Athletes as role models

Athletes as role models

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The place of role models in life can not be overemphasized. Such models can be our parents, church leaders, community elders and specialties in academics. Besides this category of people, athletes have also assumed an influential status of role models. There are many opinions about this but the best choice to make is the complete man.

As a young grows, he finds the outside environment an interesting adventure with a lot of people to meet, many friends to make and models to emulate. He is fully aware of the norms of the society and understands the position of his/her parents. Through his informal education at home, he gets to know the expectations of the society in which s [he] has found himself/herself. Here, his parents hold the stake of the model. To a number of people, his trend continues even when they become adults because their parents made indelible marks in their all-round training.

However, others feel dissatisfied with the ways of their parents or just simply want a change; as a result, their introduction to the larger community affords the opportunity to make the choice of an individual to make pattern life. Indeed the feeling to have an example is not out of place as it is inherent in every man. Attending schools and socio-cultural gatherings creates an avenue to meet people and learn from them with a view to being like them. Here, some may choose models among their teachers, religious leaders and academia. This means of socialization may not be sufficient.

The home, school, religious houses are inevitable tools of good socialization. In this age, the media plays a strong influential role in the life of every young person. Here, they are exposed to an avalanche of information and personalities such as actors, actresses, sportsmen, broadcasters, business tycoons, etc. Of all, athletes have craved a large niche in the heart of many. Their involvement in sports in school makes this appeal stronger to choose role models with notable names like Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Pele, Ronaldo, Beckham, the Serena Williams, etc. indeed a significant number of young people have made their choice of role models from among the endless list.

Within the larger society, there have arisen arguments among whether or not athletes are good as role models. There are people of opinion that athletes do not represent a credible clan to make such important choice `from; most people in this category have adjudged this way because of the immoral and dubious lifestyles of some notable athletes outside the field. They believe that there are better people than athletes who can be role models. On the other hand, others believe there is nothing wrong with athletes if they are credible in or out of the pitch.

Really, the important facts are clear: role models are important and the right choice must be made. What is, therefore, the major task are the criteria to make the choice: I believe that whoever would be a role model need not be just an expert on the field and a failure in the home. S[he] should be a complete person; this implies that they should be men of character and sound doctrine; men and women who have distinguished themselves in one and all areas of life. It is such people that can effectively manage their successes; they are sought after by many boards and companies. One body wants a cheat in the real sense of it; even the cheat detects that. I am aware there are such credible people among our athletes today. If anyone stills desire a sportsman as a role model the choice should be based on the totality of that individual.

Therefore, if any man chooses a model, it should be a complete man: a success in one and all.