvana that he has lost all involvement in other things of life. Siddhartha has non found love until he starts populating with his boy. When his boy moves in with him he cares so much about him and does non desire anything bad to go on to him he gives him everything possible and dose all he can to do him happy. However when he acts like a spoilt child and does non esteem his male parent Siddhartha does non desire to penalize him or hit him.

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Siddhartha ‘s chief end in life was to be a follower of Buddha and one twenty-four hours go person like him. He wanted to happen enlightenment. Siddhartha was a really religious adult male who liked to assist others and give them everything he could. He did n’t care about material things and did n’t cut his hair or shave he did n’t care about money or how he looked. Subsequently on in life he met Kamala where he experienced different things. That was when he realized that he had non experienced love in his life. He noticed that because Kamala told him that he did non cognize how to love adult females or other things every bit simple as life. “ You do non truly love me-you love cipher. Is that non true? ” ( pg. 73 ) He was non happy when she told him that because he realized that he had merely concentrated on one thing throughout his life and did n’t cognize if he had loved person in these old ages because he had ne’er paid attending to it.

When Siddhartha discovers that he has non loved person he realizes that it leaves him an empty topographic point in his life and it is something he has to carry through. This realisation makes him more open-minded and makes him view things otherwise. He started populating his life in a different manner after that he transformed in a individual how tested to larn things from about everything he listened to the river to see if it could learn him anything. He understood that love is an ideal thing in every organic structure ‘s life and he had to see it. When he did he would likely happen it easier to make Nirvana and happen his interior peace.

The first clip he experiences love is when his boy moves in with him. Siddhartha cares a batch about him and does non cognize what to make when he misbehaves because he is non capable of watching his shortly be sad and know that it is his mistake. “ He had of all time lost his bosom to anybody so wholly, had he of all time loved anybody so much, so blindly, so distressingly so hopelessly and yet so merrily? “ ( pg.121 ) this is when he realizes that it is the first clip he cares so much about person and loves his boy. However Siddhartha does non cognize what to make when he misbehaves and Vasudeva tells him that he has to be stricter with his boy and hit him when he does non desire to make his jobs and disrespects him. It is really difficult for Siddhartha to make it because he loves his boy and he does non desire to do him sad. When his boy leaves him Siddhartha lets him travel because his boy wants to be entirely and that makes him happy so it makes Siddhartha happy. ” He was frantically in love, a sap because of love. Now he besides experienced tardily, for one time in his life, the strongest and strangest passion ; he suffered enormously through it and yet was uplifted, in some manner renewed and richer. ” ( pg.122 )

When he gets older and has found enlightenment he realizes that love is non merely a feeling that he can hold for people but besides for life and for objects like rocks trees or the river. “ But I think it is merely of import to love the universe, non to despite, non for us to detest each other, but no 1 able to see the universe and ourselves and all existences with love, esteem and respect. ” ( pg. 147 ) When Govinda comes looking for the ferryman and he tells him that to happen enlightenment it is easier to merely populate life to the fullest and you will acquire at that place. He besides tells him that if you do n’t acquire at that place in this life you will likely acquire at that place in another life because life is like a rhythm.

In the beginning Siddhartha does non cognize much about love but as he gets older and wiser he learns that life is non merely about happening the right province of being. He learns how to love and care for others and realizes that love is a cardinal thing in life. He finds his love for other things like people and life which makes him recognize that there is more to it than merely happening Nirvana. He finds love for nature and things in it because he believes that it is a rhythm. “ I merely love it because it is a rock, because today and now it appears to me a rock, I see value and significance in each one of its all right markers and pits, in the yellow, in the grey, in the hardness and the sound of it when I knock it, in the waterlessness or moistness of its surface. ” ( pg. 145 ) In the terminal Siddhartha does happen love he notices it when he starts caring about his boy more than he has of all time cared about anybody.