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The people picked the ball up and if anyone should be shook by this thing it should be him because this was on his henrg. I'm not going to name names, but U2 is right up there with the rest of them.

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I own most of his books, have seen his spoken word so many times that during one tour I was telling his stories with him. Rollins started on U2.

We got this one. Kill ME! We could put a house beat behind it and put it on a inch.

I have many records, books and films featuring people who have taken their own lives, and I regard them all with a bit of disdain. He called me. First things first, I am a fan of Henry Rollins, henrj been for more than 10 years.

roollins Rollins said while he "hated" Bono's music, U2 still had plenty of contenders when it came to his least favourite band. And there is danger there.

I think as soon as you have children, i2 waive your right to take your own life. They need a producer like Eno or Daniel Lanois to kind of prop up this cabaret singer henry rollins on u2 his rlllins pony… I just think when you campaign [to promote both your band and world peace], it turns into a little bit like grandstanding, to me. How long are people going to stand around and be insulted like this?

I have to think his heart's in the right place. Is he on the road working for that? I think I would rather drink latex paint than be in a movie with him.

Niche u2 blog before niche blogs were a thing

What a o record! By Jordan Bassett 8th January Former Black Flag frontman and punk-as-fuck hardcore legend Henry Rollins is back on the campaign trail, promoting his upcoming Uk spoken word tour, The Henry rollins on u2 Obstinate tour, which will see him rant and rave in venues up and down the land later this month. Rollins has a monologue on one of his spoken word albums in which he mocks U2's fans, rags on the band, and rants, "They could never fool me! They've been milking that same bassline and the same guitar change for like five albums and the world kisses their ass and it is the biggest pile of shite I have ever heard!

U2 on tour

That guy with the bubble butt waving a white flag! That is why there is Occupy Wall Street.

Because they've got enough money behind them to push their crap down your throat forever. That's fine.

Or was it just for Newsweek? That is the most plodding, corny rhythm section ever to fill a stadium.

Eight times henry rollins proved he’s really good at insults

Like he's Mr. A white flag says, Aim your crosshair sights over here! How do you make it better? I adore this man, I think he's smart and interesting and know from personal experience that he is caring and considerate.

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You devour it and chuck it out. We always had to see over and over again on any hemry channel that shithead climbing up and down the P. Are you fucking kidding me? Why does music that bad get so far?

Rock and rollins as punk nut henry takes a swipe at bono

The only reason their records were such big hits was due to the genius of producers and backroom boys such as ex-Roxy Music guitarist Brian Eno and Canadian Daniel Lanois, he claimed. If anybody is a one-trick pony it is Rollins. French President Jacques Chirac last week awarded him the French equivalent of a knighthood in Paris.

Yes, it is true, Henry Rollins does not like U2. I think he's a boring singer, but I rolljns think he's a bad man.

It's funny that so many people want to take Rollins to task for ripping on U2, like somehow that's not allowable, yet they feel they should have the freedom to massacre him all they pn. January 8, 0 Comments Punk rock icon Henry Rollins recently questioned U2 activist frontman Bono's motives in getting involved in so many causes, implying in no uncertain terms that the Irish singer may be using his high-profile involvement in politics to promote the group's current "greatest hits" album.

Indie He stalled, asking me what I was doing in his office, why I wanted to meet henry rollins on u2 him.