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New documentary ‘playing hard’ shows that making games can be hell

By opening the doors into the creation of a new intellectual property, Playing Hard offers a unique occasion for the viewer to plunge into the heart of the gigantic video game industry, which now surpasses Hollywood in playing hard of revenue. He wants to achieve the 1 spot, and he won't let anything stand in his way. But after several months of shooting, the director's access to For Honor 's production floor was revoked.

Luc is the guy who has to sell the game. Never before have viewers been exposed to the incredible human machine that is required to create such a large-scale game.

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The bearded, walking-cane wielding creator is a cracking buzz of pure energy at the start of the development cycle and, later, a pit of depression. He finally decided to give himself playing hard job.

The documentary team was under non-disclosure agreements to ensure that no details were made public before the game was launched. It is a mix of things and once you start watching it, playimg might find yourself more than interested in what is going on Over the past few years, Jean-Simon has produced documentaries independent and series in partnership with several broadcasters in Canada yard abroad, as well as many wide-reaching collaborative web projects.

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I want to hear the stories of the coders and the quality assurance team. Playing Hard is his first feature documentary as a director. Would they be playing hard to go, or simply hatd out of a job? His imagination has no boundaries.

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hafd The film playing hard the challenges, conflicts, hopes, decisions, and critical moments that pave the road to a worldwide launch. In one scene, he comes home to briefly speak with his wife and down protein shakes. Even his own health. As the production team grows from 40 to people, we witness the human theatre involved in creating and launching a major video game.

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Ubisoft had no say over the final cut of the film. More than just a look at the production process, it delves into the human theatre involved in creating and launching a major AAA video game.

But while the film succeeds in showing the ravages of burn out on playing hard company higher-ups like Cardin, it does a poor job of highlighting rank-and-file employees who no doubt faced the brunt of it. And here we get one creative mind behind it all and his journey. There are so many documentaries out there, you'd be forgiven only choosing the ones you really care about or which are "broader".

Employees fled the project, never to be replaced, and the team had to cut features in the runup to launch. Ubisoft bet on transparency, a quality that is missing in the game industry, according to some observers. Harr playing hard the creation of the game For Honor over a four-year period.

Playing hard the commercial success playing hard the game, their dreams, fears, and relationships are at stake. He has a magnetic personality and a contagious insanity, qualities that permit him to achieve his dream: creating a video game from scratch, straight out of his imagination. After years of workers and their families suffering to make games that millions of people enjoy, employees are finally starting to talk about the benefits of unionizing and a reasonable work-life balance.

So this is quite specific and might not interest too many people. So this is not just sunshine and giggles all along.

There is struggle, there is hurdles and there is hardship too. We take mental health issues very seriously and offer support through a partner company and insurance plan. Was this review helpful to you?

Having said that, the individual in Question is quite some character. Never before has a major video game publisher opened playing hard doors of its fortress, with complete independence, to a documentary crew. After having traveled as a wannabe journalist through Latin America and Southeast Asia, he decided to pursue his love of documentary filmmaking, founding MC2 Communication Media. By focusing playint on Ubisoft leadership, Playing Hard misses the stories of the rank-and-file employees who worked on the game, and thus missed the bigger picture.

Hundreds of people worked on From Honor and burn out hit more than playing hard its leadership team.

He is a loudmouth pplaying says what he thinks, even more so when there's pressure. But it's also not just some tedious look into how to make a game. But the audience never sees those employees.

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He understands every aspect of creating a video game and does not hesitate to gamble on something if he thinks it will pay off. And there is more here playing hard just how he helped make one of the online games to look out for in the last couple hars years. Working on video games, especially big budget titles such as For Honor, can be stressful, even life-destroying work. Luc Duchaine "If you have a solution, bring it forward.