Flvs Marine Science

1) Explain the relationship between continental drift and the formation of the Earth’s Oceans? -The relationship between continental drift and the formation of the Earth’s Oceans stems from plate movement that occurred on Earth. There is a theory that all the continents were once all one big piece of land named Pangaea, and over millions and millions of years the land of Pangaea started to split apart into many different continents. It divided Panthalassa, the large global ocean that surrounded the supercontinent Pangaea, into many different oceans instead of just one big one and now we have many various oceans around the world. 2) How did volcanoes affect the origins of the seas?

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-Volcanoes affected the origins of the seas because many gasses are released during a volcantic eruption including water vapor. Water vapor was the main contributor to where the primary ocean waters originated from. This is because the water vapor condensates after being gassed out of the volcanoes, once the condensation occurs then precipitation is created. 3) Describe the hydrologic cycle as if you were a particle of water going through it. If I were a particle traveling though the hydrologic cycle I would being by floating on top of the ocean and soaking up the suns heat, slowly after absorbing the heat I would lift up into the air as water vapor. After chilling in the sky for a little bit I would find a nice crowded dark cloud to sit inside and eventually once it got too full I would fall back onto the ground as a snow flake on to a tall mountain. After resting on the mountain all winter once spring came along I would melt off the side of the mountain and into a lake.