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Women surprised by dog screwing them

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Anyways it's not like I'm cheating with some man, it's only a dog. I panicked, I was in shock of What was happening, I couldn't believe our innocent and lovable family Rottweiler was starting to growling at me. My ass was bleeding and yet Tthem was still fucking me with all of his might. The dog was fucking me fast and furiously like a jackhamme, showing me no mercy.

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It felt like a toilet plunger ramming in and out of me. I also stuffed in a bottle of wine in the pack in case I got thirsty. Now to get away. I said,"Ok Jasper, I'm going to let you mate with me, I'm all yours, my pussy is yours for the taking, I'm your bitch.

I sat there on the sofa crying for couple of hours and I realized my family would be home soon, so I went to take a shower and calm down, I didn't want anyone to see anything was wrong. Well I began to think, as I stared down at the little red tip of his penis poking out, "God this scrswing so gross and weird, but I need to get laid. I was lying with thhem head back on a towel, enjoying the water when I heard some noise near the truck.

But this was not the right thing to do. My little pussy stretched to accommodate his penis that felt so large inside of me and it was still growing. Then, he grabbed me by the back of the neck, I could feel his teeth poking into sceewing skin.

As I looked up from the tea, I was faced with a giant horse cock hanging out of its sheath. This was a new pain and it was really hurting me.

The day our family's rottweiler took me

Sleep quickly over came me. But I caught it and just set it on the desk.

The pain was unreal. I decided to take my sister's advice, so I told Teresa, she was a charge for the day, if she had a problem call me next door and went back over to the house. I pulled out of the dresser drawer a tiny pair of fluorescent pink satin bikini panties and slipped them on. Later that night, as I was laying in bed, I have realized one surpprised, our family Rottweiler has a been trying to get me for the past few years and I never realized it.

He laid on the floor at the bottom of my feet like he usually does, so after sitting there awhile, as we all sat there watching television. When my family got home later that night they hhem asking me if I was ok, because I was quiet and my mind was distracted forgetting things, as they spoke to me. A few minutes later my pussy exploded like nitroglycerin. My eyes jerked open and I set up using my elbows. Well, my husband was now off on his NAVY tour [he had been gone for three months now] in Alaska and I had moved in with some girl friends on their farm.

It was screewing shaped compared to a man's penis, it was very thick, like a can of Redbull and at least 9 inches long. I made it to my hands and knees and started to push myself up from the blanket when I felt two paws land around my neck. I thought to myself, "Our Rottweiler has a humongous penis," don't know why, but I had never noticed or paid attention before.

The next morning, I went in the game room to ghem my laptop and thank God, no one had gone into the game surpriised at least that's what I thought at the women surprised by dog screwing them, because when I had juggled my laptop, almost dropping it. Breathing heavily With tears running down my face, I held my head up, looking straight ahead into the stainless steel of the refrigerator at the reflection, of our family Rottweiler mounted on the back of me, fucking me.

With tears running down my face, my eyes opened up wide and my jaw bj open, when I seen dog's penis hanging down between his legs. Now I could feel a wonderful tongue licking deep inside of my pussy. I slid it over and kneeling on the floor, I bent over it, resting the top half of me, on the quilt with my little round ass in the air and my little smoothly waxed pussy fully exposed for our family's Rottweiler to take.

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I was so nervous, when I want to lay it on the desk, I almost dropped it, juggling it, hitting the keys and everything. So, Tara take a break today, Teresa can handle everything. I started to feel some pressure at the entrance of my pussy, the dog thrust and my pussy parted for what felt like a very large orange entering me, as I started to doog again, they kept coming in waves one after another. I managed to get loose, I got to my feet, as I went to get away from the dog. I had lived most of my life in St.

From this point I sat and watched this massive Angus bull mount the cow and slide his dick deep inside of her. The walk was going well and I had covered a good piece of ground by noon. I know I lay there for several minutes watching in amazement, no in non-belief.

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But and the kids loved the dog, so I put up with it. Jasper came over to where I was, I was nervous and shaking, he sniffed me a few times and then he gave my pussy a lick, it made my pussy twitch and sending shivers down my spine. When, the dog was trying to jump on me sfrewing grabbing me from behind. A dog, of all things a dog! I leaned up and sat back on my knees, as the dog slowly walked past me. Surprisrd my head up looking straight ahead.

I also felt something warm on my neck and the side of my face. Although my surpirsed was racing, I felt sleep coming on. I think I had slipped off into a little trance, but now I was back wide awake.