Analyze The Way Society Believes And Imposes Virginity On Women English Literature Essay

Both novelists challenge the manner society believes and imposes virginity on adult females until their matrimony, but they prefer to cover with this thought in a different manner. In “ Chronicle of a Death Foretold, ” Santiago Nasar is killed on the footing that he purportedly violated a adult female ‘s virginity before she was married, and this clearly demonstrates the societal values encompassed in the civilization they reside in. A civilization wherein a female ‘s virginity is considered highly of import, and can be regarded as tantamount to honour. Marquez utilizes sarcasm in order to admit and face the societal norms and conventions of such a civilization. For case, the storyteller states “ Even when it was less than two months before she would be married, Pura Vicario would n’t allow her ( Angela ) go out entirely with Bayardo San Roman to see the house where they were traveling to populate, but she and the blind male parent accompanied her to watch over her award. ” ( p. 37 ) This peculiar quotation mark portrays how extremely regarded virginity is in their civilization, so of import as to hold a unsighted adult male escort his girl entirely to protect her virginity. It seems farcical that a adult male with ocular damage would be told to supervise a adult female for the interest of conserving her “ pureness, ” and is one of the ways that Marquez, ironically, handles the subject of premarital virginity.

In add-on, even if the value of virginity is entirely accepted and imposed by society, it seems about as if a whole host of adult females are n’t as guiltless and pure as people believe. An illustration occurred in “ Chronicle of a Death Foretold, ” when the subject of how to conceal Angela Vicario ‘s virginity was brought up. The storyteller stated, “ They assured her that about all adult females lost their virginity in childhood accidents. They insisted that even the most hard of hubbies resigned themselves to anything every bit long as cipher knew about it. They convinced her, finallyaˆ¦ ” ( p. 38 ) Hence, she engaged in misrepresentation, when she married Bayardo San Roman, as she wore the head covering and orange flowers that emphasize pureness and artlessness, even though she is n’t a virgin. She so listened to her friends and tried to flim-flam Bayardo on their nuptials dark, through staining the bed sheet beforehand, among other thoughts. This shows the importance of maintaining a adult female ‘s virginity, and the extent one is willing to travel through to turn out it. Furthermore, it besides illustrates the expectedness of such a affair as her friend ‘s cognition of the issue and avidity to rede her to lie seems about ordinary. The fact that her friends advise her to conceal the truth, in order to demo that Angela is genuinely guiltless and pure, is an act of dishonesty and misrepresentation in itself. This is precisely how Marquez, ironically, illustrates the societal significance of virginity in “ Chronicle of a Death Foretold. ”

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In contrast, the societal significance of virginity is addressed less ironically and more usually in the fresh “ Like Water for Chocolate, ” and one manner it does so is when the construct of faith, perchance the most important facet of the Mexican society, is wholly ignored. The cardinal Torahs of society are entirely based on the Catholic beliefs, and at the point of clip when the narrative was set, Catholicism played an of import function in everyone ‘s manner of life. This peculiar faith believes that a adult female should non lose her virginity before acquiring married, and the fact that Esquivel chooses to overlook faith, appears to connote that a whole host of spiritual positions are practically absurd. Regardless of what a adult female has done or experienced in her life, it would non do any important differences in their mundane lives.


Furthermore, the fact that harlotry is non looked down upon by society, and is considered instead normal and ordinary, seems really dry. This leaves adult females with a sense of inescapability, as they would merely be socially accepted if they were cocottes or virgins, and this thought shapes the lives of the adult females who inhabit this peculiar civilization. Furthermore, the inequality between work forces and adult females are clearly illustrated in “ Chronicle of a Death Foretold, ” as while the storyteller, Santiago, Cristo and Luis Enrique were imbibing and passing their dark at Maria Clemente ‘s whorehouse, Angela Vicario was being beaten by her female parent for her inexcusable “ error ” of losing her virginity before matrimony. This gives us a clear and graphic contrast of the lives and outlooks of both work forces and adult females in Latin American civilization, as work forces can move nevertheless they please and sleep with whoever they want at any age, while adult females have less freedom and are restricted to the rough societal regulations. Prostitution is besides portrayed, although otherwise, in “ Like Water for Chocolate, ” as Tita ‘s sister, Gertrudis, moves to a whorehouse, and becomes a cocotte. With this as her calling, the passion and ardor that has accumulated inside her, for all those old ages, bit by bit diminishes, and this calling pick of hers is accepted as it is. It is ne’er stated that her opportunities of acquiring married were doomed and put to an terminal, and it is well entailed that Gertrudis will take a nice life, free from the restraints of society, in malice of her sexual brushs with work forces she is non be aftering to get married. This farther explicates Esquivel ‘s natural and straightforward recognition of the thought of pre-marital virginity, compared to Marquez ‘s changeless jeer and use of sarcasm.


In decision, the impression of premarital virginity is really important in both these novels, even if both novelists express its importance in assorted ways. Esquivel ‘s fresh implies that being married is basically down to true love, and true love should non be established on the footing of what a adult female has done in her yesteryear. Marquez, conversely, addresses this thought ironically as he illustrates the deadly effects of the absence of a adult female ‘s virginity, which may be rational to people in some civilizations, but is decidedly absurd to us.