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The LD50 is above the active dosage, and there is no danger of acute toxicity.

Methods of ghb abuse

Athletes have used it to make their performance better. Alcohol - Even in very low doses this combination rapidly le to memory loss, severe ataxia and unconsciousness.

GHB's effect on dopamine release is biphasic. It is known, however, that the brain expresses a large wiki ghb receptors that are activated by GHB. GHB has also been postulated to have wiki ghb effects due to protein synthesis, and has been used by body-builders for muscle building and reducing fat. GHB was widely used in France, Italy, and other European countries for several decades as a sleeping agent and an anesthetic in childbirth, but problems with its abuse potential and development of newer drugs have led to a decrease in legitimate medical use of GHB in recent times.

GHB became known to the general public as a date rape drug by the late s. That is to say that, over time, the concentration of GHB in the system wikj below the threshold for ificant GABAB receptor activation and activates wiki ghb the GHB receptor, leading to wakefulness. Negative effects may include sweating, loss of consciousness, nausea, hallucinations, amnesia, and coma, among other side effects.

You should always wait for at least two hours before taking another dose. If GHB is put into a clear liquid, glass, or bottle, it can be easily mistaken for water. Xyrem is a highly regulated drug in the U.

Since GABA is naturally synthesized in the brain, a higher-than-normal concentration would wiki ghb quickly metabolized. GHB is also a naturally-occurring metabolite of the inhibitory neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid GABA found in the brain. Some street names, especially when mixed with other substances such as amphetamines, can be Soap, Water, Ghhb water, Blue water, and Grievous Bodily Harm.

wiki ghb As of late, GBL has become controlled and more circuitous routes have to be taken, such as those starting with tetrahydrofuran THF. However, when GHB is consumed for recreational or health promotion purposes, its concentration in the gh is much higher than normal, which changes the enzyme kinetics so that these pathways operate to metabolise GHB rather than producing it.

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History[ edit ] Alexander Zaytsev worked wiki ghb this chemical family and published work on it in The substance can be given by pharmacists under a prescription. While unconscious, vomit aspiration is a wiji if not placed in the recovery position. In patients with narcolepsy it has been used to treat sleepiness during the day.

Use as an illegal drug[ change ghhb source ] GHB is a depressant of the central nervous system. Both the inhibition and increase of dopamine release by GHB are inhibited by opioid antagonists such as naloxone and naltrexone.

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It is strongly recommended that one use harm reduction wiki ghb when using this substance. It was around this time that GHB started earning its reputation as a party drug for its euphoric aphrodisiac effects. Other prodrug ester forms of GHB have also rarely been encountered wiki ghb law enforcement, including 1,4-diacetoxybutane, methylacetoxybutanoate, and ethylacetoxybutanoate, but these are, in general, covered by analogue laws in jurisdictions where GHB is illegal, and little is known about them beyond their delayed onset and longer duration of action.

Suggestibility enhancement Experience reports There are currently no anecdotal reports which describe the effects of this compound within our experience index. Wikj normal physiological conditions, the concentration of Gjb in the body is rather low, and the pathways would run in the reverse direction to what is shown here to produce endogenous GHB. In these situations evidence and the identification of the perpetrator of the rape is often difficult.

Gamma-hydroxybutyric acid

Sodium oxybate is approved by U. They can be longer if the drug is mixed with alcohol, or a large dosis was taken. Wiki ghb - Stimulants increase respiration rate allowing a higher dose of sedatives. The brand name for this drug in the U.

Ghb or gamma-hydroxybutyrate

Adverse effects from Xyrem in clinical trials included: headache, nausea, dizziness, nasopharyngitissomnolencevomiting, urinary incontinenceconfusion, dyspneahypoesthesiaparesthesiatremorvertigoand blurred vision. Victims become incapacitated due to the sedative effects of GHB, and they wiki ghb unable to resist sexual assault.

Neurotoxicity In multiple studies, GHB has been found to impair spatial memory, working memory, learning and memory in rats with chronic administration. It is recommended to clearly label your GHB in writing and dye the liquid with wiki ghb food coloring so it no longer resembles a drinkable beverage.

A popular children's toy, Bindeez also known as Aqua Dots, in the Wimi Statesproduced by Melbourne company Moose, was banned in Australia in early November when it was discovered that 1,4-butanediol 1,4-Bwhich is metabolized into GHB, had been substituted for the non-toxic plasticiser 1,5-pentanediol in the bead manufacturing wiki ghb. They also lower their inhibitions.

How long will it be detectable? What is fine for gub in industry may be bad for humans.

Xyrem is not available at regular retail pharmacies. It is a Schedule III controlled substance, and requires wiki ghb enrollment in a restricted access program. Its effects have been described anecdotally as comparable with ethanol alcohol and Wiki ghb use, such as euphoriadisinhibition, enhanced libido and empathogenic states. The intermediate compound 4-hydroxybutaldehyde is also a prodrug for GHB; however, as with all aldehydes this compound is caustic and is strong-smelling and foul-tasting; actual use of this compound as an intoxicant is likely to be unpleasant and result in severe nausea and vomiting.