Montags Society The Fatal Flaws English Literature Essay

A true society has distinguishable persons, a colourful civilization, and thoughts and traits that encourage differences, non a burden of nescient saps who hate books with a passion. In Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury presents a society that holds the deathly qualities of ignorance and selfishness, qualities that Ray Bradbury warns so much about. In this society people fear alteration, act for personal pleasance, and merely care for themselves. Fictional characters like Mildred cheerfully burn books to avoid their jobs, while characters in place to do alteration, like Faber, are excessively fearful and selfish to portion their cognition. Ray Bradbury purposefully puts certain characters and events in the narrative to warn that if society adapts the deathly traits of ignorance, and selfishness, the same effects of Montag ‘s society will follow, taking present twenty-four hours society to its ‘ ruin.

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By exemplifying the ignorant and unworried attitude of Montag ‘s society, Bradbury warns that if present twenty-four hours civilization adapts the quality of ignorance, it will go a controlled, repressed, and drone-like society. After Montag finishes his talk with Faber, Mildred ‘s friends treat him to a conversation refering to the presidential campaigners that late ran for office: “ I laid it on the line for President Noble. I think he is one of the nicest looking work forces of all time became presidentaˆ¦ Even their name helped. Compare Winston Noble to Hubert Hoag for 10 seconds and you can about calculate the consequences ” ( Bradbury 97 ) . Ray Bradbury strategically puts this quotation mark in the book to demo us the consequence that ignorance has on society. In both present twenty-four hours society, and the society of Montag ‘s, every individual is given the right to vote. What people choose to make with this privilege is a pick that people make for themselves. In the fresh Bradbury portrays Mildred ‘s friend as a complete contemplation of the society that she lives in. She cares merely about herself. When it comes to electing presidents, she chooses the 1 with the coolest name, and the nicest face, instead than electing the adult male best tantrum to regulate her state with duty. Bradbury warns his readers that if they choose the same way as the friends of Mildred, society will besides topple at the dictator ‘s caprice, rapidly to devastation. Even every bit nescient as Mildred ‘s friends are, after Guy reveals his books to Mildred, she proves much more of an resistance to alter than any other individual in Bradbury ‘s society: “ He could hear her take a breathing quickly and her face was paled out and her eyes fastened broad. She said his name over, twice, three times. Then groaning she ran frontward seized a book, and ran towards the kitchen incineratoraˆ¦ ” ( 66 ) . Mildred proves herself as a individual who is ignorant of acquisition, alteration, and patterned advance as a society. When Guy brings books, or life altering factors that make have the possible to do society advancement, Mildred rapidly shuns them, seeking to fire them before she even has the opportunity to larn. These actions can besides be related to present twenty-four hours society, Bradbury warns us that when people like Mildred become to afraid to alter, or advancement as a civilization, society will halt in its ‘ paths, regressing to the point where it is unidentifiable.

By utilizing characters that reflect society ‘s traits, Bradbury skilfully demonstrates that selfish and fearful persons add up to make a inhibitory civilization and society. This is foremost proved when Faber admits his ain fright of distributing truth and cognition: “ I can sit comfortably at place, warming my scared castanetss, and hear and analyse the fireman ‘s universe, happen its ‘ failings without danger ” ( 91 ) . Bradbury creates Faber in order to stand for a knowing intellectual who knows the truth about society in the present twenty-four hours universe. Bradbury places him inside the narrative to stand for the hope and alteration that can convey reform to Montag ‘s civilization. But Faber has one fatal quality. He does non speak to others about mistakes within the authorities and society. This is because he is fearful of the effects that would happen if he brought alteration Forth. Faber had huge array of cognition in the narrative, merely how instructors have so much cognition in present twenty-four hours society. But like an fresh endowment, the cognition that Faber has merely sits locked off in a safe where cipher could derive entree to it. When Bradbury establishes this construct to his readers, he proves that in endeavoring to go a better civilization and society, people must ever work at distributing new cognition and thoughts. Even every bit fearful as Faber is, a selfish sap like Mildred proves no lucifer to Faber on how much a individual can work to forestall alteration from being introduced. In the latter portion of the narrative, Mildred can no longer manage the force per unit area of holding books in her house, so she merely calls the firemen and bends in Montag: “ She shoved the valise in the waiting beetle, climbed in, and sat mumbling, ‘Poor household, hapless household, oh everything gone, everything, everything gone nowaˆ¦ ‘ ” ( pg114 ) . Mildred studies Guy to the firemen because he is in ownership of the books. Bradbury establishes Mildred as the typical friend to Guy, merely like how anyone else in this universe can be a typical friend to another. Except Mildred is given one fatal defect, she has fright. The fright that Mildred has of books drove her mad, and out of fright of society ‘s penalties, she turns ain her hubby in to the firemen. Bradbury makes Mildred really relatable to a present twenty-four hours individual ; they both watch T.V, socialize, drive autos, ballot, and have friends. With this relation he warns that people are non excessively many stairss off from make fulling Mildred ‘s places in present twenty-four hours society. Bradbury warns that if people do non maintain a alert oculus on each other, the clip will shortly be excessively late for realisation and individualism will yield to authorities control

If present twenty-four hours society is non taught, and does non larn to accept, read, and larn the truth, people will get down to turn on each other, moving in the name of selfishness and fright. By utilizing characters that have these fatal qualities Bradbury forcefully warns that if society does non alter, advancement, and larn as a civilization so it will be no better than the society of Montag ‘s. If people egotistically decide, and cease to care about the universe around them, the bright points of humanity that are so cherished and loved in the universe today will disperse. Culture ‘s darling art, ideals, bequests will go a fading memory, everlastingly go forthing a cicatrix on the keystone of humanity.